Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Who Made This Chick?

Hey y'all! Long time, no post. I've honestly been assessing this blog's value to me and whether or not I should continue it. In some ways it's therapeutic, in others stress inducing. People read between lines in instances where I wrote what I meant. Then when I write something for people to catch my inferred meaning, I get nothing. I've basically been getting sick of offline discussions over online statements. So, I'll likely be posting less often. With that being said, let's get to the juicy stuff.

I went to lunch with Madame Batshit yesterday. Yeah, I know. I'm still not fuckin' her. We just pretty much only know each other here, so we go to lunch together sometimes. No biggie. Anyway, I dropped her off at her job when we were done and I went back to work. I got out of the car and checked my phone to see the time. I'd missed a voicemail. When I checked it, it was a message from E.T. "Hi Zed, I think I just saw you leave the Satan's Anus office complex. Anyway, call me when you get a chance."

I deleted it and forgot about it. I talked to Batshit earlier today. She asks me "Did you get a phone call from your little girlfriend yesterday." "Who?" "E.T." "Uh, yeah I did. How did you know?" It seems when I dropped Batshit off and E.T. saw me, she went to Batshit office and started to talk to her. E.T. was like "Hey Batshit, was that Zed I just saw dropping you off?" Batshit responded affirmatively. "Are y'all kickin' it?" E.T. asks her. "No, were just good friends. Why do you like him?" "No, I gotta a boyfriend. I just wanted to hook him up with some friends of mine. I thought you might like him." "No, no. I'm trying to hook him up with friends of mine, too." was Batshit's response. According to Batshit, she had no other business in her building except that she was driving by, saw me drop her off, and decided to talk to her about me.

She had already displayed psycho-like tendencies and shit showing up at the gig. This shit is off the hook. You got to Batshit's gig 'cuz you saw me drop her off? This bitch IS crazy! I didn't even fuck her (or kiss her or feel her up).

Another thing: Batshit don't know, but she know what time it is. She called me five (5) times on Valentine's Day (I only counted her once, though, in my 23 voicemails) and texted me "Happy Valentine's Day". I have not spoken to her since she decided to drop by the gig on January 31. Not one word. I called her a couple of days after that to check her, but she was dodging the call I guess.

I musta forgot they still built hoes like this. I thought that assembly line had closed down. Apparently they haven't broken the mold yet. I swear I hadn't seen shit like this (no sex involved) since fuckin' middle school. They need to issue a nationwide recall on this screwball.



Disco said...

They're keeping the assembly line going JUUUUST for yo ass cause they know that they got a loyal customer.

"give it to Zeddy....he'll eat it (or at least taste it)...."


Love ya but you attract these hoes like a dayum moth to a flame!! Jesus!

Insaneblackwoman said...

Instead of a "Stepford" wife, ET is acting seriously like a Stepford "stalker". I mean seriously. Now all of a sudden, she's driving down your particular street, and just HAPPEN to catch Batcakes jumping up outcho' ride? Give me a "brake", I mean, "break".
Bitch know she was sitting low in her own ride up the street, "monitoring" a nig's movements and comings and goings. She so fucking see-through. Women like her need to be checked daily because they don't know when to quit. And get on somewhere.

She needs to let it go, for real, and once and for all. She needs to - seriously! - get out fo' she gets put out!

And don't worry Daddy: I've always known what level you were on, and what points you were trying to make in your blog posts. I never misunderstood anything you said.

Don't stay away too long, though, okay?

Honest said...

Dude don't forget some of your audience members who don't chat with you offline. We want the posts to continue, frequently in fact.

Selfishly yours,

Blah Blah Blah said...

1. Fuck those chicks that need to contact you off-line for things THEY thought were inferred! Prolly sitting in the room like Fatal Attraction chick clicking the light on and off....thinking YOUR thinking of them like THEY are thinking of you....fuck 'em! Plus, shit is anon up in your what IF you were saying some outta the pocket one knows it...AND..this is YOUR blog...don't edit yourself or start blogging less because they don't get it *this all coming from a chick that just closed shop on her own damn blog..LMAO*
AND another thing...why are bitches still reading your blog if they're mad about what is being written? Ignorant Africans!

2. Call that trick up tell her to stop asking, inquiring and thinking of was a no before and it's a no now so stop trying to investigate some shit that's none of her fucking business...and say it JUST like THAT!

Anonymous said...

You were my (not so) daily fix! As such, I'm gonna need you to continue to entertain me.

I haven't been reading long, but I do sincerely enjoy. I hope that you don't stay away for too long.

Loyal, though anonymous, reader

nikki said...

zed, don't give a fuck about how people interpret your shit. you do the blog for you and nobody else. the end.

Supa said...

E.T., Batshit, Charleze Theron, Hot Buns, etc. Shit, I just can't keep up!

Anonymous said...

Right Nikki!!!!

Ummmm Zed, that Bitch Crazy!!!

brooklyn babe said...

You need a huG?
*grabbing the lotion*

Genesis said...

Yo man! Your blogs are mad good. Not my daily fix, but I do enjoy reading.

Anonymous said...

Don't stop blogging or even take a break. I know I have had my opinion what you write, but all and all who cares what I think. If I did not really like what you had to say I would not keep reading. You have a great talent to write. So let me say to your friends "Shut the fuck up calling him, if he wanted your opioion he would have called your ass" My girl blogs and i really do not talk to her about what she writes. I make my comments and if she feel like addressing it she will other than that. I do not say nothing because it her fredom of fucking speech. Ever blogger should feel free the say what ever they feel like. so I say it again "Shut the fuck up" Keep writing Zeb (as they call you who know you) Anonymous fan 4-ever Peace

Didi Roby said...


Just reading don't mind this Munkee...:)

Anonymous said...

I'm not feeling this, not one bit.

"That's ok, you'll be back, another quaalude and you'll love us in the morning."

Anonymous said...

don't leave, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

Knockout Zed said...

Thank you all for your kind sentiments. I know that first paragraph looks like a cry for attention, but I'm really looking at the value of what I do. It's a cool place for me to archive thoughts for the big picture (i.e. "Da Book"). I guess I gotta continue for the time being. I almost hit that "delete blog" button a few times this week.


Chubby Chocolate said...

And what deal did you make with this factory of ditsy-ass broads? Give them a "test drive" to check for ditsy quality?
Sorry, had to take that factory thing and stretch it....
Don't stop blogging..I fell off a bit, but you are my all time favorite blogger, Zedster.