Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Who Knows?

I guess I should post about this since I mentioned it. I went to Western North Carolina last week for a job interview. It was interesting.

First off, the city I was in is beautiful. Breathtaking views and all that. It's a growing city, which can't really be said for anyplace in old, industrial Michigan. It's a blue oasis in a desert of red. The people are friendly and the city government is high functioning.

In a nutshell, it's still Satan's Anus with money. The citizens are still pebbles in a muthafucka's shoe, staff is still self important and lacking introspection, and the other directors are still well meaning and condescending liberal jackasses.

They flew me in the day before the interview and got me a rental car. It surprised me because municipalities are notoriously cheap. They do the bare minimum to interview you, in a lot of instances asking you to share costs as a goodwill gesture, which is really bullshit. I had an opportunity to drive around and see the city. It's beautiful in a ridiculous, "God-chose-me" kind of way. Mountainous and heavily forested. I'm not really a nature dude, but I was impressed.

The day of the interview was full. From 8 am to 2 pm, there was a tour of the city given by my would be deputy director (who does NOT want the director gig), a formal interview, then a presentation to the other department directors acting as residents. That was the dicey part. I had to prepare and present a Powerpoint on development in mountainous regions. I've been working in urban Michigan since '94. What the fuck do I know about mountains? They loved the Powerpoint regardless. My background in number crunching helped me in mind-numbing presenting stats in a user-friendly way. They actually asked if they could use my graphs in the ordinance. Nothing's free, y'all!!!

Afterwards, I went to lunch with 3 of the city's department directors. They were trying to sell me on the city. It wouldn't take much, except for the right amount of money. Money and finding my chick a job near me. LOL.

Be Cool,


BlackLiterature said...


I'm a transplant here. What part of this state is "breathtaking"?

I may need to start taking some road trips. ;-)

Good Fortune,

Knockout Zed said...

I think you oughta check out the mountains out west. It might not be the most "blackalicious" place on the map, but it's certainly pretty as fuck.


Anonymous said...

Sounds positive. Is your chick willing to move? If so, that sounds pretty positive too.

Blah Blah Blah said...

Ok....so we need to think of new names for Nor Cakalacky... I loved Satan's Anus though.

So you're moving the whole family? Does this mean a ring, a wedding and some babies are being talked about? heeheehee


ChezNiki said...

The mountains were probably "breathtaking" because you were thinking about your Hunny while viewing the mountains...

"The hills are aliiiive/ with the sound of muuuusic!"

Zed's all in love, so cute ((pinching cheek))

BlackLiterature said...

Hmmm... and it is a Blue zone in the midst of all this Red. It's still summer. Wemay take a drive this weekend. ;-)

Good Fortune!

onefromphilly said...

Well only you know if you're ready to ask her to move with you.
Only she knows if she's ready for such a move.

I really hope that the both of you are at the same point at the same time.

Good luck with the job. I hope they make you an offer, whether you want it or not. It's always feels good to be chosen.

Anonymous said...

Sound Good to me!!-MeCrazyMe Yes I be snooping still.

aquababie said...

sounds like you might have some options to weigh. maybe your lady wouldn't mind being in nc....

YouToldHarpoTaBeatMe said...

Everyone's paying timeshare for that kind of atmosphere, but you'll have it in your backyard?

Why aren't you packed yet?

Sounds like it'll be a really good and well deserved change. Just kill the urge to walk around looking like the Brawny man, mmmkay?

Unknown said...

Its good to know you actually liked the area on the surface at least.

Best of luck and like OFP said "it always feels good to be chosen"