Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Itchy Finger

OK, we get notification from the internet gods that Facebook is basically off limits. It is the second most accessed website on our workplace servers, only behind gotdamn Google. Man, fuck this place. It's not cool to work here. I hope the next most accessed site is the gotdamn want ads.

I had to have a really serious conversation with one of my staff today. I think he's got a problem, substance related. I've been a supervisor or a manager for 14 years of my 15 year professional life. I thought been through it all. But telling somebody their job is on the line because they're coming to work high is the nadir. I don't ever wanna have to do that shit again.

I had two gigs that I'd been waiting to hear back from for months. I had second interviews with both of them and was hoping to hear something one way or another. I heard back one way, from both of them. That way was me calling them multiple times and leaving messages asking about my status until finally, sick of my messages, both of them told me they'd hired other people. I figured that, but when the fuck were you gonna send out a letter telling me that? Or returning my fucking call?

I had the worst interview of my life on Friday. It was not cool at all. I didn't prepare and I was morose and lackluster. I told them I didn't know shit about their city at all. I told them I was interested in the job because I just wanted to leave Michigan. When the interview was done, I asked them when they'd do me the courtesy of sending me a rejection letter. I gotta get a better attitude, I'm working in a completely defeatist mindset right now.

Be Cool,


Nexgrl said...

Just maybe, you haven't found the right job/city/state for you yet. Your energy level/enthusiasm will greatly improve when you've found something that you can see yourself having a long career.

As far as FB goes, I don't have an acct., therefore, I've avoided the lure.

Blah Blah Blah said...

I know you hate your job.
I know you like to write.
I know you are damn good at it.

You really want to stay in this career? Put your focus on what makes you happy and just go with the flow of work until your craft becomes published...


The Brown Blogger said...

Dammit, Bruh...

What Blah said.

onefromphilly said...

The job told us that they cut us off from all streaming video and audio. And I know they are probably monitoring the sites we visit also. My answer to all of that is "sorry I can't hear you because I'm listening to the Steve Harvey Morning Show from 7:30 -10:00, then WDAS in Philly until 1:00, then XM Radio until 4:45 on my computer". Nobody comes between me and my music, it keeps me calm up here in this camp!

Yet these clowns said it's OK to go to YouTube! Yeah I'm sure that's work related.

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

blackberry answers my daily facebook needs...kinda. although a while back it was Friendster, then Myspace.

I have an idea, lets create the next Facebook then we won't have to worry about nothing but counting money!

Anonymous said...

If you would give your interviewers your blogger website address I'm sure you would get hired real quicklike....me thinks GENIUS sometimes but always, always well-written = well-read.

Mr.Slish said...

Bruh U did not say that? Did U? If so Classic!!!! lol