Monday, March 13, 2006


What up, killa? Ya man is back from a very good weekend. Not excellent, mind you, but very good. Friday night I went up to Beelzebub's Colon to have some drinks with an old co-worker of mine who left Detroit before I did. She was doing well and I was glad to see it. We went to a Tapas bar. I don't know if you've ever been to one, but it's a fucking rip-off. You pay like 8 bucks a pop for these little appetitizers and you're supposed to order several of them. You leave the place and you're not even close to full. After about $60 I was still hungry. That's fucked up!

Anyway, I left there and went over Carmel's house. Her girl "Punkin" was there with this guy that's a cop for Satan's Anus. Big dude. Actually we were about the same height and weight, but when you see it from the outside perspective you think "Damn, that's a big dude!" He spent a lot of time talking about beating down dope dealers. I don't particularly care for cops. I'm a law-abiding cat for the most part. But cops have never looked out for the interests of the poor and needy. So I'm always wary of a person's motive to be with a killa crew. Usually they are either cowards or bullies. We all drank and chilled. Carmel was getting sleepy and she wanted to go to bed. "You can come in here with me" she offered. "No, you get some sleep. I'll check you out later." I'm not wrestling with a sleepy broad for the keys to her underwear. I left at around 3 am. The cop stayed to babysit Punkin's pussy. Nighty-night, 5-0.

Saturday I went out with another girl I met on my little "5 numbers" spree, "Endo". I call her "Endo" short for "Endomorph". She's fucking ridiculously thick. Just packed together in this fun little ball of sex and juice and stuff. Junk everywhere, tits and ass. Fantastic. We went to play pool. I was behind her on every shot. She beat me twice, I got her 3 times. She's young as fuck. I got her by eleven years. What the fuck am I supposed to do with this? What do we talk about? I doubt that we talk much anyway. I had to cut the date off because I was going to hook up with Carmel later. Endo and I made plans for Sunday.

Carmel and I didn't end up hooking up on Saturday night due to mixed communication, so I chilled. Sunday afternoon I hooked up with Endo again. We went out for drinks and food. I was trying to find some common ground to talk about, but it proved difficult. I felt like I was at a lecture and shit. She kept trying to get me to expound on stuff I've read or written. I just wanted to let her talk. It was ok. The next date is at my house. So I guess between now and then I gotta buy a couch.

All in all the weekend was good. A good foundation setter.



~ Eclectic Soul ~ said...

Heyaaaaaaaaaaaa ZeddyZed, glad you had a nice weekend. I've missed ya, Mannnnnnnnn... ;-b

chele said...

I like Tappas. You're not supposed to leave full, just satisfied. The weekend sounded productive, now to get the couch.

Anonymous said...

ok..i'mma 'bout to get on that ass! your gonna buy a couch for the little girl but you wouldn't buy one for MY visit?!? what the fuck is that shit about?

so when you were 21...she was....10....LMAO back away from the girl child NOW! dez, told you about can't have a decent grown conversation with someone that has not experienced half the shit you have. their trying to learn what you already know and your trying to forget what it was like at that

whateva african!

Disco said...

dem Yeah...I hate Tapas joints too.... Small Plates here in the "D" to be exact....I had the SAME experience! A small assed plate of steak with some fancy A-1 slathered on it was like $11 or sumething and though yeah, it was good, that shit was a rip off.... I have been one time. I'd oinly go back if I had gotten completely full an hour before. As for the "Zed's Zits", (so named because you pop one off EVERY other week)uh..... yeah I'd have to agree with the previous commenter.....every converstation will be like that of a parent with a child. You ask the questions, and end up getting either short or incoherent answers and feel like you are performing a show. Yeah.....there isn't much talking to do....just fuck her , don't seek to pull her to yo shant work. :-)

Oh, and p.s.....cracking up at the "endomorph" reference!!! CLASSIC Zed.....

Knockout Zed said...

Hey baby, where ya at? I miss you!

I'll never get used to Tappas. Not ever! I wanna get full.

@Sumptin 2 Say
If you would've come (hehehe) there would have been a couch, woman! Stop PMSin'


Knockout Zed said...

I had no idea Small Plates was Tapas, but now the name makes sense.

I'll take your advice and bang her brains out.


ChezNiki said...

I had my last man by twelve years. He was/is hot and beautiful, thick in all the right places. But everytime we tried to talk to eachother...well it just didnt work. He had been married before, had children...but we just didnt understand the world the same way. Even trying to schedule a booty-call with him was exhausting... "Yes! You come over! Now Now! Right Now!" AAARGH!

All of that to say, sometimes you just have to speak the universal language. Buy a couch, buy a large box of jimmyhats and

Anonymous said...

Nice to know you had a good weekend...let's see what Monday looks like...LOL

Supa said...

Hey Zeddie! Glad your weekend was cool. I have a feeling that, next weekend, all HELL's gonna break lose in Satan's Anus. :)

Details, as always!!

PS - You're being real slow & cool w/Caramel. Sound like you might...LIKE this chick? Hmmm...

Insaneblackwoman said...

And of the two of them (Carmel and Endo) I bet it will be Endo whom you knock off, first. Watch and see... Mark and mock my words.

Anybody want this bet action?

Why I say that? Because Carmel is old and settled in her ways; she wants a cuddle bear to huggy poo with. You done already said that you basically just wanna pop some nuts with her and then jet. Endo, on the other hand, is young, okay thick is okay, vivacious and pretty much a firecracker. You figure that like you, she wants to just do the do and get the hell on, too.

I know you're hesitant with Carmel because deep down inside, you really don't feel comfortable with her situation (divorced, kids, etc) and you think that by fucking off with her will only make her grow some feelings that you don't want her to have for you. Endo's situation is more appealing to you.

Am I right or am I wrong?

Insaneblackwoman said...

Or better yet, fuck neither one of them and just move on to Number 3 Girly on the list.

And don't be buying no couch now, just cause you think you gone get some from the "youngun"; you need to get a couch because you need somewhere to SIT otherwise, goddangit! Cuz when I come over, the couch will be for sitting, and the bed will be for other thangs...

Did you ever buy a bed yet?

And when you get some from Endo, don't be going all freaky and shit, okay? Giving her "more" than what she's probably worth... make sure you get some "lip" service, too! LOL.

And you know what's funny as hell? Your post from way, way, way, way, back titled "You Got Thunder". I damn near pissed my pants laughing. I swear, I was holding tight to the edge of my seat so I couldn't let'er rip!

I laughed like a mofo! But it was the real you talking, ranting, cracking wisecracks in that post. I REALLY felt you on that one. I know you were being funny in your writing, but I saw the real you come through.

Insaneblackwoman said...

Wait wait wait! I'ma take back my previous bet; it's the WRONG bet.

I think we should bet and see WHICH one of these 2 ladies will succeed FIRST in getting Zed to bed.

Not the other way around like I said in the previous bet.

Because just because you're getting a couch for Endo because she's coming over, that doesn't necessarily mean that you will end up getting in her draws and between her legs. You might just change your mind about her, too, just like you did with Carmel when she was yawning and stretching and hinting the other night.

I don't think you want either one of 'em; you just wanna see which one will do that extraordinary "thing" that just makes you give "it" up on the spot.

I'm so crazy, I know...

Supa said...

Zeddie: Roll over to my blog, you've been tagged. This should be good.

Chubby Chocolate said...

Can't stand Tapas either...$8 for fancied up tater tots with sauce smothered on it....Don't bother getting the couch. The bed will do juuuuust fine.

Knockout Zed said...

I am couch shopping. I went today after work. I didn't find anything yet, but I'm looking. I'm fuckin' Endo.

I'm chillin' today, trust me. I caked out all weekend.

I don't necessarily like Carmel more, I'm just nervous. She gotta lotta ghetto assed people surrounding her. I'm a fuckin' public official. I can't afford to let this thing get outta hand. I gotta check out your blog and see what I gotta do next.

You crazy ass Texan! You kept flippin' back and forth just like I've been doing. I got some good advice today, though. Just like I told Supa Sister, I'm a public official. I can do a lotta of shit in Detroit, but here I'm in a fishbowl. I can't really afford to fuck her, dip, and have that chick come by the job with Pookie 'nem. I'm going to tell her today we can't get physical at all. You're right about another thing too. I just re-read "You Got Thunder?" and I realized I'm getting lazier as a writer. My story telling skills are getting worse. I gotta step it up.

Couch, bed, it won't matter. She's about to get the ol' 8x7.


Superstar Nic said...

Wazzup Zed?

Glad to hear that you had a good weekend! I can’t wait to see you do your tag post from Super Sista.

ChezNiki said...

Couch sex is the best!!!
...or so I heard.

Honest said...

Ha I love Tapas but one or two plates and I'm full.

Hmm 11 years older huh I'm sure you guys have plenty to talk about :-). I once dated a guy 15 years older then me and we had lots to say to each other as we cuddled. lol!

lyre said...

I love this perspective!
Will we get details when you finally hit it? huh? huh? Been a good 3 weeks.....