Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The Year of The Inconsiderate Bastard

Yo, yo! What's good, niggas? I was doing my annual "Year In Review" where I look back at all the positive shit I accomplished since January. It hasn't been bad this year. In fact, it's been pretty good. As I've been thinking about it, I couldn't help to notice that societally and culturally it's been a pretty fucked up year. So personal shit aside, that's the shit I wanna talk about today.

There has always been a place in society for the inconsiderate bastard a.k.a the asshole. The muthafucka that is equal parts arrogant and non-empathetic. You know this muthafucka. The kind of dickhead who looks at niggas on their roofs after being flooded out of their homes and says shit like "Why didn't they have enough money to leave? That's what they get!" You see these fucks everywhere. In bars, barbershops, churches, the White House, Fox News, etc. A person in need is a fucking loser that should have known better to these fucks.

It's been that kind of year, though. An inconsiderate bastard is liable to get a pat on the back from the President, telling him he did a good job when he's done nothing. The type of muthafucka that tells you saying "Happy Holidays" is akin to treason or denouncing Christian belief when all you're doing is acknowledging not only Christmas but all other holidays that fall with the same time span. An inconsiderate bastard is the same muthafucka that blows cigarette smoke in a pregnant woman's face, then tells her to lighten up and stop being so "P.C."

My problem is that the inconsiderate bastard has been winning and winning big. The inconsiderate bastard is consulted, listened to, and rewarded in this society. The inconsiderate bastard is against stem cell research until one of his loved ones gets sick. And no one calls him on it. The inconsiderate bastard loves talk radio, country music/metal/materalistic hip-hop, big logos on their clothes, message t-shirts, and wearing sunglasses indoors. You know that nigga. You might be that nigga. If so, congratulations dickhead. You've had a magnificent year.

Next year's my year. The Year of The Self-Righteous Know-it-all. Get ready!

Stay strong,

P.S. White people steal shit!!!


Blah Blah Blah said...

Year in Review...good one.

..."Next year's my year. The Year of The Self-Righteous Know-it-all. Get ready!"... umm, that would be MY year in review!!!! LOL

Be safe this holiday season Zed.

Melle Mel said...

Tis the season to be merry Zed, let the white boy take "Love Monkey"

blackcaesar said...

next year is going to be my year... i know this to be true

Knockout Zed said...

@ Alli
I can't believe you're leaving me for another man!

How's this cat gonna take munkeespeak to prime time?

Man, you in the military. Every year's your year. You carry a rifle!


The_Practitioner said...

Zed good post. I hate Bill O'Reilly too. ;o)

Anonymous said...


Butterfly Jones said...

Do I have to think about this year ending already!!!

Insaneblackwoman said...

Papa Munkee:
I liked this post, too. You know I love your logic, common sense, and all-around meanspeak. I'm the same way! I have one to add: the inconsiderate mofo is one who, after you done said 10,000 times that it's over, he/she keeps coming back or trying to come back. Don't realize they're being annoying and pest-like. And hell yeah, white people steal shit! And they whine like bitches who think they are entitled to all the riches in the world. Dickheads. I want you to post your thoughts and musings about this subject, cause I'm fixing to do the same!

Superstar Nic said...

Perfect reveiw of the inconsiderate bastard!

Have a safe and happy holiday!

TRUTHZ said...

i'm with a-b, i guess next year is when i will get a big fat bonus