Thursday, April 03, 2008


Yo, so I was at the crib today around noon. I'm waiting for this phone call from another prospective employer, this one is back home in Detroit, and I get this eerie sense of calm from within. I sat down at my computer, started browsing some of my favorite pornography (, muthafuckas) and waited for the call.

When I got it, I was in a zone. Three people on the phone. A panel interview where I don't have to look at the panel. Splendid!

I had a beautiful answer for everything. Beautiful like the 99 names of Allah. I was on fire.

After the interview they asked me how soon I could start after I was offered the position. I told them one month. Then they asked me how much I was looking to make.

I fucking froze. I absolutely wasn't expecting the question and I fucking froze.

When I finally unfroze, I gave them a range $20,000 under what I'm willing to accept. I pussied out, completely.

If they offer me the gig, I'll tell them I can't go for the number I quoted them. That'll probably end that journey home pretty quickly.

Be Easy,


A.u.n.t. Jackie said...


we really gotta my man 20 grand but damn!!!

Bananas said...

Actually this might work. (Trust me on this, I have an MBA from Big Bob's Business & Hair Care Academy, located in Hilda's House of Pain on Melrose).

The fact that you "bid" yourself low may be attractive to them, so, they'll make you an offer. All you have to do is tell them your current Management has countered and you need more cash.

If they dig you, they'll pay it, budgets be dammed. Mostly because they figure if the folks you work for now are trying to keep you, they want you. Oh they want you bad.

Of course there is the possibility that they may say 20 bucks an hour and that's it Bub. In which case you might as well go work for the phone company. You get free long distance.

The Brown Blogger said...


What Terry said.

1969 said...

$20 Grand????

They will probably make you an offer higher than that to make it really attractive to you.

You're golden Zed!

chele said...


Ditto what Terry said.

proacTiff said...

That's what I'm waiting for... The sense of calm. But I thought that came BEFORE the storm?

I pussy too and that shit be on electronic paper. "Salary range you seek:" Desperate wanna get their foot in the door-ers do dumb shit.

The Maven said...

Its funny that you say this, Z. I'm currently reading the book "Overcoming Underearning" by this broad Barbara Stanney. I'm chronic "freezer" when it comes to commanding my worth. Take a deep breath or a deep puff, whichever you prefer. If the gig is for you, its yours.

YouToldHarpoTaBeatMe said...

My money's on Terry's suggestion. That calm was translated as "Everything is gonna be". They want you baaaad!

Miz JJ said...

It happens. I think you can still fix the situation though. Good luck!

Poetry said...

Listen to Terry!

(waves at Terry, trying to get my flirt on...heyyyy Terry)

Even if they won't got for the offer at least you still look good in their eyes. Everyone wants the one someone else wants.

BZ said...

Ouch! But, good luck. It could work out. It will if it's supposed to!