Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Process

I spent Friday on airplanes (four of 'em), in airports (four of 'em) on a several hour tour (three of 'em) of a city I may or may not want to have a hand in redeveloping, and an hour (just one of 'em) trying to explain my suitability for a job I'm probably not suitable for.

I was asked to be in Western Massachusetts for a face-to-face interview. This was after a phone interview that I completely bombed. Why did they want me to come to follow up that performance? I pretty much said "Fuck it" and went anyway. It's a free trip (they're reimbursing me for it) and I might like it.

My biggest impression was "Wow, there are a lot of Latinos here!" I didn't imagine that there would be such a big representation of Puerto Ricans out in the middle of nowhere. The second thought was "Shit they need a lot of help". I'm inherently lazy. It's the reason I write a blog instead of writing a book. Instant gratification over a long, drawn out process. That's what I like.

So after the first part of the tour, I ate lunch with my potential staff, the department heads that would be below me. I'd like to take this time to once again thank Ba.rack O.ba.ma, without whom the thought of me being their boss would be unbearable to most of them. I won't be their boss, but at least they would not get ill at the thought of it. I was my usual charming self, which means I once again fronted like I enjoy other people, and I got through lunch OK.

I finished up the tour of the city, and I was off to meet the mayor. He was decent dude, but I think somebody forgot to give him the memo about the phone interview. He asked me what I'd do to turn shit around and I told him it wasn't up to me to turn shit around. I'm a gotdamn facilitator. You tell me what to do, and I'll get it done. That's what I've always done, figure out how to implement someone else's vision. He beat the shit out of that dead horse, while I kept giving him answers he didn't want to hear. He thanked me for my time and had his aide take me to the airport.

Now I wait for the rejection letter and the reimbursement check.



chele said...

I hate looking for a job when I need a job. Keep your head up!

The Brown Blogger said...

... So you can constantly see 'The Anus' in your rear view

Anonymous said...

If you living in satan's anus now...certain parts of New England are like satan's belly button. Better but no quite there. LOL!

Hope things improve soon.

Nexgrl said...

With your stellar attitude, you may just get the job!

Bananas said...

See I look at it this way, finding a job is like driving into the rough. Oh you might have trouble finding the ball, but it can be found.

Then comes the hard part...you actually have to try and make something happen with it.

Tiger Woods ain't got nuttin' on you Zed.

Mr.Slish said...

"I'm inherently lazy. It's the reason I write a blog instead of writing a book. Instant gratification over a long, drawn out process. That's what I like."

Get outta my head!!!

proacTiff said...

"Instant gratification over a long, drawn out process." Are we referring to the institution of marriage for regular in-house intercourse?

Blah Blah Blah said...

Mass or the Anus?...hmmmm, I choose the Anus. that's just me. I don't care for Mass whatsoever!

I need constant gratification...aaa, on all fronts! And backs too.

The Brown Blogger said...

Eh, heh heh heh... She chose the 'anus'!

Knockout Zed said...


aquababie said...

yall nasty!!! LOL

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

i swear 'fore God if you don't get back on this damn blog and gimme something to read I'm gonna scream!