Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Can't We All Just Not Get Along?

Have you ever met somebody that boasted that they could get along with anybody? I'm know a few people like that. I hate those motherfuckers. What you're essentially saying is that you're a fucking cypher, because if you had any personality at all, you'd fucking offend someone or at the very least you'd dislike certain behaviors in others. If you can get along with ANYBODY, you are at worst a liar and at the least an idiot. The Democratic Party is that idiot/liar.

I won't be voting for Hilla.ry Cli.nton. Not because of the recent history with Bill out there being her racist mouthpiece. I just don't care for her. I don't think she has good ideas and I believe she's just a political opportunist. I'm not a B.arack dude, but I'd vote for him if he was the nominee. I was really a Kuci.nich dude, but as far as viable candidates go, I was looking at Edwards. Following my lesser of all evils strategy, I end up with at this point.

My problem is I'm sick of holding my nose and voting. I had to vote for G.ore when I didn't think much of him. He's much better now than he was then. I'd happily vote for him now. I hated Ker.ry, but I voted for him because it was for the good of the nation. Now? Fuck that. I'm not doing it. I can't do it anymore. If the Democrats want me to vote for them, they better damn well not nominate Bill's wife. Hi.llary C.linton and Joh.n are essentially the same candidate. Why the fuck would I do that to myself?

Keep It Movin',


Bananas said...

Well Zed, in my politically non-educated mind I figure this is how it's gonna go down.

Hillary will win the nomination because folks, (old white folks) get scared when Barack speaks. Just last night I heard an off the cuff remark; "Man, that Obama…the way he speaks…I thought Huckabee was the Minister."

Hillary is now the "safe' vote.

So…Hillary wins the nomination, folks look at her and say, "Ah hell no!" and then vote Republican.

And there you have it. A train wreck of monumental proportions.

onefromphilly said...

Because, at least Hillary set a timetable for getting our troops out of Iraq.
At least Hillary has a plan for turning this foreclosure crisis around. Or at least halting it for 90 days.
At least Hillary is ready to take on a national health care agenda again.

McCain ain't none of that. And on those 3 issues alone I'd have to give her the nod over McCain. If she's the nominee, I'm gonna ride with her.

Knockout Zed said...


The other think about Barack is that white people know karma. Oh how well aware they are of the shit that this country is/was built on. They can't vote for Obama because he just might exact "payback" on them, and that's not a chance they can take. The likely hood of that shit happening notwithstanding, but that's what's crankin' in those subconscious recesses.

She voted to send them cats there in the first place and has not shown any remorse in that fact.

Hillary can't pass shit, she don't have that kind of cache in DC. Healthcare will be the same today as it is when she leaves office, because you need capital to pull of something as grand as national healthcare.

She's divisive as all fuck. That shit her and Bill pulled after SC has done it. Fuck that family.

When I vote, I'mma skip the Presidential race and look at the local shit.

proacTiff said...

Would you rather stay at your dead end city and the outgrown gig you have or vote for Billary?

Knockout Zed said...

I'd stay.

I'm serious.


Mr.Slish said...

I have nothing intelligent to say...I did vote

One from Phillly Booooooo!

Anonymous said...

Politics is a joke to me. All I can say is that when Clinton was in office there were more jobs and I had more money in my pocket. I just want a Democratic in office in hopes to straighten up all the bull shit that Bush has caused. I am Obama fan, so I hope he gets the chance to make history!!

1969 said...

I ride for Obama but will have to vote for Bilary if she wins the nomination. A Repblican cannot get my vote after the 8 years of bullshyt we have just endured. PERIOD.

As for Bilary having more experience than Obama? Come on. Being first lady is not Presidential experience. *sigh*

ChezNiki said...

For thinking People of Color, its always a rock and a hard place during election time...

...some things never change

Blah Blah Blah said... you said bring shit back...
I did your bidding.
Yet you can't come by and say hi?!

I don't really think Bloops vote really matters at this point int the any point.
Not saying I ain't gonna...just sayin'...

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

Well you and Terry pretty much said the whole thing. I ain't got much else to add. Although your comment about Obama and payback got me to thinking. Are these folk scared that if he gets into office then he will make America pay reparations?

Silly right? Hmmm....

Angel said...

that's a very insightful political stance. i agree with what terry says.

Aly Cat 121 said...

ummm NO, we can't all just get along. To answer your question. LOL.

The Brown Blogger said...

Hell, it ain't fiscal for us to get along.