Wednesday, December 06, 2006


"Unwarranted" is fast becoming one of my favorite words. In my line of work, there are certain buzzwords that professionals in the field always use to express certain ideas. We talk in terms of feasibility, scale, appropriateness, and aesthetics. In certain firms doing the same type of work, some words come up more often. In Detroit, we'd talk about "access", a euphemism for affordability. "The price points for that project make it inaccessible". In my current workplace, the word is "unwarranted". It's a euphemism for blowing off your stupid idea. "The placing of gun turrets on City Hall is unwarranted. Who wants to terrorize Satan's Anus?"

The basis of me even thinking about this word is the attention I get from people who wanna put me up on something. How often does this happen to you? Someone of very limited intelligence trying to, as we used to say, drop knowledge on you? It seems like it happens to me once a day.
"You know them big semi trucks? They be callin' 'em 18 wheelers cuz they be havin' 18 wheels. Ain't that a trip?" That's where I get to slip my new favorite word in. "In the big scheme of things, this discussion is unwarranted." And I get to walk away.

I've talked about this before, I think, but who really likes a kiss up? Co-workers hate kiss ups and behind closed doors, managers hate kiss ups. Kiss ups probably fuckin' hate themselves. Not me, though. Kiss ups let me use my favorite word. "The time and attention you're giving to make me comfortable is unwarranted. Work on something else." Ahhhh! That shit's like yoga.



BZ said...

FIRST! And, I like that word, too. Although, I have to admit: When I was in VA, I was surrounded by so many stupid mofos at the old job, I often offered unwarrented dumbed-down explanations to people who didn't need it, outside of work. It's a bad habit.

onefromphilly said...

STRATEGIC. That's our favoritist Gov't word.

As in the justification for my salary and the existence of this organization! So I'll use it in a sentence:

"We have developed a plan to adress the strategic intiatives that will help us acheive the goals of the next generation integrated national transportation system."

I like that. That sound like some important shyt!

Blah Blah Blah said...

My new word...unwarranted.
There are a whole helluvalotta ppl I need to say that shit to.

SynSational said..., do you know how many times I can use this throughout the damn day? All they need is for my smart alec butt to have a word like this. Thanks! LOL

I've been lurking for awhile, decided to come out of hiding on people's blogs. LOL

Little Brown Girl said...

LMAO!! I Luv it...unwarranted. I can use it at worka nd at play because in truth there is a whole lotta unwarranted shyt going down in my world and now I have a very polite way of informing the stupid fuks who bring the "unwarranted" shyt my way.

And Onefromphilly is so our industry everything is "strategic" so next meeting I am in I am going to say that "the direction we are taking the agency is not strategic at all...noooooo...instead I implore you to acknowledge that it is just completely "unwarranted". Stupid fuks!

Miz JJ said...

I am gonna have to replace my word nonsensical with unwarranted. When people come to me with their ideas and/or documents I usually write nonsensical on the top and return it them to the author. I like unwarranted as well. I think I could use it as a reply for the mountain of email I receive everyday.

Mr.Slish said...

Hmm not me don't like that word. It invites more conversation because most Africans don't know what the fuck it means! Shut The Fuck Up! Get Da Fuck Outta Here! They understand that! lol

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

i have a few conversation closers...

Inappropriate, and I spit it like venom and say it like a curse word.

Unacceptable, to be followed closely the gaze of death.

And if all else fails, I simply state...let's table this discussion until later.

Used best when someone else has the floor.

I don't think I'd make in corporate america one day!

NegroPino™ said...

I wanna use UNWARRANTED in a sentence.....

Knockout Zed said...

Giving guidance to the less brainy is cool. It's when the brainless decide to school somebody...

Arrrggghhh! Strategic. I remember at this one gig back in the day it was always the "paradigm shift". Ugh.

Am I one of those people? If so, I think it's unwarranted.

Thanks for coming out of hiding! Go annoy some co-workers today.

As soon as you start using it, a group of muthafuckas will use it at every meeting. As a matter of fact, that's how I started using it!

@Miz JJ
Damn, you're a "G"! Nonsensical? Really?

That's that Bronx-style raw right there!

@Miss Ahmad
Don't forget "marginal". That's your contribution to my lexicon.

First, you're gonna have go out and find an idiot.


i like liquor and tv said...

#1 unwarranted advice haven - CHURCH

Sangindiva said...

well I don't wanna use big words today...

Trying to make up a sentence to impress yall mufucca's
is senceless and unwarranted...

hahaha Hey Zeddy!
I am fresh from de islands man
and there is a bikini shot with your name on it :)

Sangindiva said...

well I don't wanna use big words today...

Trying to make up a sentence to impress yall mufucca's
is senceless and unwarranted...

hahaha Hey Zeddy!
I am fresh from de islands man
and there is a bikini shot with your name on it :)

Robert L. Mack said...

man the color change is unwarranted. LOL....what up Zed! the orange and blue because your a fan of MY Chicago Bears?

Honest said...

People love talking in code when instead they can simplify the process by re channeling their workforce.

aquababie said...

damn my eyes! LOL

we have a meeting next week with all the big wigs. i'll pull unwarranted out of my bag and see what the white folk will say.

Knockout Zed said...


I just got finished licking the screen with you bikini shot.

That's a belated Tigers tribute.

Dammit, stop making me think!

Yeah, I know. People wuz upset about my last color choice. I think I'm going back.

Watch what happens when you call something unwarranted. They'll pick up on that shit and start using it.


NegroPino™ said...

Zed, that should be easy....I know alot of them.......

The Stiltwalker said...

My new favorite word is "BWAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA"

Ming Houser, Realtor said...

I may have to add that to my daily vocab. There is a lot of unwarranted ish going on in my life right now.

Angel said...

i was just gonna say the same thing--that your ass had just talked about this! yes, because i remmeber saying something like:
"so you're proficient in the use of semantics huh? do tell, do tell. parenthetically, i do not consider myself garrulous in vernacular, however, i am quite the deipnosophist when quintessential..." ;-)