Monday, April 24, 2006

The Value of Candor

Or, Honesty is the Worst Policy

Hey folks, what gives? I had a pretty good weekend. Pretty good. I had company all the way from NYC. Trying to show someone from New York all the hot spots in Satan's Anus is futile. What the fuck can I show her in this hellhole that will be of consequence to her? Nada. That's not to say this weekend wasn't a learning experience.

My first question to you, the reader, is what do you think you know about me? Do you think you can gauge an accurate picture of who I am through the blog? Or is the blog a tool for me to record some of my more unspeakable actions or unpopular opinions in a generally passive forum? Are Knockout Zed and Zed Zednanreh the same person? Is Knockout Zed fictional? Should this record of my thoughts be held against me if I were to meet you?

I'll answer the most basic questions first. Knockout Zed and Zed Zednanreh are the same person to an extent. KZ is much more blunt and loquacious than ZZ is. I (regular ol' Zed) am a pretty quiet, studious type cat. I talk the most when I'm trying to get a woman's number. I'm most blunt after we've had sex. The blog was a tool to help me "unblock" my writer's block. It has actually hindered my "real" writing.

So this weekend, I'm with this woman that I know from the blog. And I think (though she may think differently) that things I've said in the blog are being held against me. I'm not just talking about the women I'm juggling, I'm talking about the way I think. It's not the first time this has happened and I doubt that it will be the last. There are a few options available: (1) start lying on the blog, (2) don't meet women who know you from the blog, or (3) tell the women you meet from the blog that your blog is a complete work of fiction.

The subtitle of my blog was originally "Unfiltered thoughts from the mind of a male heterosexual troglodyte". It was my intent to share insight and let women know what a cat is REALLY thinking, the shit he can't tell you for fear of backlash. The shit Tyler Perry can't fuckin' tell you, 'cuz he don't know. It was an attempt to foster some understanding between the sexes. It has kind of devolved into "Who is Zed fucking today?", but the original intent was to create dialogue between us.

I've come to the conclusion that being candid ain't worth the trouble. The blog will stay real, I'll just lie in real life.

Honestly Yours,


chele said...

Good. Keep being real ... as real as the internet can be, I guess. In answer to your first question, I don't think I really know you from this forum. Honesty is still the best policy ... the truth will always stand and if someone can't handle it, is it really your issue? I guess it is, if it's preventing you from getting the booty. BTW, who is Zed fucking today?

Nika Laqui said...

Thanks for keeping it real with us, in the blog world...

I feel like if a person knows the true you and can't deal with it, then you better off without that person. I feel like you should be able to express your complete self, thoughts, opinions and feelings, regardless of the backlash....

In regards to getting ass, all men say what they gotta say to get in them drawers, so you're just being typical to lie in real life... No one will hold that against you...*lol*

Supa said...

"The blog will stay real, I'll just lie in real life.."

Zeddie. What I'ma do with you??

Keep it real, always, at all times, African!!

Honest said...

Dude it's the "innanet" you can keep it as real as you want. Although you do talk about your escapades on this blog, I do think you're giving your audience a hint at what YOU and other men are thinking.

Is this blog a diary for you? If so meeting people who have "read" your diary can get a little tricky.

To answer your question, I don't know you, know you and I only know what you're willing to let out on this blog. If I met you in real life would I lift an eyebrow? eh probably but I'd do the same to my guy friends who tell me about their our escapades.

Disco said...

My first question to you, the reader, is what do you think you know about me? Do you think you can gauge an accurate picture of who I am through the blog?

1. I know way too much 2. No

Uh.....I'll just stop dawg cuz I am subjectively answering this.....

Just keep it real. And for those that are wondering,w hat you see, IS the real Zed, but you'd have to understand it to understand that comment. If you DON'T know him, you'd misunderstand what I've just said. (clear as mud, huh?)

But all this is a good thing cuz you'll NEVA meet anutha like KZ!!! Ya gotta love him :-)

DurtyMo said...

Zed please. Bunk who ain't feeling you on or off yo blog. It would be different if you were just doing this to entertain but you said what ya motive is/was...and another thang...if a woman reads yo blog then gonna hold it against you, who's issue is that? wooo I'm irritated now cuz women kill me I swear! Keep it moving Zed... hmpf!

Little Brown Girl said...

Wait she read your blog before she went to Satan's Anus to visit you, correct? So my wig is blown back because how you gone know all you know, go all the way to west buble fuk, and then hold it against the person.

Peep game: I think this bloggin thing is a good way to kinda vent. Some days the stuff will be funny, serious, or just plain ole' ranting but at the end of the day it gives the reader a glimpse of who the "real" person is. If you aren't comfortable with that then you probably shouldn't be going to Satan's Anus to check an "African"

It's kinda like you eluded to before. Chicks see/hear you but want to believe that you are the opposite of what you say...despite your telling them the truth. You can't win for trying. I say continue to be honest and whether you meet a sis on this blog or just walking down the street, if she is cool enough with who she is, she won't let this one piece of bloggin biz keep her from getting to experience the fullness of KZ.

Your blog tells us you're a freak...SO!!! I thought that shyt was a good thing LOL!! Yeah you got a lot of Boo's but hell you ain't married anymore...get yours until that sis comes along who is lucky enough to get you!!!

Anonymous said...

I think your stressing yourself to hard.
What she saw this weekend and who you are on the blog are all the same....we ALL wear different hats in different situations, yet it's who we are.
As for it being held against you (as in your last person-2-person situation)...IF they are not knowing you for you or at least trying to take the time to see who Zed is...well then they aren't even worth mentioning, are they?
Is the opinion of some nucklehead chick you meet off your blog ALL that important that you have to question your writing style or stories? I'd say NO...but then again........maybe I am.
Regardless of should always be you. I saw more of who I really thought Zed was this past weekend than who Knockedout is... Whether you think it or not...your "hot in the pants" ass stories don't out shine the KZ I have gotten to known since last year.

Naw' Imean YO!

Prophetess said...

ZZ: should I go ahead and reveal the "real" Knockout Zed?

Naw, just kiddin'.

I'm about to send you an email...

Here it comes!

ChezNiki said...

The signature on my email says, "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." thats not a quote from Nas, that's Dr Seuss!

Its most important that you are honest with yourself...figure out what you want to tell everybody else, later.

Also, you can meet folk on line all day, email, text message and all that. But you dont get the full picture until you meet them in person and feel their vibe and how their vibe fits with yours. Even if both people are totally honest online, nothing on the computer/cell phone/blackberry beats the information you get when you meet face to face. You cant learn about a dude's, swagger, style, handshake, scent, how he eats, accent, true language skills, actual height (dont ask)until you meet in person.

So no, I dont think we know you, not because youre lying, but because we would have to see you and touch you to get to know you.

...although, I hope it is true that you like to eat ChocolateGurls. It feels good knowing that someone is looking out for our c**chies, too.

Knockout Zed said...

I'm gon' lie through my teeth offline.

I luv to fuck as I'm sure many cats do. But that's not all of me and that's hard to convey.

I don't know, what you gon' do with me?

Naw, this is not a diary. I go through fuckin' bouts of loneliness you wouldn't believe. I miss my parents. Sometimes I wanna grab a gat and kill dope dealers randomly. That's shit I never write about.

You'd luv me in real life.

It's hard to explain it, I know. It's like that slice of life you give on your page. If these munkees only knew how deep the jungle waters run. I know too much about you, too!

I can't diss her, cuz I still care about her (and she's reading this). I luv this blog thing.

We didn't plan to bone. It was just a visit. But I think my chances of developing anything are ZERO 'cuz just like Robyn, she knows too much. Fuckin' blog.

Hey Beautiful!

I just sent you back a response. Thanks for the email. I needed to see that.

I'm friggin' magnificent in person. I suck online.

Mastery of cunnilingus is just one aspect of my "toolbox".


Little Brown Girl said...

Your tone sounds kinda bummed out...don't be bummed what is supposed to be will be no matter if a cat reads this blog or not. You care about her and she knows now (if she is still reading)...that should/will speak for itself.

I'm sending you a big ole hug and lots of smoochies. Cheer up Poppie!!!

i like liquor and tv said...

Honestly? I think you're an old white man...rofl j/k

But freal I think you should keeps it real. I mean I think most of us with at least half a brain can assume that blogs only reflect a small portion of how we really keep doing what you doing, cause the small percentage that we see, we all LIKE, so keep it up.

ok I'm going to bed, this bud kickin in.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for resolving to keep it real on the blog. You should do the same in life.

Sangindiva said...

I think you can gauge an accurate picture of a person from their blog-
After the first 5 posts you can see the type of person they are because- out of the abundance of the heart...
the mouth speaks (or should I say the fingers type)
What ever is in your head/heart it comes out in your blog because it is your space in the world. It is your place to be you. I wouldn't hold your thoughts against you- I like who you are- so don't cha go a changin'...

So...Wise...Sista said...

I can't figure you out at all...I just know you're hilarious, insightful and you 'think like a dude'...which makes you just like most of my dude friends. But I don't always get the pleasure of being inside their heads...which might be a good thing. lol

Robert L. Mack said...

Ok, maybe I'm missing something here - the NYC chick came from the city that never sleep to Boondocks, MI to see you? Then because of what she already knew she decided not to go any further?? She could have told you that over the phone. I would have sent her home early and called up either the "head of the class" chick or Carmel.

I say keep doing your thing KZ (and ZZ). The realer you are, the more people respect you. I need to learn that for myself.

Knockout Zed said...

Truthfully, this shit has "sobered" me up something swell. I need that hug.

@Liquor and TV
Ahh, to smoke again. *sigh*

I'm not sure if that's support or if you're trying to take a swipe at me. Thanks (or No Thanks!).

I finally got a chance to listen to your song. Beautiful, but you know that. Don't you?

@So Wise
Mo' legs, mo' short skirts, pussy, ass, ass, tits, ass, pussy!!!!!

I mean, thank you for your kind words.

I don't know Lil' Brother. The backlash from "real" truth is a bitch.


sj-the-infamous said...

So what's the truth? And please don't lie to me....

Mis dos centavos -- seas tu mismo y nada mas (just be yourself) Siempre. Always.

If "they" don't get it...who are "they" anyway?!

DramaFree said...

Honesty is always the best policy. EITHER WAY, if you lie to her about your life, she will get mad about the lie. BUT, if you always tell the truth, then her getting mad about what goes on in your life is simply her not being able to accept you for who you are.

i like liquor and tv said...

I'm lame...I was talking about Bud Light

Anonymous said...

since this is my first time visiting, i'll reserve my judgment until a later date :) but i enjoy folk being themselves when they blog. maybe a few glimpses of the "real" shines though.

Anonymous said...

keep on keeping it real.. but just be cognizant of the fact that this can affect the potential (romantic) relationships you forge with bloggers. No need to front on your blog.

EqualOpportunityCrush said...

oops.. i accidentally wrote that last anonymous comment

Chubby Chocolate said...

It sounds like your apologizing for sharing your thoughts...

You know I've been reading your blog for a while now..It's not a tab of who you're screwing or giving noggin to.

Just continue to tell it like it is in your world.