Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Man, Fuck You

I understand how I'm supposed to feel and how I've been told to feel, but Imma hafta say it. Fuck Skip Gates. That's right I said it.

Police, by and large, are dickheads and assholes. They are some of the worst fucking human beings with some of the most outsized egos going. EVERYBODY knows that shit. EV-RY-BOD-EEE. I know Harvard makes you feel like you're King Dick and shit, but truth be told, it took your dumb ass 58 years to learn what we all know, don't press your fucking luck with an obviously insecure, undereducated glorified security guard. You will lose. You won't win. You may win in the long term, but short term, he'll use all of his "power", which at that point is a gun and the ability to arrest you, to make your life miserable. Your "power" may win out in the end, but he's got your ass in the now. Every fucking African I know knows that, and I know some stupid muthafuckas.

I get it. You're SUPPOSED to be equal, and be treated better than your run of the mill African. The reality of the situation is that there is a history of Black men and police officers in this country. When the fuck have you ever been able to tell a police officer anywhere in the gotdamn world "Do you know who I am?", or any variation of that sentiment, and be let go? To arrest a "prominent" man is to get a feather in his cap, at least temporarily, from superiors. That shows that we don't play favorites in this department. Black celebrities or whatever are not exempt from this.

I know we're supposed to have made it, this being the Age of Obama and all, but I fucking know better. Most of us know better. Skip should too.

Fuck him.



The Brown Blogger said...


*sips beer*

Wifey615 said...


Bananas said...

Here's the one that got me...woman next door didn't know the Black Man living next to her. Called the cops before she had any idea who the hell he was.

Wouldn't have made a differnece though, I'm sure all Black People look alike to her anyway.

Kim said...

I'm with Terry, how the hell didn't his white neighbor recognize him?

*As I sip my margarita*

Knockout Zed said...

You know what Terry, that shit was amazing to me too. I'm thinking maybe ol' Skip was obscured and all she saw was his driver. Never the less, she probably should have made sure she was seeing what she thought see was seeing.

Anyway, fuck that guy. I'm officially pissed at his grandstanding.


twin2blog said...

what did NWA say

Knockout Zed said...

I agree wholeheartedly with NWA!!! At least on that issue.


1969 said...


And I also agree with Terry. How long did he live in that neighborhood? Damn...your neighbor didn't recognize you?

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

i personally think it's bullshit. Although i've yet to be invited to dinner by Skip Gates, I'm quite certain that the police would access to something or another which would tell them who lived where, which is to say that perhaps Skip was arrested to prove a point which may have had less to do with breaking into his own house and more to do with his mouth.

my concern is that my father is Skip's age and my father is slightly unruly as well, and I would be stark raving mad if some good for nothing beat cop put his hands on my Daddy...

I totally over commented, i have insomnia. i apologize.

PoetrysTruth said...

I'm of the mind of fuck the POLICE!

I know we in America, but I'm so fucking tired of the separate set of rules for brown folks.

Yeah the old man's pressure was up, I get that. The police officer was being a dick and the Prof didn't remember the lessons in his slave mentality survival handbook. Fuck that.

I'm tired of brown people having to just take this shit. I'm tired of cops (black and white) treating us like we are less than.

Nothing is going to change but I'm so tired of people saying the PROF should have known better because he's black, that some sick mental business right there.

I'd like to find that female neighbor (who works at the university) who called the police in the first place and kick that trick in the cooch! HARD!

Knockout Zed said...

I'm all for equality and all, but talking shit will increase the chances of getting a bullet in your brain. In that case, I'm asking, how far are you willing to go to prove a point? You CAN talk shit to any and everybody you wish, but in some cases, there will be consequences. I'm telling you a white man that talks shit to a cop has less of a chance to end up in cuffs than Skip, but he has that chance. You press your luck, regardless of race, every time you extend a conversation with one of those rat bastards and it's not to their liking.