Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Gerund and Associated Name Show

I'm trying to submit some ideas for a new hit show for next fall's TV season. I've noticed a winning pattern that might just get me over conceptually. Let me know what you think.

Sucking Cox
Leonard Cox is a supervisor at a vacuum factory. One day in a freak machine accident, the vacuum parts get embedded in to Leonard's DNA. He becomes a living breathing dustbuster, helping police clean up crime scenes as well as gathering evidence.

Scratching Balz
It's party time in Miami and no one knows that better than Jacob Balz, the mixmaster extraordinare. He's the hottest DJ in the hottest club on South Beach. DJ Balz weaves his magic and affects the lives of the partygoers. Watch as a different all star cast drops by the club every week and watch the love, laughter and drama unfold.

Eating Coochie
He doesn't wait until the Fourth of July at Coney Island. Alphonse "Coochie" Curtis is in an eating contest every day of his life. He has a rare genetic disorder that makes him have to consume 5000 calories a day just to sustain his 130 lb body. How does Coochie find love and happiness in between bites? Tune in to find out.

Wondering Aloud
Wouldn't it be great to ponder life's big mysteries and get paid for it? That how Ahmir Aloud spends his time. This philosopher is responsible for keeping his clients grounded in realities of everyday life. His clients? The rich and famous beautiful people of Beverly Hills. Aloud and his sidekick Patience Virtue go from one zany situation to the next, leaving happier, deeper people in their wake.

Wasting Thyme
Eric Thyme runs New York City's sanitation division on Staten Island. He keeps the men and women who pilot his garbage scows in ship-shape, all the while wisecracking his way through the days of mind-numbing boredom.

I forgot the original one I wanted to use.

Frying Bologna
Life throws all of us curveballs, and Constantine Bologna is no different. After 30 years of manning the switch on the electric chair at San Quentin, Connie is downsized. He pursues his lifelong dream of owning a diner and the oddballs come out of the woodwork. Watch as Connie cooks up the laughs while serving up the fun on Frying Bologna.

Be Easy,


Blah Blah Blah said...

I think I heart you.
I think.
Well...you and maybe some other bloggers.
I think.
But...I think I have the biggest heart for you though.
I think.

You're bullshittin' with the book.

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

this sounds better than the current line up for this fall...

Yup I would Tivo Wander Aloud for sure!!

Little Brown Girl said...

Ok it's official...YOU'RE CRAZY! But I can't wait to watch "Scratching Balz" but I think I'll pass on "Eating Coochie" *spit up face*

Anonymous said...

Yo funny as hell!!! "Scatching Balz" would be my pick for the next big TV show for the fall.

1969 said...

Damn....you need a network gig Pronto.....Sucking Cox follwed up by Scratching Balz is a hit! MUST SEE TV INDEED.

Angel said...

HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH! Hee-larry-tee!!! what networks would you shop to first? CW? Fox? BET?

aquababie said...

you have a career in television sir! LOL

LoveMyselfFirst said...

Eating Coochie sounds Oscar worthy!

Minerva Exertion said...

LMAO @ you. Please put the joint out and walk away! Just Kidding!