Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Moving On

It's so hard letting go of anger.   I'm still pretty pissed at a lot of people and getting away from social media is not cutting it.  It's helping me avoid very specific people, but not nearly all of the people I should avoid.  I rarely ask anybody for anything, but I'm getting asked for shit on a near constant basis.  No fucking fun.  I don't have any order for this, but this remains a pretty comprehensive list of shit I hate.

1. Panhandlers, with or without pans.
2. People who talk about college 10 years after they graduated.
3. Groupies/dick riders.  "For any thing they do, fuck him and his crew/unless you are getting paid, too" - Ice Cube, prophet
4. Black people who watch The Apprentice
5. People who have complete health care insurance and still have bad teeth
6. TV Stations interviewing poor black people for shiggles (shits and giggles)
7.  LeBron James' hairline
8.  Intellectuals who don't read
9.  Gangsters who can't fight
10.  Hustlers who beg (this might be the same as #1)
11.  Men who watch female oriented shows and tweet about that shit like it's alright.  I usually don't buy into "Men Rules", but this shit is wack.
12. Congratulating people on out of wedlock babies.
13. Dreamcrushers

I really gotta start writing again. 


Wifey615 said...

Well hell Knockout...maybe I should avoid people too because I've got issues with just about everything on your list!

LeBron can ball, so he gets a pass. Since I ain't with him, he can keep his Jerry Rice/Stevie Wonder hairline and I won't give a damn.

Be easy.

Newy said...

Man I hope all is well. I miss your post.