Monday, December 18, 2006

...And You Will Know Me By The Power Of My Thrust...

Easy, people! What's what? I'm in the office digging myself out from under every email under the sun. I got somebody calling me as a reference for LoLo on my voicemail and my staff is half awake, waiting on the holidays to arrive.

Should I get them anything for Christmas? I'm a pretty half assed boss, sittin' around blogging and whatnot. They cover my non-attentive ass quite a bit. So I'm figuring I should be trying to give them some small token of my appreciation. I just don't know what it should be.

I was walking around the mall on Saturday trying to shop for my parents when I ran into "Susan". Susan and her sister work for the City. I can't remember what I called her before, but Susan one of the people that introduced me to that bland chick, her cousin. When I saw her she was with her husband. She said "Hey Gordon, this is the guy I introduced to Blandette." He had a knowing smile on his face when he shook my hand. "Pleased to meet you" he said as he smirked. Everybody gets a kick outta the idea of that "break even" chick on my arm.

This week is a study in paradox. I'm extra nervous about flying to Tampa so I'm dreading Saturday. But I'm anxious to see T.A.D., so I can't wait for Friday to get here.

It's supposed to be rainy the whole week I'm in Tampa. I hope it's that Florida rain (quick!) and not like that Midwest rain (lingering!).



aquababie said...

get all your people gift cards. i love getting them. most folk aren't satisfied with what you get them anyway. and if it's ugly, they take it back anyway.

dude, you're a road warrior! last week new orleans, next week tampa. have fun :)

i like liquor and tv said...

Don't get them anything. If you get them something they'll start expecting stuff every year.

Mr.Slish said...

Lol...Xmas with your family...Don't forget to bring

Robert L. Mack said...

I know the feeling supervisor approves the hours I work and I know she knows that I don't do as many hours as I put yeah I make sure that I contribute nicely to her xmas present. LOL....

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

ummm are you bringing someone home for Christmas???

smooches under the mistle toe!!

BZ said...

Damn, and I don't even get a mention?!? I can't wait to see you either! :-P Have a safe flight, homie!

Knockout Zed said...

Gift cards? That's the ticket.

@L and TV
I can't do that!!! That's ill!

I need something stronger. Like heroin.

I doubt that I get anything from them. It's good to look out though.

@Miss Ahmad
Not unless I want my mom to do that ol' Mau Mau shit.

I'll take those smooches. I need 'em.

Sorry! I'll be seeing you in Ybor on Sunday. I hope my liver is fully recovered by then so we can swig properly.


A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

i think you mom would really like should give her my number!


if you find a good liver recovery program let me know because i'm gonna need one when i leave Vegas!!

onefromphilly said...

Yea, gift cards are the ticket. And if any ungratefull asses don't appreciate them they can re-gift.LOL

But always hook-up the people who watch your back at work (or at least those who don't stab you in the back).

Little Brown Girl said...

I'm dreading driving to Jersey. I hate driving, but probably not as much as you have flying. It'll be ok Zeddie. As for seeing T.A.D. ok I see you!!! Looks like things are looking up kiddo *wink*

Angel said...

gift cards are my gift of choice this year too...and pita chips! just kidding! well, about the gift cards, but definitely NOT about the pita chips--those shyts are the GOODEST EVER!!!! hahaha

SynSational said...

Not sure what to suggest on the gifts. I hate shopping for anyone outside of my kids.

My boss gave us a bag of stuff, and yeah, it's still in my car. LOL

The Brown Blogger said...

Yeah, they probaby deserve a big bag of mutherfuckers

Honest said...

Have fun with your family and drink lots and lots.

Paula D. said...

Cards would work! Have fun with your people! I'll be right behind you on my flight to Tampa to see my crew on Friday!

Shai said...

Why the fear of flying?