Monday, July 24, 2006

Blogging For Blogging's Sake

I bought a table and two chairs on Saturday, so I'm no longer trifling. I have a place to eat. Next one down, the couch. I'm extra reluctant to buy it because the more heavy shit I get, the less likely I am to fuckin' move. I'm that lazy.

They had the "Taste of Satan's Anus" festival here this weekend, and it was as delicious as it sounds! My favorite thing was the cheesecake on a stick. Next weekend, the Black Arts Fair. I was supposed to go to the Michigan State Black Alumni picnic next weekend, but I squashed that. The chance of crossing paths with my past, especially my recent past, all at the same time isn't that appealing. It seems like a preponderance of the women I used to see graduated from Michigan State, even if it was 10 years after me.

I ran into one of the women that is holding me down, Lynn, yesterday at the bookstore. This woman is tight, tight, tight. I've never tried to step because one of the other dudes in our little transplant group was trying to mess with her. She was wearing these little khaki shorts and shit, and she's got these brown locs, and these green eyes and shit. So I talked to her for a second, then I went to get some coffee. I saw her leave and I regretted not asking her out. I drove around a little, running errands, and I decided to call and ask her out to the movies. She was in the middle of a discussion with one of the transplants (the dude who's getting at her) and a terrible family situation involving this. Bad situation, worse timing. I'll catch her some other time.

Some old cat told me once, "If you wanna live on the best coast, you betta come to the west coast." I'm starting to believe that might be true.



Blah Blah Blah said...

Old cat was quoting Mac Dre (RIP)

Hit that what about old dude....y'all can all share!

The Anus has all kinds of cultural shit huh?

Disco said...

West coast huh? Try it..... you might like it! :-)

BZ said...

Boooo! @ "west coast" LOL Bad timing sucks. But there's probably a reason. Just be there for her and try again later. Persistence!

1969 said...

You betta make your move before old boy does. Holla at the sister in the khaki shorts.

Sorry to hear about that tragedy.

And for the record, the East Coast is where it's at.

Anonymous said...

Cheesecake on a stick?

Damn, I in no way, shape or form miss the Midwest.

Nika Laqui said...

Congrats on you no longer living like a Neanthethal....

Honest said...

I say the East Coast is the best coast but I also think that NYC is the center of the universe so who knows.

Congrats on the table.

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

the west coast is what's really going on, but you already know!

congrats on the table and chairs...

prepare for your good. make a place for it to come sit down with you.

cuz sista gurl lynn doesn't sound like she'd wanna eat on the floor!

chele said...

A taste of the anus. Ewwwww!

Knockout Zed said...

You're always welcome back if you miss it!

Cultural shit. Nice!

I'm willing to try it. What the fuck.

She's feeling this other cat and not feeling me. I think it's a "type" situation that I don't fit. I'll be there just in case.

Is the east coast best? I used to love the east coast, but I don't know...

Yeah, it pretty much sucks.

I still live like a Neanderthal. Just a slightly evolved Neanderthal.

@Miss Ahmad
This weekend's highlight was me buying a table and chair. How did I get here?

I'll try to make it more liveable.

You should have seen the famous Satan's Anus Stew!

BZ said...

KZ I feel you. Everybody ain't for everybody (actually, I guess that speaks to my "list" post this afternoon, too. hmmm). If she's a cool chick, she's a cool chick to have in your circle nonetheless.

1969 said...

C'mon Zed....NYC, Boston, DC, Philadelphia, Baltimore....great cities, great food, culture, arts, music and you can drive back and forth to all of these cities...give the East a try.

Blah Blah Blah said...

Hell no Zed...go to the west coast....

*all these crazy ass broads that you tried to get with were from the the east...need to head on to the laidback and easy-going side...

Little Brown Girl said...

Blogger been buggin today...

I agree with Blah. the Anus always got some cultural festivities poppin off. you sure it is as bad as you make it sound?

I'm with you on the West coast thing (just a different vibe---if you can deal with the prententiousness---is that a word) I love it out there, just to far from my Daddy LOL!! I'm still considering it (SERIOUSLY). We'll see what happens at the end of the year.

So now it's Lynn Hunh? *sigh*

Oh and I just made my reservations for the NYC I'm in there (I'll be tired as shyt but a promis is a promise)! make sure you save a Zeddie Bear hug for me!

Angel said...

aint nothing wrong with the west coast...nor the east coast for that matter...but my question is, what about showing us in the middle some love too? i mean, no, texas isn't the middle per se, but hey, we're also not a coast and we need love like uncle l did!!!! if fancy-schmancy quotes are what get your attention, how about this one, "everything's bigger in texas!" ;-)

Mr.Slish said...

Now African!!!! Does ole girl like yo boy! Cause if not..Start texting " Can I Can I Can I " Hold on where was I going with this ??? Probably no where..ask the woman have nothing to lose. If she says no.. Hmmm scatching my head. Would she say no? ..

Robert L. Mack said...

There's always Carmel.


Kidding, Kidding...

"If I gotta choose a coast/I gotta choose the East. I live out there/So don't go there"

Classic Biggie for you.

aquababie said...

it sounds like you're always doing something zed. if i wanted to move i would go to the east.

blue butterfli said...

Stop trippin'!!

If ole boy The Transplant is only "trying to get at her" that means she's a free woman. Hell the way you talk about the women in The Anus, I'm sure he'll understand that it's each man for himself and won't take it personal. Right?

Just ask her out already!! And don't forget to let us know about it either. Your violent ass (LMAO) be tryin' to be secretive sometimes!!

~La Mariposa Azul~

Isha said...

It's all about Cali baby! The West Coast has such wonderful things! The only place in creation I know of where you can Snowboard at 6:00 in the morning and surf at 12:00 noon. Be in Vegas, Hawaii, or Frisco all in less than 4 hours. What more could you want?

Besides that...come here and you get to hang out with Ms. Amahd, Sangin' Diva, Ms. P, The Phoenix and me! What man would not want the opp to hang out with five beautiful, talented, successful women?!?!?! And problem solve for them (see my weekend post needed some manly help).

And we don't do silly things like cheesecake on a stick...eeeew!

But anyway...go for yours with the chick. Good game is always good. Isha

ChezNiki said...

@Zed-Why do you keep letting all these women slip through your fingers?!?! You gotta strike while the iron is hot! Make hay while the sun shines! Piss or get off the ....

Anyway, I was scared to get my couch too. I lived in my apartment four years before I bought one. I had no intention on staying in Boston and didnt want to buy anything I couldnt move by myself. But look at it this way, if you still want it when you move, pay the moving/storage guys to put it on the truck...if you dont want it, sell it on Craigslist before you leave.

I had to tell myself, (and you) you are not more or less likely to stay the more furniture you buy. You are still free to bounce at anytime.

...and besides Im tryin tell you now COUCH SEX IS DA BOMB DIGGITY!!!

...or so I heard


@Honest-NYC is indeed the Center of the Universe and The Bronx is the Center of the World LOL!

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

i think i agree with niki, if you see a quality woman that's not the time to hug the wall.

personally i likes it when a man makes his intentions known upfront like. and i likes it when that man has some man type furniture and what not...more places to do the nasty (i've heard)

The Stiltwalker said...

the west coast can suck crotch!

Knockout Zed said...

I'm a big light brown complexioned dude with locs. Ol' boy is a big dark brown dude with a shaved head. Im an idea man, he's a very plain spoken guy. I think it's matter of styles. She digs his, I can't hate. He's a cool guy.

I've pretty much got an "anyplace but here" mentality. I've always been hella focused on the East Coast. Maybe too much.

Out West is tittie country. They be growin' them shits big. Unfortunately, I could give a fuck less about 'em. East coast women traditionally have tried to talk me to death and tell me what to do.

Yes, it's a bad as I make it sound. I shoulda taken pictures. I won't make that mistake next weekend. I'm documenting it for y'all.

Lynn ain't nobody. Forget her, ol' stankin' butt!

All my anxiety about NYC has just been washed away. Glad you'll be there!

Bigger in Texas you say? I'm waiting for pics!

Blah knows this story first hand aboout this group. It's a little complex. I dig Lynn, she digs ol' boy. The chick that digs me is pretty, but she reminds me of someone else, which makes her less attractive to me. It's about a nine person group with four guys and five women. I'm trying to put myself in a position where I don't try to fuck with the "wrong" one and forever have any other one off limits.

Don't trip. I thought about her this weekend.

I oughta do something. Anything. Just like people, possessions, or accomplishments can't make you happy, neither can places. You gotta find it within.

Yeah, yeah. It's quite apparent that I don't tell everything on the blog. Like the fact that she called me back to give me a raincheck on the date. I don't know how to cash it in, but we'll see.

You're trying to give me hot babe overload! That's the same problem I got in this little group here!

Seriously both coasts have their pluses. I'm making my move in a little less than 12 months.

I've seriously lost a step since I've been here. I hestitate when I shouldn't. And when I go home, it shows.

I have to tell myself everything is temporary. Each and every thing is temporary. And just buy the damn couch.

East Coast women gotta stop being so "ultra" and find a middle ground. Then I'd feel better about moving there.

@Miss Ahmad
I'm not a sucka, my disappointment and lack of oppportunity have made me gun shy.

More Furniture = Doing The Nasty

I'm buying!

You're kind of a bad girl.

That's not nice! Stilts, you got a bit of an edge, don't ya?


i like liquor and tv said...

I also feel more at home on the West Coast. These East Coast fools don't be feelin my vibe son.

sj-the-infamous said...

I'm from California....

Most never pick up on that though...