Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hot Pickle

Hey peoples, what gives? I got back from NYC on Monday, which was a much needed trip for me and the wife. I hate people, and New York is full of people, but as an anonymous member of the rabble, it's not bad. People hated me as much as I hated them! That was a treat. We did some touristy shit, like go to the Guggen.heim (which was some bullshit!) and go to the top of Rockefe.ller Center (which was tall), but mainly we just hung out and ate. We tried to shop, but couldn't find the "spots". Lack of research, I suppose. We had fun anyway, even though the knish I ate tasted like rat pussy.

We hung out with Slish a little bit and drank at one of his spots. Slish is insane, yo, just in case y'all didn't know. It was TAD's first time kickin' with him, but as an avid reader of his blog, it was like old times up in the joint with those two. Good lookin' out, young man. It was certainly appreciated. What you don't know, Slish, is that night after drinking, I went back to the hotel and worked out for an hour and a half. I never sleep on my program!

The visit helped reinforce my desire to move east. Man, I fucking hate this place. I just left the store where this faux gangster ass pussy boi was behind me in line, "Africaning up" his language trying to be hard. "Yo, man, you got some hot pickles? Where the hot pickles? Dude, why you ain't tell me you moved the hot pickles?" That's some real gangsta shit right there. Suckin' on a hot pickle, you purty mouthed bitch. Get me the fuck outta here.



A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

Oh I'm kinda jealy cuz I know that you guy had allot fun!

BZ said...

I'm glad you guys had fun!!! Yes, move east! Just move SOUTHeast. :-) Our winters suck, too!

1969 said...

Move EAST!!!!!

Come to Philly.


Blah Blah Blah said...

Glad you finally had a good time in NYC...I can only imagine the fun you had. Good ol' Slish.

Move west. Then again...NYC us as real as you can get. Whereever you go, make sure they have good schools in the area. In case.

Miz JJ said...

You just need out of the Anus. Wait a minute that came out wrong. Glad you had a good trip to NYC.

Mr.Slish said...

ha!! Ummm What kind of workout yuou talking bout