Monday, March 27, 2006

Weekend In Review

Friday night was cool. I was at Carmel's crib talking to her waiting for her sister or Punkin or somebody else to come through. Her homegirl (the one with the six stragglers) was there. I ain't touchin' that with a hundred foot pole. I was there from about 10 to 3 am, drinking and talking shit. When I left, she wanted me to stay. There is no way I would've done that. I invite enough disaster into my life.

Saturday I had a date with Endo to go see "The Inside Man". It was set for early in the day because I had to go to the Vice-Mayor's birthday party that night. We were going to meet at the theater. I waited until the movie was about to start at 1:40. No show. I was fuming. Livid. Her celly has been broken for a while and we had been working around it. She doesn't have long distance on her phone at home, and my phone still has a 313 area code. I walked in the movie solo, with the extra ticket I bought in my pocket.

I tried to enjoy the movie but I was heated the whole time. Spike did alright, but I was unsatisfied by the ending. I left the theater and went to the bookstore/coffee shop. I called her cell and left a message. "Hey Endo, this is Zed. You know it's real fucked up of you to stand a nigga up. It's FUCKED UP! That's some immature, irresponsible shit. I guess you just showin' your age. I fuckin' shoulda known better. Later."

I'm sitting drinking coffee. My cell rings. "Old man, you are pissed at me!" "Why wouldn't I be?" "Because I was there. I got there five minutes late. I thought you stood me up. I was at the movie." "Bullshit!" "I was in the front of the theater. " "Really?" "Yes, really!" "Damn." "I'm keeping this message. Everytime you try to be sweet I'ma play it to remind myself what kinda G you can be."

Saturday night I went to the Vice-Mayor's gig. I was the second youngest dude there. The youngest dude brought a white chick. The sisters were sitting around me watching me drink away my bad day, asking me questions. "What do you think about older women?" "They're alright. My ex-wife was older than me." "Really?" "Yeah, by about five years." The more I drink, they drink. And they're asking me more and more provocative questions. The women start milling around the party and one sticks close to me. "When's the last time you went all night?" I think about Batshit. "It's been a few months." "Really? You got stamina?" I'm fucked up right about now. Pissy drunk. "Look, you're trying to ask me about shit you can find out the answer to tonight. You wanna find out? I mean, if you wanna find out, we can tell these people we leavin', and you can find out." She's smiling. I keep asking, "you wanna find out?" She was like "Can you at least take me out somewhere you've never taken anyone else before?" I looked at her with as sober a look I could manage. "I thought you was serious about wanting to find out. You just talkin'." I left the set soon after.

Sunday was better.



Anonymous said...

Next time you text me with some bullshit and leave me hanging I am flying to the Anus and sticking my size 6's up your ass!!!

Vice-Mayors party...your all lit up on some licker...and you asking some miscellaneous chick about "finding out" some shit...slow down Zed...the Anus is getting to you...I see a major explosion coming!

chele said...

why are you still messing around with Carmel?

Endo? The young one's ALWAYS bring drama.

Wanna find out? Come on, in the pissy drunk state that you were in would she have found out anything?

Knockout Zed said...

That cat was more lit than me. The liquor flowed, baby. I shoulda texted you the follow-up on the movie shit.

I'm not actually messing around with Carmel, but she knows some major broads. So I'm lurking.

I'm still a showman, whether pissy drunk or sober. The show must go on!


All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

sounds like a book title
drinking and talking shit

Mr.Slish said...

Number one rule from the Player handbook. Never Never ever ever cus a woman out without at least hearing an explanation for why she fucked up. Case in point endo showed up late but she showed up. Can't take those words back now bruh...:)

Mr.Slish said...

Now she knows how you really feel about her.

Knockout Zed said...

You might be right about that book title.

You're right, I fucked up by not waiting to see what happened. I let my emotion get the best of me. That being said, it has worked out phenomenally. You wouldn't believe the response I've gotten. "I need to make it up to you. When can I see you. I'm so sorry." Apologize in her "special way" one night this week. Sometimes they need to see the dog.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen MF Doom without his mask?

When are you going to update your other blog?

Robert L. Mack said...

I'm glad you explained why you talked back to Carmel after the "bringing her friend to a date" fiasco....and I agree with both you and Slish on the cussing out part...some females like that because anger attracts them. This one chick told me it would turn her on when I would get angry with her (I'm a mild mannered guy for the most part).

Prophetess said...

Like Talib Kweli - I'da told all them nosy ass hoes to back the fuck off me. I came to this mofo to get my drink and good time, and y'all are ruining my buzz with the Third Degree ass ?'s!, LOL.

That's what I woulda did, Zed. But you know me, LOL. I can't seem to check my bad ass attitude. Something's got me down...

And po' Endo... if she can't suck the dick right, the least she can do is keep a working cell phone nearby, LOL... (a Johnny Cochran rhetort coming on): "If you aint got a phone, then I must leave you alone..." LOL.

Maybe you oughtta come chill with Insanity for a while. I swear... I'll treat you right...

Do you think I should tell Paul about the nightclub incident? He prolly gone think I'm violent and not see me anymore. But he alread thinks that when I had to bring out the .38 for baby's daddy...

Please advise, LOL.

lyre said...

I hate the way ALL of spike lee's joints end. Especially Jungle Fever! Damn! and I was excited to got o it. I think I will wait.

Anonymous said...

Hi Zed - Just saying hey...I sees I got some major catching up to do...

What's that about '10 Things She Must Posess.' I better brace myself...LOL

ChezNiki said...

Arm Chair Quarterbacking here, but...I think that "I showed up five minutes late" was a cover when she heard your message and found out how mad you were...I dont think she showed up at all. Leave that one alone, Player...or at least wait until she purchases a working pre-paid.
...older women like to eat (food) before their booty calls/one night time, spring for some food, then get your back blown out!

Knockout Zed said...

Hell yes! MF is Zev Love X from KMD. Gasface, man!

The other blog is fake. It's just for me to test my blog templates.

I got more Carmel news y'all might not expect to hear. Stay tuned.

I don't know if I can handle the 50DDs, but I can have fun trying!

You should tell Paul the story, in the spirit of full disclosure.

The movie was outstanding. The end will fuck up everything that came before it.

Where ya been? Better yet, where ya goin'?

She was there. At least she saw the movie at the same time I did, cuz we talked about it when she finally called me. I shortened the convo for the blog.

I'm not taking that broad from the party across the street! She missed out. I don't really give a fuck.


Supa said...

Carmel gon' turn into BATSHIT, you start fucking with one of her girls.


Hi Zeddie! Glad your weekend was cool...

Anonymous said...
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nikki said...

LAWD@u just talkin'. i can imagine how that conversation went. HAHAHAHA

man, but i don't see how the sistas put up with yo ass.

Honest said...

I am howling with laughter! Dude listen to "up in harlem" slow down there youngster.