Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fuck Pork

One moment off topic...

David Muthafuckin' Chase.

Now, back to my life....

Hey folks, what's poppin'? I haven't done much this week, but this weekend was pretty good, all things considered. I went to the local NA.ACP Freedom Fun.d Dinner. I figured I'd see all the movers and shakers in one place. That I did. Also, I got to see Satan's Anus's entire inventory of dresses that show off titties and ass. Good job, ladies.

The keynote speaker was a physician, and he sure knew how to bring down a room. Sure, the occasion was quite serious, but fuck!!! He laid down some shit that really got my head spinning.

I work with statistics a lot. At least I used to. Now I delegate that shit. But when I was in number-cruncher mode, justifying whatever project for whatever amount of money, stats fascinated me. This keynote speaker had me from the first slide. Here's some shit to chew on, Homey:

In Satan's Anus County, the white teenage pregnancy rate is 20 per 1,000 teen females. For Black teens? 100 per 1,000.

In S.A.C., the rate of gonorrhea amongst teen white males is .1%. Amongst teen Black males? 25%.

In AMERICA, the infant mortality rate among American born Blacks is 14%. American born Whites? 4%. This is the kicker: Amongst AFRICAN born Blacks giving birth in America? 5%
What the fuck? It's not inherently racial issue, it's us.

Wanna hear something else? When they normalize for socio-economic factors, the shit is still foul. Black women with master's degrees have a far worse infant mortality rate than white women with a ninth grade education or lower. What the fuck?

This shit gets even worse. They did a study where they sent ACTORS to the same set of doctors with the same set of symptoms. The actors were of all the same age and general physique. The only difference was their races. You know the Black actors were given similar bootleg ass advice, quite different than that given to the white actors? The white actors were given the "upscale, upmarket" advice while the Blacks were told shit like "Eat more neckbones!"

I don't have any answers and he didn't either. But his bottom line is all the fuck we got is us. We gotta start taking better care of ourselves.

And really, that's all that came out of this weekend.

Stay Real,


A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

in looking at those statistics i would gather there are not allot of inter racial relationships in your neck of the woods.

i went to a black tie event this weekend as well..but i didn't see allot of T&A, maybe i wasn't looking hard enuff

Knockout Zed said...

Au contraire! There are FUCKING OODLES of interracial relationships. Shit, the NAACP dinner was almost an half white affair, looking at all the spouses and shit.

Unlike many communities, these kids, black and white, still go to school together. They fuckin' each other. Early and often.

I didn't even have to look hard for t&a. It was just in my face (so to speak).


Little Brown Girl said...

I went to a black and white affair on Saturday...does that count? LOL!! As for the stats *speechless*...no I'm not! That's some bullshyt Geraldo! Yo, what you lay it out like that how can we sit around all idol and what not. Its tragic that we hear this mess and just accept it. This is why i got my azz out here running every other day...I refuse to become a statistic and if a doctor tells me something I'm not comfortable with I am getting several more opinions...matter fact if he tells me something I want to hear I am getting another opinion cause what we want to hear and what we need to hear are 2 different things.

We've got to do better yo! We know better so now it's time to step up!

P.S. I missed you Zeddie...seems like it's been a long time since we've conversated (yeah I said conversated LOL)

mrs.tj said...

I swear I don’t like to have the “me against the world” mentality, but sometimes that is the only way to survive. Bush don’t care about black folks…ain’t that the truth. I can come up with a different conspiracy theory EVERYDAY…but I don’t want to fall into that category…the IRS IS out to get us though…LOL! I digress…we must take care of ourselves, question everything, double check everything, and educate ourselves and our future. Holla!

Anonymous said...

Was there any mention of the racial makeup of the doctors? Does that make a difference?

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

did you wear a white girl with your tux?

twin said...

so how many of satan anus finest did you fine back at your place after the event.

1969 said...

That's why I gave up pork and red meat almost 8 months ago. Yes, I miss the Bacon and a good T-Bone...but I am running and alive.

I ain't going out like that.

She Her Me said...

Damn. That is crazy. I read this post twice, just to take it all in. Wow. We really do need to take care of "us".

Thanks for bringing those statistics to light. It's eye-opening.

Miz JJ said...

Lol @ aunt jackie. White girls come standard with tuxs, or didn't you know.

Reading those stats makes me happy to live up here with my socialized medical care. It may have its problems, but at least if I think I am getting sub-standard care I can change my doctor with ease.

Beana said...

WOW *insert bugged out eyes!!!*

proacTiff said...

I'm glad the good doctor finally read my mind. Get with it. Be bout it. I'm already on lap 99. Where you at?

Honest said...

These stats coupled with the fact that being poor in this country may get you killed leads me to believe that we need to be more active in our own well being despite the doctors "Advice".

EqualOpportunityCrush said...

we need a new operation bootstrap. God helps those who help themselves.