Thursday, November 24, 2005

Leon, Big Uncle Zed, and Pro-Social

Hola Overeaters, it's ya nigga, Zed. I'm sitting on my parents patio looking at Leon. Leon's a alligator (or crocodile, since I can't tell 'em apart) that's in this lake behind my parent's house. It's around 80 degrees and looking at the weather report from Satan's Anus I should be grateful.
My Uncle Zed came through today. He was looking good, better than he's looked in quite a few years. He moved to Charlotte from Tampa a few years ago. Big Zed was with his new woman and her daughter. This cat hasn't lost his touch. His woman was off the fucking meat hook. Tall, thick, and pretty. Fuck me, nigga! How can a nigga two years outta prison with so much baggage pull so top shelf? I'll never figure this shit out, but he's doing much better than me. All my nieces and nephews now have to distinguish between us. I'm "Little Uncle Zed". He's "Big Uncle Zed". That's not awkward. Anyway me, Zed, my father, and Pro-Social (my oldest sister's husband) were kicking it on the patio for awhile. My uncle is really a changed dude from what I remember. Thoughtful and curious.
We spent a lot of time out there watching Leon, drinking and talking shit. Pro-Social is my nigga. He's a big, talkative cat from Alabama. He started dating my sister when I was 12, so I've known him forever. He's like another older brother. Pro-Social is the funniest cat I know personally. Quick witted and cool. He is my polar opposite, thusly he's Pro-Social.
That cat makes it easier for me to cope with this smothering family stuff. Him and his son, my youngest nephew, Bugaloo. Bugaloo, age 3, sat on my lap when he first got here and grabbed a dreadlock. "Why did you do this to your hair?" "Cuz it's my hair, little @#$&*!" O.K. I didn't really say that but I thought it.
I guess I'll be alright. I've only seen 2 aunts and 1 uncle from my father's side (out of 9 siblings) and 1 aunt from my mother's side (out of 8 siblings) so my day will be full tomorrow.

Happy Black Friday,


nikki said...

those few relatives who make hanging with fam worth it...they're like GOLD.

i'm glad you've got a few to make the day go by faster. btw, be glad lil man didn't yank your loc out. i love hanging with the kids, but i've learned i've gotta put my locs out of their way, otherwise, i'll be in pain...the kids are really STRONG these days.

twin said...

along as no one got shot and your mother feed you

Didi Roby said...

Thanksgiving with the cranks maybe...:) *lol*

I'm catching up Papi!

Insaneblackwoman said...

Tell little Bugaloo (age 3) to keep his hands out of my dreadlocks. Pulling on your dreadlocks is my job - not his!
Ha!!!!! Ps.: I'm still trying to find a good pic of them 50dds to post up for you. But be patient!

Disco said...

Or as I like to call you "Big Papa Munkee" :-)


I'm SHO you're in sum draws by now seeing as it's Sunday and yo ass is BACK! *smdh* :-)

The_Practitioner said...

I just got back from Phoenix. Turkey Day was straight. Me and my competitive ass family engaged in some rather heated games of Scrabble and Scatagories.

Blah Blah Blah said...

Glad it turned out a little better for you...
Thought I was gonna have to take a flight down there and entertain you by dancing nekked on some tables....whew!

thankgiving and black friday....hmph!

brooklyn babe said...

Only dang person on the planet that can out talk a a damn Gemni, hence why I had to kick my ex to the curb. Damn Geminis. *Jokes* they good opposite/polar peeps and all...
Glad you had a Good one.

Chubby Chocolate said...

So it got better, eh?

GO BACK TO SATAN'S ANUS! I miss you Bro Munkee! ;-)

brooklyn babe said...

Yeah I copy CC, get back in Satan Anus... or to Satan Anus, you know what i mean, more Batshit tales awaits!

Superstar Nic said...

I agree with Twin and Nikki....No body got shot -- Great! And being with family no matter how few is like gold to me!

I hope you enjoyed your thanxgiving holiday, me and my peeps had a blast!