Thursday, September 06, 2007

Things The Clipse Taught Me

You have no idea the about the work ethic of our youth. You think you do, but you have no idea.

I'm late to the party. I bought both these CDs by the Clipse earlier this year. I'd heard a single here and there, but I didn't realize what I'd gotten myself into when I got 'em free (kinda) from the BMG music club.

First off, fuck all y'all readin', because y'all skeptics. I'm sure you don't believe that these two young men from Virginia don't sell crack every day of their lives and have been since the age of 10. If you don't believe that, kiss my ass.

These guys live and breathe the crack game. Yeah, they rap a little. Spend hours in the studio and shit, and have beautifully clever lyrics that paint vivid pictures of street hustlin'. But that's just a footnote on what really makes 'em money. They cook game is tight! Them boys run corners! A lot of cats talk about selling crack, but most of 'em are lyin'. These cats love the crack game so much, they get offended when other dudes ain't slangin ' right. They are disgusted with dudes that don't work hard at selling crack, like it's some kinda game or something.

Personally, I'm with them. If you not gon' be serious about sellin' dope, get out the way, so a real cat can put in work.

This rap game is about laundering your money. Yeah, touring is nice, visiting other countries and shit, but that's only good to expand your client base. As they say "Keys (Kilos) Open Doors" You have the perfect cover to sell crack. I'm a rapper that talks about selling crack. But we all know I can't be selling crack, because I'm out here rappin'. **WINK** These guys are geniuses!!!

They are truly invested in the lifestyle. I certainly hope no one takes them at their words and investigates their business dealings to see the legitimacy of it. It would be embarrassing if it were found that all this illegality that they maintain is TRUE!!!!

Or if it weren't.



1969 said...

True story....I saw the Clipse and their manager on an Amtrak train from NY to Philly. They had a boatload of jewelry on, two full sets of Luis Vuitton luggage, Ipods, Blackberry's.........the whole nine. My only thought was "Damn, you guys have all that and you couldn't rent a car?"

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

it's amazing that there is still money in the crack game...or the rap game for that matter...

anyone handing out blogger contracts from partly lazy non spell checking bloggers, cuz i'm ready for the big time~

Prophetess said...

I didn't know crack dealers use rap music to wash their hundred dollar bills (wink, wink). I've been at my job too long; time for me to find another gig...

Long time no see, Zedro. You still kicking ass and taking names?

ChezNiki said...

@1969 - Yup, a lot of these cats are penny wise and pound foolish. Buying stuff you can wear and show, rather than things that appreciate in value.

That's why as bad as 50 is as a rapper, I admire his business sense. He bought property and franchised himself as soon as he left Queens. Some say he even gave "bonuses" to high selling drug dealers under him when he was in that business. Who is he McDonald's?

@Zed - I always thought something was a little off about these two clipse, from their hair on down. Something not quite authentic... Now I know why LOL!

Knockout Zed said...

They were all too busy making crack deals to drive. They need their hands free to count cho.

If they are, could you bring me back an app?

I'm not taking names anymore!

Some people are just business minded, some people aren't. I can get behind the methods of the Crack Gorilla for nothing else but that. He's got the acumen for biz.


Dick Dastardly said...

I'm new here, but felt like I needed to leave my 2 pennies

We all know the crack game is the only way thses cats is gone make their money..Cause the music industry is way beyond shady ITS CRIMINAL...

Dem Boys gone do what they need to. Its called survival..They probably just using the rap game to get more pussy...

proacTiff said...

Are they taking Milli Vanilli to another level? Are they slangin' and sangin' bout it or sangin' but not slangin' the truth?

I've always "heard" *wink wink* that a TRUE dope man don't have time for nothin' but. Like, the boys who try to do school/college, if they are heavy in the game, they usually drop/flunk out. These VA boys must have quite a balanced life.

*Scratchin' head*

Knockout Zed said...

It's definitely not a commentary on morality. It's a commentary on hypocrisy and/or hubris.

If you really dealin' dope like that, you need to pay more attention to your business, or else you're doing the same thing you accusing these other cats of doing. Halfassin' in the game, basically.

Or the other hand, if you're slangin' that much product, why o' why bring that sort of overt attention to yourself by puttin' it on wax?

Ah, there's the rub! Just like I just said, if they slangin' and sangin' about it, WTF?!? If they sangin' and not slangin', yeah it's fake as hell.

A lot of MCs allude to this drug dealing "past", they claim to have a drug dealing present and future.

You gotta concentrate on your bread and butter. Get off the stage and get back on the stove.


LoveMyselfFirst said...

something is off about the clipse alleged dope boy status. they need more people to substantiate their claim. literally.

Little Brown Girl said...

I thought smoking crack went out of style...guess not! Who knew *shrug*

Angel said...

hey, they told you from the jump though: "grindin', you know what i keep in the linin'..."