Thursday, November 02, 2006


The list of shit I hate grows...

Grown men that use the word "co-inky-dink" or "anywho"
Actually PEOPLE that use the word "co-inky-dink" or "anywho"
Muthafuckas who talk to you at urinals.
Gospel Hip-Hop
Staunch advocates of anything
Election season
Chicks without a hairstyle. Long hair ain't a hairstyle.
Uneven drafting boards, crooked t-squares
The 90's
The Satan's Anus Municipal Employee Association
Frat business (the real stuff)
Anger management classes
People who forget the first rule of "Fight Club"
"It won't fit"
Buying milk in the smallest possible usable quantity and still having it go bad, unopened
Being wrong
People who say shit like "Hate is a strong word". Not as strong as your fuckin' breath.

Stay Bitter,

P.S. Gotta luv "The Onion" though.


Little Brown Girl said...


ummmmmm "it won't fit" LMAO!!!

you're crazy man...i am officially convinced!

1969 said...

I am laughing at "it won't fit"

onefromphilly said...

Wait....I'm still laughing at
OUIEFS. WTF... I didn't even know that it had a name .. hahahahahaha.
Oh shyt that was funny. Now I have to go and read the rest of the list. So far I agree. LMAO

Miz JJ said...

My hate list is growing as well.

Knockout Zed said...

Just a little crazy. Not a lot.

I hate shoe shopping!

Yeah, they got a name and a sound. Sometimes it's spelled "queef", but it's still a pussy fart.

As long as I don't make the list, I'll be cool!


aquababie said...

i've always wondered why they named pussy farts that. am crazy that i actually knew the name of that shit?

i need to do a hate list on my blog. but it might only have one name on it! LOL

The Brown Blogger said...

I'm going to put a 'hig list' on my blog.

Maybe if I go around collecting hugs from all the sisters I wanna get one from then I can stop hating stuff so much.

You need a hug, bruh...

Anonymous said...

Well sorry but sometimes it just won't fit.

Knockout Zed said...

Sometimes one name is enough.

I cannot argue with you there. I need a hug. A sweet, heartfelt, long hug.

It do fit! Stop playin' and grab the lube!


Angel said...

"Muthafuckas who talk to you at urinals."

~what about the people who talk on their cell phones while they actually use the FCKIN" bathroom! nasty, inconsiderate bastards!

"Chicks without a hairstyle. Long hair ain't a hairstyle."

~PREACH!!! even though, i'm a chick with long hair--except they're locs. but the thing that irks me (and commentors please chime in), is that your hair can be long and NATURAL (locs, afro, etc.), but people will still look at women with long ass weave just because it's long! that shyt pisses me off! but i digress...

"Buying milk in the smallest possible usable quantity and still having it go bad, unopened"

~is it embarassing if i admit that i recently had two half gallons of orange juice spoil in my refrigerator...and they were COMPLETELY UN-OPENED!!!

"Being wrong"


Knockout Zed said...

Locs are a hairstyle in and of themselves. They don't count in my tirade.

I keep having food spoil untouched! I'm afraid to shop quite frankly.

Have you ever lit into someone HARD and then found out you were completely wrong? It sucks to be you at that moment.


Isha said...

I'm with you on Teenagers. They know every damn thing, but what they know is WRONG. Das' why my mama ain't gettin' no granchildren.

Election Season - Sex, Lies and Video Tapes.

You mean when she flings all that hair in the air it does not create a style?

Yes, food in the fridge and a single person are not a good pair. I threw out all of the containers of this, that, and the other last night...So empty now.

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

queefs are a sign of putting in work, you shouldn't hate those.

sj-the-infamous said...

"it won't fit"....anyhwoo

it's probably a "co-inky-dink" that I, too, "hate buying milk in the smallest possible usable quantity and still having it go bad, unopened" huh?

I try to limit my grocery shopping, but then again, I LOVE grocery stores, so shit is always going bad in my house, cuz who's gonna eat all that?!


Knockout Zed said...

I'm with you on everything except the hairstyle. I don't mind long hair, I just don't like UNSTYLED long hair. It's still gotta be cut into a style. That bugs me.

@Miss Ahmad
I'll never get used to the sound. Not ever.


Knockout Zed said...



Robert L. Mack said...

Feelin the list man...

I'm telling you, only white people do that speaking at the urinals shit.

Arguably the best rap gospel song, is Pray by MC Hammer. Well that and Jesus Walks by Kanye. But to have an entire album focused on Gospel will not work.

I thought I was the only one who will buy milk and it will spoil while its damn near full.

I remember SJ Parker from Flight of the Navigator, LOL...

Knockout Zed said...

I'm talking about a whole album. A track here and there...ehh.

Jesus Walks ain't a gospel track. I don't care how it's marketed. Pray was wiz-ack!

SJP has been ugly a long time now.


Paula D. said...

Hmmmmm....It won't fit......
I hate bitches that stare, office politics, mayo, unasked for opinions & mofo's with bad breath!

Knockout Zed said...

@Paula D
Well, if you ask my opinion...

Just kidding.


Anonymous said...

I like "Anywho" I don't care what you say!! LOL

Honest said...

how about folks who say

"Hi There"

Knockout Zed said...

OK, I'll make the exception for you!

People really say "Hi There"? I haven't heard that since Welcome Back, Kotter.


Anonymous said...

*On The Floor*
Don't be mad at quiefs, that's your fault, not ours...LMAO
Besides that, I am soooo with you @ chicks with out a hairstyle, the milk going bad, and of course being

The Stiltwalker said...

Let's add 'people who think I give a shit about their money problems' to that list. Thx.

Ming Houser, Realtor said...


I use the word, Anywhoo!


I'm starting to hate teenagers,too. Every time my cousin opens her mouth I just want to backhand her in it!

Quiefs!!! LOL! That's all I can say.

See, that's why I don't buy milk. I will never drink it all. Why don't they just sale it in the lunch room sizes?