Monday, August 29, 2005

Know Your Limitations

One of my favorite joints back in the day was from the Souls of Mischief, a four MC group from Oakland, California. These cats were (and still are, don't sleep) exceptionally talented MCs. The song was called "Limitations" from the CD "'93 till Infinity". Classic disc. The chorus was "Emcees should know their limitations, their limitations." I always thought that title translated well to other shit.

Hell, everybody should know their limitations, right? You could be an optimist, not recognize any limitations and excel to the highest heights. But that's bullshit. You already think you're much better than you really are. Everyone does. We all have that fatal blind spot in our skill set that fucks us up whenever we try to fly too high with those waxy assed wings, Icarus.

Anyway, let's get to the heart of this discussion, which is my weekend. I got a visit on Saturday from this chick from Detroit. I'm kinda getting a rhythm going now, I think. More visits and interests in visits from home. I've known this broad for a little while now. She's cute. One of those natural women. No perm, cowrie shells, yoga lessons, body oils and all that shit. I tend to attract these women because I have dreadlocks. They believe that I have a higher form of consciousness, but readers, we all know that's not true, don't we? She has some E-fucking -normous breasts. Nice shape overall, but you don't really hit the jackpot of breasts and ass. That, my friends is a rarity. This broad wears her hair short. Real short. #1 guard on the hair clippers short. I hadn't really noticed this before, but now I was face to face with her bald assed head. And it was kind of funny shaped. It wasn't good. I kept peeping this shit trying to come to terms with it's egginess. I just couldn't get past it. It kept a brotha out of the mood. That fucking head.

I would have liked for someone along the way, a real friend to tell this broad, "You just can't pull this look off. Your shit looks eggy." But, noooo. No one said anything to her, and she didn't realize her limitations. And now this broad is hittin' the scene looking like Charles "Roc" Dutton. Know your limitations.

Some of you are wondering if I ever got over her egghead and hit it. If you ask that question, you obviously haven't been reading the blog.

Forever Nasty,


twin said...

This is your boy and I won't use your name but I will call you the other K when I write a certain blog about msu

Chubby Chocolate said...


I love the Souls of Mischief. Years ago, they used to hang out on Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley and my friends and I would cut school to get high with them...You brought back memories.

Knockout Zed said...

Do you still live in the area? I have a job interview (over the phone) with the City of Hayward in a couple of weeks.

Chubby Chocolate said...

I live in the Bay Area, about 10 minutes away from Hayward. I just finished reading your blog. Not sure what your profession is, but Hayward is an alright city.
It's just a freeway ride from every other place (SF, Oakland, San Jose, Berkeley) so it's good for that. Cost of living is MUCH cheaper than other Bay Area cities. Good luck.

toneec42 said...

Okay Zed, this one gets you a spot on my blog. Your wit is top shelf so I'm putting you on display.