Thursday, December 31, 2009

Stay Classy, Zedediah!

I love complaining. I love complaining more than I love my mother's cooking, and that's saying something. I complain about everything in the midst of doing anything! "Damn, this pussy is kinda tight. And it's awfully wet. But it really could be tighter and wetter." I know, I suck. But 2009 was really something to complain about.

In general it was a fucked up year for me. Housing woes, job search woes, money problems, health scares, staff issues, boss issues, dumb ass constituents, and lousy luck overall. I've had trite, cliched moments happen to me, that I should have seen coming, but didn't. I've had one in a thousand type things happen hat would ONLY happen to me. For better or for worse here I am.

I'm not any more humbled, cuz really, fuck humility. And I'm not more determined to turn over a new leaf, cuz really, fuck leaves. I'm not going to do anything but the shit that has made me quasi-successful to this point and understand that there are, in fact, things that I can't change.

With that being said, I'd like to wish both of you readers a Happy New Year and hope that you party like a muthafucka to bury this lousy fucking year.


P.S. I didn't get that fucking Raleigh job, either.


The Brown Blogger said...


NC would have been some different shit.

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

well good thing we gotta a chance to have dinner together in 2009, because that was the best damn Paella ever!

which may or may not have made your highlight list but made mine.

feliz ano nuevo muthafucka! (and i mean mutafucka in the most loving way possible)

Knockout Zed said...

Man, we gotta hook up again! My boy moved from L.A., so we gotta make a special visit to you.

Kicking it at Vicente's definitely made my list of great things. This year has been so miserable for the most part, I honestly forgot it happened this year!


Nexgrl said...

I hope that this year brings the new job that you've been plannning and hoping for. Who knows, maybe something with become available in one of your top cities.

chele said...

Down with humility and leaves!

Blah Blah Blah said...

Ditto the muthafucka part and the humility part. I've had enuff muthafuckas and humility for a life time in '09. still my muthafucka tho!

Happy year of newness.

MzNewy said...

Dang. Sorry about the NC job. Happy New Year to you and Mrs. Zed.

Anonymous said...
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