Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Last Time I Saw Doom

Hey peoples, what's good? I'm enjoying a relatively light schedule today. In a typical day filled with four 2hr meetings, I only have one 2hr meeting today. It's been quiet at work since the scrap and I've been taking advantage of it. I'm visiting my parents in Tampa next month and I've been planning this detour to see my cousins in Miami. Online trying to plan the spots I'll hit once I get there. In the meantime, this is what's what:

  • This chick the Vice-Mayor introduced to me called yesterday to invite me to a party Saturday at her house. My secretary got the call and said "There's a woman on the phone asking for Zed Sanchez. I guess she means you." If you have my business card (that's all I gave her), why not read the muthafucka? It says "Zednanreh" right on the bitch. In any event, I'll be at the gig.
  • I finally talked to Carmel (I thought I'd sneak this one in). We came to an understanding that I'm not dating her or fucking her. It is what it is. I might, however, try to stab her homegirl "Punkin"
  • E.T. is still texting me like we're cool. I haven't spoken to (or texted) her since she pulled that pop-up on me that day.
  • Batshit (yes, Batshit) is calling me again after her little adventure in the ATL. She says she's moving soon and I don't blame her. Get the fuck outta here. I think she's counting on this cat she's dating in Atlanta to be "the one". Good luck with that, Loony.
  • My Uncle Zed got married over the weekend. His first marriage. At 48 years old to the chick he brought to my parent's house during Thanksgiving. This cat was a fully functioning, actual PIMP. Not one of these cats that act the part once they get a music contract. Good luck to them, especially her.
That's all I got. I'll talk to y'all later.



Honest said...

Dude Happy Wednesday. You know if you try to stab pumkin you'll have a all out cat fight right in Santa's Anus.

Anyway what's up with the 20 year old? What's her name again?

Knockout Zed said...

Endo, baby, Endo! She's 24. Don't sell her short, man. Remember, we were all 24 once. And just a little stupid.


Insaneblackwoman said...

Have fun @ the party, Negro.
Zednanreh don't sound shit like Sanchez. For a minute there, I thought you had done gave the girl a fake last name...
I had a feeling that if it wasn't Mt. Carmel whom you'd knock off, it'd definitely be somebody connected to her in some way. I can just see you now, tryna knock off the old barfly of a mother of hers.
So, 'ol Batty Betty has moved on to her next victim, huh? Poor man; he don't know what he's getting himself into...
E.T. is crazy as hell. Some people just don't know how to go on 'bout they business, do they?

Robert L. Mack said...


Come on!!! You had a chance to get Carmel's "nougat" and you passed it up!! You should have at least hit one time to see what it was like, THEN decide...but that's ok, you got Endo at the "Head" of the class...but still....

chele said...

Smart move with Caramel. So, Batshit is moving to the ATL for some dude that 'might' be the one? Yeah, she is loony. Plan on giving her a going away gift? Have fun at the party.

DramaFree said...

Ole Batshit is moving??? I'm with Chele, are you going to lay it down one last time before she leaves? She probably isn't going anywhere...she's just trying to make you jealous lol.

Anonymous said...

You gonna end up fucking all them chicks by the years the case of Batshit...AGAIN.

Your giving up on Carmel for the same reason your beeotch ass shouldn't mess around with are idiots.

Don't let that youngun wear you out. Don't give her everything all at once...slowly incorporate your skills so that she is always anxious to see what else you have up your sleeve (or in this case...down your pants)

Happy fucking fucker!

Supa said...

Party safe, dude. So you and Caramel are done, yeah?

We'll see...

Na$$ty Girl said...

I hate to say this, but you'da had to PAY me, Zed. I do shit like this for a living and am way more experienced little Miss Endo.

'Cuz if I get on my knees, I'ma need some compensation to motivate me to do my best...

ChezNiki said...
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ChezNiki said...

Have fun Zed, just wear a jimmy hat...or two. If you make it to Miami, go to Mango's in the 900 block of South Beach. Trust me you'll like it.

Hyps said...

dammit! I've missed the whole batshit saga

Anonymous said...

so batshit posted in your comment section and you deleted it? she's a fuckin lunatic.

Anonymous said...

KZ, give that girl Caramel a dirty sanchez!

Chubby Chocolate said...

I'm now seeing what older guys were saying about me when I dated them.I'm soooo glad I've left that 20-25 year old box and entering into the 30 and over box (in two weeks)... 24 wasn't that fun.

Glad to see you're doing some stable renovations.

sj-the-infamous said...

Ol Batshit is heading this way, eh?! Take a number stand in line....

There are so many new characters in your satan's anus soap opera, I can't keep up. I need some cliff notes LOL

Knockout Zed said...

I'm going to need that party. I'm building a harem!

As for you, be good. Contract out for the bad.

This Carmel thing is technically over. I'm not sure if it's ACTUALLY over, so we'll see. Endo is a work in progress. Pretty good work, though.

I got something for Batshit as a going away present. I'll wrap a bow around it too!

Trust me, I was thinking it was a bluff, too. But she has an actual job offer from the organization she currently works for. She's leaving. I don't know how things will work out with her and this new guy, but she's leaving.

@You Know Who
Stop lurkin', chick! Get a blog!

Punkin, The Beautiful Mess (Carmel's sister), it don't matter. Somebody's getting done.

I'm waiting for a better offer from the west coast to come through!

@Na$$ty Girl
I don't have a problem paying. Cats pay anyway without acknowledging it.

Trust me I wouldn't be paying for sex, I'd be paying for you to leave afterwards. I'd be paying for "no emotional strings".

Mango's sounds like a "suspect" joint. I'll check it out on your rec.

It might not be over. We might have to finish some unfinished.

Batshit didn't comment on my blog. She doesn't know it exists. That shit that got posted is just blogdrama. Everybody gets it sooner or later if people are reading your shit.

That's disgusting! This is a family blog!

That's the beautiful thing about 24, Chubs. We don't even know how dumb we were until much later. Wait until you can look at 24 with a 10 year perspective. I met my future wife when I was 24. She was all I ever needed. THAT'S how stupid 24 is.

I been reading your blog and it's obvious you're cheating on me. I don't know if I'm willing to continue our sordid affair! I still luv ya, though.


Anonymous said...

Dude, you betta work it at that function. Sound like high-class booty to me. LOL!

nikki said...

you goin after punkin? come on, there's plenty of pussy in satan's anus not attached to ya girl, ain't there?

ChezNiki said...

Dont worry, after he gets back from Miami, he will be singing a different tune...

Anonymous said...

Satan's Anus must have hoes with known stanky puzzy that nukkas laugh at.

Knockout Zed said...

I'm betting on that. Believe me.

Dear sweet Nikki. How long have you been reading this blog now? No, there are not a lot of black women here. Whoever I fuck with will know someone else I'm trying to fuck with. The fishbowl, baby.

I hope you're right. I'll be actin' a muthafuckin' fool in Miami!

Take your fuckin' meds.