Monday, February 27, 2006

Betta Days

What up? It's a hectic day in Satan's Anus. Two members of the clerical staff in my office got into a physical altercation on Thursday at 4:55 pm. I've been trying to put out that fire since it happened. Somebody (or everybody) has got to go. Today is the day. Everyone one here has taken sides because, of course, it was a black chick and a white chick who wuz buckin'. Other than that shit, it's been good socially.

Friday afterwork I went to this Happy Hour that my frat brothers were hosting. Good decision. I got three phone numbers out of the deal, two outstanding prospects, one ok. Beautiful single women. I need to hang out with frat a little more and stop being so fuckin' anti-social. Maybe I would've been outta this drought. I made a date with one of them for Saturday night, "Carmel".

I went home to Detroit to get my taxes done (nice refund!) on Saturday during the day and got back to the Anus early in the evening to go to this event that the Vice Mayor arranged for me. He's a brother, so he's made it his special mission to make sure I don't find another job in a blacker city. He had a get together with a few single eligible black women in a little house party setting. More fine sistas I hadn't met yet. Two more numbers. I had to leave that session to hook up with Carmel for this dinner date.

She was 35 minutes late. I almost jetted, but she kept calling reminding me she was on her way. When she got there I was glad I stayed. Fuckin' stunning. High yellow chicks ain't even my steez, but that smile. Man, that smile. We talked. Divorced, three kids, grad student. Mo' titties than ass. But that smile.

The restaurant was closing. We were the last ones there. "You wanna go do something else? I don't feel like going home yet." "Let's go to my house" she said. I got quiet(er). Was I gon' fuck tonight? I pushed it outta my mind. I wasn't even going to try. It's a small fuckin' town and I better be damn sure about what I'm doing if I stab. I went with the flow.

We got to her crib, it was brand new in a new subdivision. She was the first person to ever live there. Nice. We sat on the couch watching some BET movie (Tech? Eva?) and drinking wine. I was almost comatose. She was mellow. We talked and talked shit about this bad movie. She started getting sleepy so I left. All my instincts tell me to fuck now and fuck often. They've been wrong as hell the whole time I've been here, so I ignored them. Besides, I got 4 more pools to dip my toe in.

Be safe,


Disco said...

"What's beef....BEEF is when yo Mom's ain't safe up in the street.....beef is when you make yo enemies start'cho Jeep,.....beef is when I see you guaranteed to be in mo time...."

gotta love the Notorious (though i know you don't), and oooh wee I'da PAID to see that scrap!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

It's about fucking time you started to get some new fuck meat....tired of hearing Batshit this and ET that....Blah!

Stab?...when did we start using that?....thought we were using "gouge".

Still never got the musta nodda pushed Send.

Supa said...

Yeah, that flic on BET was fuckin' awful. Eva oughta beat someone down for making her wear that horrendous blonde wig. Eeessh.

Anyway. Glad to hear you were a gentleman about it. Even tho you're still whoring around in your head. You get points for that, Zeddie. Bwah!

re: your work situation - Any New York vs. Pumpkin type ass-kickin go down in the parking lot post 5 PM?

Insaneblackwoman said...

Don't be moving too fast, now, Zeddy, okay? You have to take your time with this here. Hold the mack back for just a little longer, you know, you don't want to scare the woman (or women)away. LOL.

Sidenote: I really do love it when a man admits to falling for a woman because of her pretty smile.

I thought you was leaving... now here you are again telling us you done come across prospects...

I left you a nice wish in the comments section of my post titled: "This Is The Best I Can Come Up With". I think it's my second to last post.

Are you gonna keep in touch with Carmel? Is that her name or did you just make that silly shit up? LOL.

Knockout Zed said...

These women got down. The white one outweights the black one by at least 100 pounds. And she's claimin' she's scared for her safety. That's the code for "fire this hostile African".

I was leaving. I almost deleted this bitch a couple of days ago, but I love writing.

Thanks for your kind wishes. I need all I can get.

No, her name ain't Carmel. I called her "yella" and she claimed she was "carmel colored". "I'm the same complexion as you." That's what she told me. Bullshit! I'll see her again.

Butterfly Jones said...

You can't leave the blogworld until you pick one, take 'em down the aisle (that isn't a euphemism) and make Lil Zeddies. That's never then.

Knockout Zed said...

I'm waitin' on that passport, mama. Then, you're mine! The blog will be ova!


Na$$ty Girl said...

(singing in my childish voice): "Zeddy got a girlfriend. Zeddy got a girlfriend. And he likes her gorgeous smile. And she might be the One..." lol!

Glad you were able to keep your "thing" to yourself - at least for the time being. I'm so proud... out there macking. You go boy, lol.

Anonymous said...

They told me that same shit, "Tamenika, your team mates are afraid of you."

They better be, cause they not gone be coming around me talking donw to me because they are some fucking manager. Ass whupping don't discriminate.

Glad to see you back posting, you musta had "another quaalude".

nikki said...

AWWWW SHIT! zed's got the prospects! that's what i'm talking about. i expect to read alot more about your sexual exploits...

Mr.Slish said...

1.She invite you to the crib.

2.Sitting on the couch watching the tele drinking wine.

You sure you didn't try to grab sumthin. A thigh , Titties, Ass cheek...Her bottom lip...

You hidin

Knockout Zed said...

Dude, she called me out about that. I'll talk about it next post. I felt like a lame.


sj-the-infamous said...

"mo swallows than san juan capistrano?" Now THAT'S comedy LMAO

scrapin' in the office?! wow....

there had to be more sistas in the anus, hell, i know at least one that you haven't yet crossed paths with, me thinks...i could be wrong *giggle*