Thursday, December 07, 2006


Ahhh! The blog is bubblin' today, Africans. Everybody is so full of vim and vigor, SO FULL OF LIFE!!! LOL! Oh shit, my side is hurting!

But seriously folks, what it be like? What have we learned today? This shit is faker than lesbian dicks. Read cautiously and remember we don't know what we don't know.

On to my daily essay: After the love is gone.

Most men (pimps excluded), have a hard time seeing a woman in distress. More specifically, they hate to see women cry. Men alter their behavior, apologize even when they believe they're right, and generally kow-tow to a crying woman. It's what we do. But when you're done with a chick, you're done. And there's nothing she can do to bring that soft spot you had in your heart back.

I always know the relationship is finished when I can look at my chick cry and all I think is "shut the fuck up and wipe your face". It takes a while for me to get to that point, but when I'm there, there's no turning back. I've watched every relationship I've had deteriorate to that point.

I'm a dude who's often admonished for not having a feminine side. No matter how much I feel for a woman internally, I don't often show it externally. But crying, that's the exception. I go out of my way to comfort a crying woman, trying everything I can. The day I can look at a woman crying and walk away, she or I should be packing our bags.

I reached that point with my ex-wife about six months into the marriage. I fought like hell to get back to the place where I gave a fuck. No such luck.

So when I'm on the phone and a woman starts crying and I say "Look, I'll talk to you later", I'm advising her that she should be packing those "emotional bags".

Stay Cool,


Blah Blah Blah said... if I say to "him"... take shat shit in the bathroom...he should just get up and leave?!

Love bin't gone...thought you didn't believe in love Zed?!

La Diva Latina said...

I was thinking of saying it is unconscionable, but hell, this whole shit is just 'UNWARRANTED"
... ;-) Had to get it in somewheres...

Knockout Zed said...

Exactly! He should leave.

Love is fake, yo. I'm talking to them "believers".

Nice use the word!!!
It is all extra foul.

chele said...

The vim and vigor is quite entertaining ... don't you think?

Feminine side? Girly-men need not apply.

Ming Houser, Realtor said...

It goes both ways because I'm the same way. When I stop caring you might as well leave...

onefromphilly said...

I can't wait for you and Blah to start bloggin about love the next time either one of you gets hit with that BUG! Cause it's inevitable HA! It hits you hardest when you ain't looking for it.

Imma enjoy that hell outta that.

BZ said...

Yeah, pretty much. I will stop caring. I may do the wrong thing from time to time and let you serve your purpose in another capacity. But, I will start being mean. And, well, you need to leave.

Miz JJ said...

Of note with all the vim and vigor is that it is the same cast of characters as the last time this type of incident occurred. Coincidence?

I find that oftentimes women cry to manipulate you. I had a friend who did that to me to try and get me to forget why I was pissed. Eventually, I had to tell her to stop with all the damn blubbering. I was pissed off and she was going to hear why I was pissed off.

i like liquor and tv said... when Jerry and George were in the diner and saw that lady crying and her boyfriend continued eating and even asked "are you going to eat that?"

Then George draws inspiration and goes home then just decides to bust out crying himself, before the chick could say worked.

smh @ me still watching Seinfeld after the recent incident.

Blah Blah Blah said...

@ onefromphilly: you ain't been reading me long...i was in great infatuation with The Itch at the beginning of the year...even lived with him.

Now I settle for great like...great infatuation was too much for me.

LOL @ "believers"

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

yea whatever with your down on love christmas scrooge ass....

stay single and sucka free but know that if you cry on my shoulder i won't make fun of you or blog about you..

onefromphilly said...

@ Blah: Oh I remember reading about the ITCH. He's still out there, and he's coming back for ya! LOL

NegroPino™ said...

Yes Curly perfect example of the word UNWARRANTED..but that behavior was beyond that..that was Blasphemous.....

Hey Zeddie, how da hell are YOu? SMILE

Robert L. Mack said...


Yeah I hate to see a woman ex cried when I tried to break up with her and I stayed with her for another few months after that....either that or the head that she broke me off with after I told her we could work it out.....

Dee said...

I never cry. never.
It's always like this stonefaced "you can't hurt me". But then maybe i never let anyone get that close in the first place. said...

I KNOW my husband hates to hear me cry. It think it actually hurts him too! But the crazy thing is when I do cry...he might let me cry mor a minute but the he will tell me to MAN UP! and handle my business! LOL! I mean dang! But thank goodness he does that cuz I would probably still be crying to this day.

Mr.Slish said...

Ha..Today was a good Day!!! I haven't stopped laughing.

I hate when woman cry Wait on second thought I like when they cry after i've made a wish in their garden of

Slasher is BACK!!!!!!!

aquababie said...

after all the hell i've been through, i still believe in love...just not for me right not. i need more lust in my life ;)

i will admit, i cry at the drop of a hat. i am very emotional. but with this last break-up, i got to a point where i quit crying for a while. it comes back from time to time.

the ex sent me an email about 3 weeks ago where he said i was acting like the nukka and he was the little crying bitch...i shit you not. i don not mind a man being able to open up, but dayum!!!!

Little Brown Girl said...

LMAO!!! Yeah today is one helluva day in blogland for sure!!! I'm with Curvy...the shyt is just un-fukin-warranted!!!

But onto more realistic things...Who you making cry now Zeddie? You so mean...

Blah Blah Blah said...

@ Philly: Man, why you wanna jinx me!

@ Slish/Slasher: 'bout damn time Slasher came back...Slish was a punk! Can't wait to hear the new stories...

ChezNiki said...

@KZ-Ive made a couple men cry...

...I dont cry to try to persuade a man to do anything. And if a man hurts my feelings, before I let him see any tears, Ill start cussing, screaming and/or throwing his head.

Crying is a sign of weakness. Id much rather let him think Im crazy than weak or hurt.

Besides, a well-aimed bottle or frying pan makes everything right with the world.

@Slasher-Only one man made me cry post-orgasm...he did some ol freaky sh*t that I can never tell...not even on Blogger
((fanning self))

Angel said...

that's the main reason erykah's ass was telling tricks to "pack light!" you never know when a dude gonna try to ditch your ass, huh? ;-/

Knockout Zed said...

Some women say they want a man with "feelings" and "emotions". Crazy!

Is that why you made me leave?

"Love" is just another way of saying "might as well". It's a way to justify settling.

That's my M.O. too.

@Miz JJ
No comment. LOL.

You shoulda put her in a headlock. That's how my older brother used stop me from crying when I was little.

@L and TV
I remember that ep. Too bad all I'll have is a memory because we're all supposed to stop watching! Shame on you!

@Miss Ahmad
The only tears you'll have to worry about from me come from pure exstacy.

This shit's foul, no?

Crying is a tool of evil. I'm helpless against it most of the time. I just give in.

That might be just as bad in some cases! I'm afraid.

@Mrs. TJ
You've had to be married for a little while for him to be like that. Or maybe he's just a lot more "G" than I am.

Welcome back Blood Brother!

Lust in your life? Why didn't you say so...

Dudes crying to their women: Uncool. Only suitable after the death of a loved one.

Nah, I ain't makin' nobody cry. I mean, I was just talkin'. Yeah, just talkin'.

The intent ain't the issue. Once the tears flow, even after having objects thrown at me, I'm trying to make it better. It's a weakness.

Exactly! She's not all headwraps and incense. Mostly, but not all.


NegroPino™ said...

All day my man, all day......I dont even know how Im suposed to feel anymore, hell i dont know if my feelings are real....

Angie said...

You are a hard man Zed. I love that shit. But then again, as per my therapist, I'm attracted to emotionally unavailable men. : )

ChezNiki said...

Oh see, I thought you were talking about women who use alligator tears to persuade a guy to do something he had no intention of staying when he was intending to leave...or buying jewelry... those situations, I would normally use food or head, because once I pick up the frying pan (for throwing, not for cooking) it may be too late...

...but to each his (her) own. I say use whatever you can to get what you want on the front side. Because after commitment, marriage and/or children, the shop may be closed for good.

SideBar: Am I the only one who saw the title and thought this post was going in a totally different direction!?!?!

Knockout Zed said...

I think I may have been too real on this thing. I mighta wrote myself into some sympathy pussy otherwise.

If the emotion is "lust", I'm available!

That title was to make you read it. Nasty!


Ming Houser, Realtor said...

N, I made you leave because you kept trying to get me to give you a picture of my booty! LOL!

Ming Houser, Realtor said...

i meant to say No...not just!