Sunday, May 06, 2007

Six Questions

1. If your significant other is quick to point out the attractiveness of an actor/actress, an athlete, a model, a person on the street, or his/her sibling's mate, and has never expressed an opinion about your attractiveness, is it safe to assume they don't think you're attractive?

2. Are women happiest when indulging in what I call the "cult of deprivation", when they derive pleasure from denying themselves pleasure? Isn't taking that pleasure in denial a form of indulgence?

3. Do you think you're getting the best part of your mate? Why do you think so?

4. What makes up a healthy sex life?

5. Is foreplay an important part of sex? If your partner doesn't perform oral sex, what constitutes foreplay from them?

6. To paraphrase Donald Ru.msfeld/Gin Rummy (from "The Boondocks"), is the absence of evidence the evidence of absence?

Take a stab at whatever ones you wanna try.



Mr.Slish said...

I'll answer number one since the rest of those questions especially the deprivation one are waaaaay over my blockhead.

No it doesn't mean they don't think your attractive.Just tired of lookin at

DivineLavender said...

1. I could assume they don't think I am attractive if they never told me....or ever/rarely ever tell me I am attractive. I can't count on my partner for my "self-esteem" because it comes from "self". It is safe to say to say what you think and feel then no one has to guess what and how you feel about them.

2. I don't know...I am not like most women. I never deny myself-never! I get what I want and love receiving pleasure!

3. I don't have a never crosses my mind now.

4. Stimulation of the mind and body, honoring growth, encouraging to be more open and try something new, knowing your status, protecting yourself and the others.

5. Foreplay is most important....foreplay is everything that occurs between having sex...everything. I require oral all the time...everytime!

6. Yes.

Anonymous said...

1. Why would they be with you if they didn't think you were attractive?

2. Deny myself pleasure? Yeah, okay.

3. I'm not getting the best part of him. But I am getting the best he can give. Which is substantially more than what I'm giving so I guess I can't complain.

4. Freedom without fear of judgement.

5. Sometimes ... depends on how much time we have.

6. I have no idea.

1969 said...

1. If they thought you weren't attractive, they wouldn't be your "significant other". Stop tripping.

2. Why the heck would I deny myself pleasure?

3. What? Do I think I am getting the best part of my mate? I need clarification. I have been with mine for ten years, married for 7.
I am sure I have seen the best and worst parts. What are you really asking?

4.When both the mind and body are engaged. When you are both unselfish. When you are spontaneous. When you are in tune to the other person's needs.

5. Foreplay is important. Oral sex is part of it but you can have foreplay in other ways. Hell...talking can be foreplay if you are saying the right things. comment?

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

i'll take 2 and 5 because the other's are really of no importance to me.

2) either you don't know women well or you know the wrong women to a woman i get pleasure from indulging, women are sensual beings..i'm not sure where you're coming from with that one.

3) Corny as it may sound conversation is one of the best foreplays i know especially over a great dinner with some good wine. Foreplay happens between the ears and with or without oral there's a whole body to play with and a mind to arouse!

Knockout Zed said...

Maybe. Maybe not.

I don't know. Every Tom, Dick, and Joe is "fine". I got an ego, too.

Everybody's with everybody else for different reasons. Looks may or may not play a part in the decision.

If you can't prove something, does that mean it isn't happening? That's #6.


Knockout Zed said...

@Miss Ahmad
I'll buy that. I can dig that assessment on the foreplay tip.


1969 said...

Okay...I needed clarification.

Just because you can't prove something, does not mean it isn't happening.

However, until you have's all speculation and heresay. If you can't deal with something and you don't have have no real excuse for flipping out or accusations.

Basically it's a sh*t or get off the pot scenario.

onefromphilly said...

Imma try all 6 cause I'm feeling kinda smart this particular morning!

1)Noting how attractive someone else is does not mean that you are not attactive to that person. If she's with you, she thinks you're attractive.

2) Denial is only good when it's foreplay!

3) I know I didn't get it in my marriage. He got to comfortable having all of HIS needs met!

4)Good sex. Whether it be physical, emotional, mental,or phone. As long as both participants are satisfied.

5) YES!!!! and like Ms. Ahmad said, conversation is probably BEST under-used foreplay.

6) NO!! Just cause I didn't see it doesn't mean it didn't happen!!!

BZ said...

Your significant other wouldn't be with you if s/he didn't find you attractive.

Who denies themselves pleasure, in the immediate sense, but to ensure the most satisfying pleasure - delayed gratification? Anticipation can be fun. Try it.

3. n/a

4. In an ideal world, 5-6 times per week, taken in 2-3 sessions of 2-3 times each. :-)

5. Sometimes. Sometimes the wham bam is great, too. And, my partner wouldn't be my parnter if oral was not in his repertoire. Thanks, management.

6. hmmmmmmmm

BZ said...

OK, I just read the replies of others. I sooo love Chele and 1969 for #1. Exactly!

proacTiff said...

1)How many hints does it take and how often do they have to be thrown out there?
2)It's called Diet and seeing the pounds drop.
3)Yes and no. He won't consistently work on his weight loss efforts leaving me with angst about HIS selfishness. What will happen if he drops dead? Phuck that 'worth more dead than alive' BS line. We, his wife of ten years, and three children need him alive. Now. Damn it!
4)In-to-me-see (Intimacy)and vice versa.
5) I ain't getting all wet and leaky for play-play. Hell yes it's of importance. I have the ultimate lick-em-low-lover. But, when I was an inexperienced lad, a little finger-phucking was all-to- the-good. Preferably two-finger minimum. Fist need not apply.
6) If it doesn't fit you must acquit! ~ OJ's Dream Team

Little Brown Girl said...

1) If he didn't recognize the attractiveness in other women (celebrity or not) I'd be concerned about what team he was playing on. It's natural to appreciate beauty and his recognizing it in someone else doesn't mean he doesn't find me equally as fact the fact that he is with me and talking about them makes me feel like I am just as good looking as they are so I aint trippin!

2) Helllllllls No!! I aint denying myself anything especially not pleasure LOL!!

3) No I don't but I think thats because my situation is new and there still some dancing to be done. I think I am getting the best of what he has to offer at this stage in the game

4)Communication...doing me without talking to me means we arent really connecting we're just fuking and thats not healthy for me

5) Sometimes...and othertimes I just want him to give it to me...RIGHT...NOW!!! LOL!!

6) HUNH?

Little Brown Girl said...
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Shai said...

On #3, are you alluding to women abstaining? I know plenty of women who just don't want to sleep around to get off. They want to have sex with meaningful men. Nothing wrong with that cause sex with the wrong person can actually not be fun.

aquababie said...

i'll try all 6 :)

#1. nope. the bf is an artist, besides being a man. he notices stuff...stuff i don't even notice. i know he loves my body and the way i look by how he touches me and react towards me.

#2. only if you got me tied up or something and you making me beg for it...LOL

#3. i'm getting the best he can give...he's getting the best i can give. it varies day by day.

#4. being able to tell him how i'm feeling sexually. if i am afraid to open my mouth and tell him that something isn't working for me, then we won't ever have a healthy sex life.

#5. yep. communication is foreplay.

#6. that depends! LOL

Beana said...

1. yep
2. For me if i want it imma get it, but for some holding out means the one holding out has power
3. twice a day
4. sometimes.
5. That second before dick meets jane.
6. huh?

Anonymous said...

1. No. But I would wonder if he was trying to push a button or f*ck with my head... Then again, it depends who he was complementing

2. I know some women who are into that, usually older church women who need attention. In that case, it is an indulgence because they get to make everyone else as miserable as they are

3. Not yet

4. Regular and on time, in the morning, twice on Sunday, clean, noisy... and you fall asleep after

5. Yes. Phone sex while Im still at work... but he should also give oral

6. Nope. I have faith in the unseen