Friday, August 12, 2005

Well it has begun...

My tale is a simple one. I am a fish out of water. I've lived all my life in a big city and now, in my mid thirties, have relocated to a speck of real estate on the other side of the state.

Am I lonely? Not really. Just alone. But the funny thing is, as I am trying to adjust to this new place, the curiousity (really old fashioned noisy-ness) of new co-workers and people in general is getting on my nerves.

"Where did you come from?" That's an innocent question. The way it's been posed, not so much. It's more like "Where'd they get you from nigga?" Honest to God, these cats haven't seen anything like me. If you knew me, you'd know that not even remotely a boast. It's just a true statement. I pretty much suck. I'm a 34 year old black man, 6'3" with shoulder length dreadlocks with an affinity for bowties. And I've taken over the reins of one of this city's most vital municipal departments. "Where the fuck did you come from? Why the fuck is he qualified to be my boss? Who is this muthafucka that just walked in this meeting?"

Sometimes I feel like I just walked into a scene from "Mississippi Burning" or some shit like that. Naw, I guess it's more like "Rosewood" the way my brothers and sisters treat me. Man, I came from a really, really black city. Black folks run my home town. It's about 85% black. These cats here are coming to me like I just rode in on a horse to save 'em and shit. I am completely and positively pro-black, but I come from a small town called "Kujichagulia", niggas. You gotta be about self-determination at some level and stop letting the Saltine Masses define and limit you.

I know what you're thinking. This ol' house nigga is on some Condolezza Rice bullshit. Naw, no Republican in me. I just see the shit I'm doing as part of a bigger plan that don't include liberating every nigga in town. At least not right now. Give ya own self free, Cinque. I'm workin' on my shit right now.

Basically this first post is to give you cats a little background. This blog will get better. It'll probably be pretty funny, too. Enjoy yourself.

I'm working on some sign-off phases, so critique a muthafucka and let him know how he's doin'.

Carpe Testicularis!
(Seize these nuts!)


Disco said...

Munkey-Bun!! Well...well....well.... you did good did good! Keep up the good work! Post sum more shit nigga! :-)

Melle Mel said...

Look here Babee Munkee - you better keep ya head up - wherever it is that you lay your head! Remember that they can take the nigga out the hood, but not the hood out the nigga!