Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Misery

I stood outside of city commission chambers. I arrived at 6:55 for a 7:00 pm meeting, but the place was packed to the gills. The community came out in droves to beef about the EPA trying to put toxic waste in an unstable landfill in the city. The city uses well water, meaning the toxins could seep into the groundwater supply and kill us all. Boo fuckin' hoo! Cry me a river! All I know is I can't find a seat.

So as they wait to yell at the Mayor, et al, I'm standing in the hallway and I can't hear. I'm actually texting TAD and shit. Some jackass is at the podium talking and then I hear, "Is Mr. Zednanreh here?" Oh shit! I fight through the crowd. It's deep. I finally get to the podium and address the commission. I don't know the question I'm supposed to answer. Somebody is asking me questions about a parking lot for a proposed new building and the proper number of spaces. I answer, halfassedly. I don't know the answer, but fuck it, I'm the expert. They definitely don't know it, so I win.

I take my ass outside and I wait for each one of these people to yell at the commission. You see, I've got to stay until the end of the meeting, regardless of whether or not I'm needed. Because the commission may have additional questions about something one of the citizens might bring up. One at a time, the citizens yell at the commissioners about some shit the Federal Government is doing and that the commissioners can't stop. The life of a local politician. Poor delusional bastards.

As more and more people speak it starts to thin out some. And then finally I get inside the chambers. Later, I get to sit down. TAD texts me the update on the game. Fuckin' Gators. And I sit and stew. The EPA discussion is now complete and were back to the regular agenda. A project comes up that the city engineers are responsible for. Once again, the engineers' lack of people skills (sorry OneFromPhilly!!!) bites me in the ass and I'm back to the podium.

Fifteen minutes of back and forth from seven self-important muthafuckas about a project I had nothing to do with. They gotta teach me a lesson for not getting the community more involved. The engineers and sitting down, relaxed. Bastards.

Late meetings with overzealous politicians and citizens. The bullshit, the politics, the grandstanding. I can complain all I want, but I signed up for this misery.



1969 said...

Damn it sucks to be you.

Other than that...Happy Tuesday! :)

Little Brown Girl said...

I can't stand Engineers or Politicians...and OnefromPhilly knows I aint sorry about it (although she knows she's my one Engineer exception).

When I am in meetings I think Dayum yo, everyone's got an opinion..to bad they haven't figured out that mine is the only one that's right!!

So what were you and TAD talking about??? We want the juicy details and NOT the shyt we know already (like engineers being azzes or politicians being bottom feeders LOL!!)


Miz JJ said...

Lol @ roycee. I think the same thing in meetings.

If I had meeting that late in the evening I would be heated. I know you signed up for it, but evenings are suppose to be down time so you can work yourself up to going back to work the next morning. Without those precious work-free hours I slowly unravel.

Anonymous said...

Ever consider a career in politics?

Knockout Zed said...

Yes it does! Thanks for noticing!

We were talking about Coke vs. Coke Zero. Nosey!

@Miz JJ
Those are hours I'll never see again. How am I supposed to make up for all that lost masterbating?

I did. Right up until the point the cops walked up to my car when I was getting head at the park.


aquababie said...

stuff like this makes me glad i'm a lab rat. no meetings and i don't have to dress up :)

Disco said...

"Boo fuckin' hoo! Cry me a river! All I know is I can't find a seat. "

I love it.... we are equally parts vinegar and sweetness...you said what I WOULDA thought! LOL

I guess THIS, my friend is why we get along so well and understand tha otha !!! LOL

BZ said...

1. I want to know more about TAD.
2. You did sign up for that sh*t. LOL But yes, you have the right to be annoyed.
3. I can't be mad at people for wanting to participate in the decisions related to the goings-on of their community. That's why we live here in the first place.

onefromphilly said...

HEY!!!! I have hella-fied people skills. People don't know shyt, they don't know what they want, so it's my job to give them what I KNOW they need!!! I know what's best for other people. That's why I'm the ENGINEER cause I know every damn thing! HA!

And I don't know what Roycee is talking about. She is surrounded by engineers. As a matter of fact she's one of US!! We made her azz honorary 2 years ago. Don't let her fool y'all. She think she know everything too!!!!!

Knockout Zed said...

I used to be a techie. I hated the gig and I transitioned to be the "people guy". Now I wish I was still the techie.

They don't understand us. I'm positive they don't. LOL

1. No. She'll kill me. Let's just say she's a woman I think is OK. Not as evil as most women. LOL

2. I stay annoyed. I don't think it's normal.

3. I would rather they focus on people who could actually assist them. They went and yelled at the wrong political body.

You have personal people skills, granted, but I ain't neva seen you in front of the "hostiles", or as most people call them "citizens".

Engineers be throwin' facts and figures at emotional people, pissin' 'em off. I love what y'all do, I hate how y'all do it.