Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I'm Sick of These Cowards

OK, I can buy the argument that raising a teenager that has pre-marital sex and gets pregnant does not make you a bad parent. But do I extend that argument to include raising a teenager that steals, or sells dope, or even shoots people? Most people probably wouldn't, but most people didn't build a platform based on being the moral stewards of America.

Staying out of other folks' business is my second nature. Actually it's my first nature. Fuck people, in general. I guess I find irony in a group that wants to extend governments reach into people's private lives through spying and religious based edicts asking us all to keep private matters private. What the fuck is private, y'all? You don't respect privacy at all and now you want yours respected.

And just like I expected, the pussy ass Democrats, instead of smelling blood in the water, buy into this fake assed civility. "Families are off limits". Right. Just like the question of whether your dead parents were communists, or if you're letting your half brother live in squalor in Kenya, or if your wife is a bitter black radical. "Families are off limits". Priceless.

They'll be off limits until some shit happens to your family, believe me.

Be Easy,


ChezNiki said...

I agree! The whole idea that the Republicans want ANYTHING to remain private is beyond ridiculous. Theyve been using a constructed (and probably unconstitutional) government agency to spy on and listen to citizens for like seven years now.

I think Brother Obama did right, though. Let the Republicans implode from the inside out. No need to push them in the direction theyre already taking themselves.

I also find it very interesting that the RNC was postponed/ interrupted by a Katrina Anniversary event. Even God dont like ugly.

Great minds think alike. I wrote about the same subject today.

chele said...

Priceless indeed.

Knockout Zed said...

Ay, I'm on the Detroit Free Press website watching the hearing to oust "Y'alls Boy" from office. That's much better than Republican politics.

I love these moral stalwarts. Hypocrisy ain't pretty.


aquababie said...

i'm like chezniki. let those fools do it to themselves. obama doesn't have to say a thing. there are enough surrogates so he doesn't have to say a word.

and when you throw your hat in the ring, your business becomes our business. they kept trying to make obama's business our business. palin's business should be ours too.

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

I think its a thin line between dealing with Palin and attacking a 17 year old girl for being a 17 year old girl. I think as history has shown us kids have a mind of their own, which is say Obama might just be thanking his stars its not one his his girls knocked up!

Knockout Zed said...

In the next six weeks, I want you to watch how sick shit is gonna get as the Repubs get more and more desperate. And when the worst shit imaginable is put in an anti-Obama ad I want you to think about this post when you watch it. There are no boundaries. Not for them.

I get that, but the Republican Party platform is built off the backs of berating black people for immoral behavior like, say, teen pregnancy. And they'll make that shit as public as possible when they're opponent has a shortcoming. I wouldn't attack the girl for being a girl, but shit, you don't get a free ride as her parent and still think you can attack me ad nauseum for being lax and permissive.


onefromphilly said...

I live by:
Don't start none won't be none.
But start the shyt, and it's war!No surrender, no retreat, last man standing..won.

Parade your daughter and her "blessing" before the whole world, while you preach and beat a State down about the "mistakes" of Black, Brown and poor pregnant teenager. GTFOHWTBS.

It WAR..lets roll!

Monie said...

Good post.

I have been following this election with an huge amount of interest.

The Republicans disgust me. I can't wait until the debates. I hope Biden knows that the gloves are off now.

Anonymous said...

They are on some denial stuff Zed...with her being so unconventional and having what is more likely considered "problems of the lower class" they will lose some of their more conservative voters as well...Yeah McCain does not get the gold star for that...he is officially the weakest link. Personally, I think the GOP knows they don't have a chance after screwing up the economy the last 8 years...they needed a candidate to take the fall...cause they have to run SOMEONE...who better than the Grim Reaper and Mary Poppins....what folks don't get, it shows what little regard McCain has for women picking someone so ill-equipped to run the country as his VP just to get the voters who wanted Hillary. Comparing Palin to Hillary is like pitting a Yugo against a Bentley....sure they are both cars...but they aren't even in the same class let alone price range