Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rubicon Musings

  • Jill Scott's titties over that hairy Armenian chick's ass implants.
  • Hey black boy, if she wants to hang around your friends and family but declines to take your to her haunts, it's not an interracial relationship, it's an sexual experiment.
  • Two gig opportunities not much different than Satan's Anus, both with one major difference. Both are less than 20 minutes outside of major world class cities. So yeah, I'd take either one.
  • To quote The Dream Warriors "Who is more fool? The fool or the fool who follows the fool?"
  • I was looking at my tax documents and I wondered how much waterboarding I helped pay for. With my pay, not much.
  • It's kinda funny to realize as old and crusty as we get, we still make our parents proud of us when we achieve shit.
  • I'd never been REALLY afraid of death until I got engaged this time. Now I'm terrified of missing out on some great shit in the future. It's weird.
  • I hadn't really thought about how much 9/11 affected my personal world, but it's the reason I am where I am. I didn't wanna waste my life (what little I thought we had left) in a miserable marriage, in middle management, spinning my wheels.
  • TAD hates gravy. If we moved to Canada, her fries would be sooooo dry!!!
  • I gotta move in eight days. Am I packed? I'm still living like I'll be there for life. I'm a fucking idiot.
  • The fucked up thing is if I get a new gig, I gotta pack all over again.
  • If I wasn't so lazy, I'd be a fucking millionaire, I promise you. I have the greatest ideas and then I say "fuck it".
  • I used to lose focus by chasing pussy. Now I lose focus thinking about the sex I'm not getting. Maybe I can focus in a functional marriage and make millions. We'll see.

Be Good,


ChezNiki said...

See, I moved here just before 9/11. I know I wouldnt have survived emotionally had I been in the City during 9/11. Had I seen just one person jumping out a window, I would have cracked, and been blogging while rocking in a padded cell in Westchester County somewhere.

So much has changed in the past seven years from travel to privacy (or lack thereof), to immigration, to NYC itself. If anything, 9/11 made me lose focus. What do you do when your goals/ plans/ dreams are knocked down by a plane?

((sigh)) Oh well, Happy Thursday!

and BTW, a bird in the marriage, beats two in the bush, or something like that

Blah Blah Blah said...

Hassan said something that struck home.. but then Hassan always says some shit...
Paraphrased: I've been alive more years than I have left to live.

That right dere...scared the shit out of me. It took 9/11 for you...took Hassan for me. I godda bust a move and make some fucken changes dammit! heard him...make him make those milions so you and I...ummm, I mean you can get paid.

Bananas said...

Dude, dig this, more than half my life's over and that's taking into consideration that I make it to a ripe old age.

I mean, I probably don't have 40 years left.

That's some real shit right there.

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

I'm not going down the morbid path of death with ya'll but I will say this...

9-11 has left in us a police state, our civil liberties have been infringed upon by the patriot act and they still keep searching me when i fly!

the good news is that it's still a step up from slavery, we get to eat cooked food and electricity which is never a bad thing!

Chin up young man, your future awaits you!

Knockout Zed said...

I was pretty apocalyptic prior to 9/11. I thought I'd die in '99, seriously. When 9/11 came I was like "It's two years late!" I tried to cram so much shit into my life by the time I turned 30, post-30 has been anti-climatic.

I thought that same thought a few weeks ago. I probably won't have my first kid until I'm 40. If shit goes WELL, I'd only likely see 30 years of his life. That shit scares me.

I don't think I have 30 years left, but that's another story. I miss my life already.

Ever the optimist! You are the shit!


proacTiff said...

off top, i see you're an ass, man. no pun intended. maybe you've yet to pack because you're too focused on packing pussy once you're functioning in a healthy marriage. hell, i must be in the middle of a jacked up sexual experiment. let me off this got damn spinning wheel!

the lowly hamster

ChezNiki said...

Zed! You, 'me' and Hassan have made it past the age of 30. So you have already beat the odds for Black men in America. Unless yall get sent to Iraq or start a new job at the local prison, I dont see yall kicking the bucket until way past seventy years old ??!?!?

Three of my grandparents lived past eighty, one is still alive at 82. Their lives were harder than the worse day of mine. I think its worse to live but never reach your goals. And you've reached several of your goals already.

You and TAD will see your grandkids, Boo. All seventy-five of them.


1969 said...

I don' know what you oldheads are talking about....I am YOUNG. You hear me? I have kids and I'm married but life is just getting started for old 1969.

Places to travel, sights to see, wonderful kids, husband, career...and now I have the knowledge and the cash? Oh is on and poppin.

Mr.Slish said...

If I wasn't so lazy, I'd be a fucking millionaire, I promise you. I have the greatest ideas and then I say "fuck it".

Sure you're not my twin!!! GET OUTTA MY HEAD!!!

Knockout Zed said...

I didn't say sexual experiments couldn't be fun!!! LOL

Lowly hamster, indeed.

I'm pretty sure I'm almost dead.

Trust me, we're almost dead.

You got a lot more hustle and drive than I got. At least you got the party/club hustle. I have nothing.


Anonymous said...

When you make millions don't forget the little people. LOL. You know black folks always gotta get in where the getting is good.

Anonymous said...

LOL Vision without action is a hallucination man. *snicker* good luck with the packing.

Miz JJ said...

Lol @ hairy armenian.

You'd be surprised how much more life you have to live.

Little Brown Girl said...

Dude my head is swimming!

Just wanted to come by and letcha know I still luv ya Homie!!! Glad to see all is uh ummmmm uh well in your world LOL!!

Oh and could you share some of your great ideas with me...i'll execute, make millions an give you your cut. Win/Win for everyone :-)

Blah Blah Blah said...


...checking calendar...
yep, it's Tuesday...
I've read and re-read this...


Aly Cat 121 said...

*chuckle to self* You be crackin me up.