Thursday, September 27, 2007

Bad Poetry Day

Second Sun

Oh how I love the warm glow of that giant yellow orb.
I bask in it and I breathlessly await
the for the next time my planet rotates
and I see it again.

Everything's peachy when I can
look above my head
and it beams down on me
so that I may taste
the liquid rays of sunshine.

It is never too hot to touch
or very far from my thoughts.
I will always be close to it
if I can help it.


onefromphilly said...

hahahahahahahahaha, LMAO

You almost had me for a minute. I was saying hmmmmmm, until I read the labels!!! hahahahahahahaha
I swear you crack me up

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

So you decided to check out the poetry scene huh?

8pm don't be late i want you to get on stage with that one!

ChezNiki said...

I dont know that she would appreciate you calling it a giant yellow orb...

...Im not sayin', Im just sayin'


Blah Blah Blah said...

I was thinking this is some really bad poetry...and then I saw the labels and re-read...'s kinda awesome.
One day I wish to have a poem written about my bodacious "orb"...but me having flass...will just have to wish...*huge sigh*

Knockout Zed said...

What? I love the sun.


Won't be back at "Fire" for the rest of my life.

She doesn't appreciate it, but I calls it like I see it.

I loves ALL shades, this one just happens to be yellow.

Somebody out there right now is MORE than willing to write a poem about your flass or your chi-chis.


Little Brown Girl said...


Sheletha said...

snap snap snap snap

Angel said...

uh....i wonder, if you didn't think or speak about sex...what would a "normal" day for you look like? :-/

Gemini Girl aka GG said...

okay so after reading the labels it gave new meaning to you looking above your head and its beaming down so you can taste the liquid rays...okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!