Thursday, February 16, 2006

Begin The Beguine

"Ya fine, ya bound to see the biggest part of me/Get on ya knees, I'll harden like a fat man's artery" - Wack lyric from C.O.C (Crusty Old Curmudgeon), Flavor From The Eastside Basement 1991

Hello everybody. Welcome to the golden time of the year. That time where I'm free from gift giving from February until December. This is my prime time, my favorite time to meet women, the cheap bastard's salad days. If you're with a woman during December - February, you'll be a gift givin', New Year's Eve date havin', Kwaanza dashiki wearin', Valentine candy buyin' son of a bitch. Except for the occasional birthday, you can pretty much breathe easy right now.

My problem is not in getting women to date me, it's finding women to date. I was at lunch the other day and I ran into this woman I met my second or third week here at a club named "Coco". She was extra hood, reminding me of home. When we were dancing together at the club, we got kind of, let's say...inappropriate. We were grindin' our pelvic bones into each other. Basically fuckin' on the dance floor. When we left, we were holding hands and I was walking her to the car. "Whatchu bout ta do?" I asked, ghetto patois intact, just like home. "Nuttin. Go home", she answered. "You sure?" I was trying to find my way in the draws. "Yeah, I talk to you later, OK?" "OK." Needless to say I never called her nor did I see her again. Until Tuesday.

I walked up to her and we started talking. She was telling me she was moving to Detroit in a few weeks. Fuck! I couldn't even try to capitalize on this chance meeting. I'll be damned if I wasn't going to give a shot though. "Well, ay, yo, shit, wyoun you gimme yo' numba?" Numbers were exchanged again. I can try to give it this one shot before she jets. Her family still lives here so she's bound to make a few trips back and forth anyway. And I'll get in where I can fit in.

Stay golden,


nikki said...

wouldn't it be funny if sista had you nose open right before she moved away? maybe you need to let that twat step. there's bound to be more where you at.

then again, i'd love to read about zed getting caught up. go ahead and do it!

Accomplice said...

Naw Zed, my birthday is next week, wat up wit that?

Superstar Nic said...

I'm LMAO at you talking about you are free from gift giving until December. You are a trip!


Insaneblackwoman said...

Zed, Zed, Zed, my brother. You're horny as hell and non committed (for right now); she's somewhat doable... get your freak on. You won't even have to waste time trying to mack her; you done already done that. She already know what she wants. She needs you to make the move, set it off, get it underway. Then again, thats prolly right you're doing RAT NOW!!! (thats my country slang for "right" now...