Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Personality...Or Lack Thereof

So TAD and I got back the professional photos of our wedding. The little guy (physically, this dude would remind you of a prepubescent child) that took the shots really did a good job, as we expected. I'm going through over 1200 digital photos, trying to find 300-400 "keepers", ultimately to get to 30 for the proof book. I'll pick mine, TAD will pick hers and somehow we'll reach a consensus, which really means, she'll get what she wants. I don't mind. It's really a hard choice between these pics. Anyway, as I peruse the photos, I discover something that I think I may have known the whole time: I only have 3 expressions.

My wife's face is so full of personality and expression. I think I could tell exactly what she was thinking at the exact moment each photo of her was taken. Me? All I got is "fat-faced surprise", "fat-faced happiness", and "fat-faced seriousness". That's it. That's my repertoire.

Truthfully, she coulda been faking some emotion on some of those pics. Like looking happy when she was thinking "Fuck! I wish this was over already!", but at least she could put on an expression that conveyed something entirely different. When I was feeling tired by the day's end, all I had was "fat-faced seriousness". I had used up "fat-faced happiness" earlier that day. And, of course, I needed to be genuinely surprised to be captured in "fat-faced surprise" mode.

Except for me and my lack of facial personality, the pics came out great.



BZ said...

You better be sharing those, too! :-)

Nexgrl said...

I think a lot of people aren't happy with the way in which they are captured on film.

aquababie said...

I know the pictures are beautiful. In my pictures I think I had the same look too!

proacTiff said...

For future pictures just nuzzle up behind Mrs. Tad so that only your profile appears slightly behind one of her various smiles. That way you can at least be "in" the picture. Let Tad do all the photo work. Genious huh?

Congrats. I bet it was a beautiful event.

TRUTHZ said...


i mean have i been gone that long that when i come back mr. player boy...mr. don't leave your drawls under my bed cuz my next girl is coming ...mr. uh, excuse me are u talking to me cuz i can grope u if i want...is MARRIED. *dead again* i know i am late but CONGRATS and I would like to view the picks.. wow there is hope out there for everyone...can you also point me to the blog where you introduce us to your wife before she becomes your wife so I can read you going all soft... always faking like you so hard.. aww. so does this mean i can't get no harolds or white castles air mailed to me?

onefromphilly said...

I make sure every picture that I take is a profile or slight profile in order to eliminate that "fat faced" look. But i bet your pictures look great!

Miz JJ said...

Nobody's really looking at you. It's really about TAD.

Knockout Zed said...

My kids will be looking at me. They'll be like "My dad's a fucking loser!".


onefromphilly said...

I saw your pictures(Roycee).
They are BEAUTIFUL! Beautiful bride and handsome groom.

I love the Autumn colors. Everything was so nice and tastefully done. Tell Tad that her picture 8360 is absolutely gorgeous!

Wifey615 said...

i've been a lurker for awhile, but would love to see the pics.

Knockout Zed said...

I already hit up RD, and she's a little crowded. How about letting the cute couple crash on your floor on January 20th?

Send me an email address and you get the pics.


Blah Blah Blah said...

I was thinking of renting my place out for the inauguration. I know of people doing that for like a $1000 a nite...damn! Thats my rent! I could make my rent in one nite...ummm, that sounded sorta...nasty. hehehehe

Umm, dude...you lost weight for the wedding. That part you failed to tell me in the midst of you yelling at me the last time we talked.

ChezNiki said...

@Everyone - I saw several of the pics, and they both look beautiful. Zed looks deliriously happy... which is probably why he's on this blog complaining, just out of habit! He's used to writing about being miserable!
He's lost weight, his hair and his beard are tight, the suit is banging... in a word, Zed and TAD looked beautiful. Any kid would be glad to have those pics on the mantlepiece as they grow up.

@Zed - Stop complaining and get to making said kids! I have blankets ready to send to Satan's Anus!

BlackLiterature said...

I would love to see the pics also. ;-) Can't email you from your blog.


onefromphilly said...

@ Zed
Half of Phiadelphia beat you to the punch. lol

BlackLiterature said...

Your pictures are beautiful!! You look great so I have no idea what you're talking about. ;-)