Monday, March 15, 2010

Bad Cop/Horrendous Cop

Hello folks! How's it going? I needed a little forum to talk about politics a little bit and what I'm feeling right now.

This has been a miserable period of time for me personally when it comes to politics. I was wary of O.bam.a when he started (it's documented on this very blog), but I held my nose and voted, as I've always done. I gave the benefit of the doubt to this man, like I have many people before him. For the first time, I was given the opportunity to vote for a black man for President. Shit, he wasn't Alan Keyes or Clarence Thomas, so at least he wasn't the worst choice as our first black President. I've been doubting that wisdom for a while now.

This two party nonsense has got to stop. We literally have the choice between out and out racist, misogynist, gay-bashing xenophobes, who feed off each others vileness, and covert racists and misogynists, who are dim-witted and cowardly on many fronts, that are too consumed by guilt to outwardly embrace who they really are. And I believe both are working in tandem to ensure absolutely nothing changes for the people who fund this experiment we call "our country".

I most certainly will never, ever vote for the Re.publi.can ticket, but I'm done with the Dem.o.crats too. It's over. I will not vote for another supporter of cowardice and avarice again. I will most certainly vote my conscience, and not give a fuck who actually "wins" because I have been convinced there is ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE PARTIES. The are frauds. I will not jump up and down because you don't call me n*gger to my face, but you look at me and think "n*gger" and treat me as though I should be grateful that you supposedly treat me as an equal. That's a lie. You patronize the fuck out of me, you are definitely not looking out for my best interests. I know this, I've known it for a while and I have no one to blame but myself. I am an unabashed liberal, and I'll vote for liberal candidates, period.

Y'all can have the mainstream. I'll be swimming in a different stream.



Nexgrl said...

I've felt that way about the primary parties for years. I haven't made a decision about the conversion to the Liberal Party though.

theafterschoolspecial said...

it's a shame i feel as though the Dems don't represent my interests and the Republicans just look real real crazy these days.

Republicans vote within their party lines for the most part when the Dems flip flop trying to gain popular favor, again I don't see myself well represented.

damn shame. i'm gonna be on the fringe on some hippie shit trying to figure out how i can make TV outside of the country and live by the beach....

theafterschoolspecial said...

ps it's me nisa