Thursday, July 19, 2007

What Kind of Fuc.kery Is This? quote Amy Winehouse.

I have a living room full of shoes and no place to put 'em. I'm on this sneaker kick that's on it's way to being a full fledged addiction. I think I might be shopping to mask a deep seeded anxiety about getting no love from all these cities and counties I've applied to. So I get online and buy.

I just got these in the mail yesterday.

Goodness gracious I love these shoes.

I gotta stop. I ain't got no loot. I'm considering moving to a smaller apartment. I've been thinking about it for awhile, but I figured why do it if I'm moving out of the city anyway. My apartment (townhouse) is 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths. I think I can make due in a 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath place. It would save me $200 bucks a month in rent. That's loot I can use to fill up my new living room with kicks.

Anyway, the gig's the gig. Life is life. It is what it is. My staff sucks. My boss sucks. My neighbors suck. My mood sucks. But I still got my shoes.

Be Easy,


Sheletha said...

i feel the same way here in da boro. I have bought shoes every week for about 4 months... two weeks ago I bought the same damn shoe in two different colors. To add insult to injury one was black & the other was white. Then I had to buy a snazzy white skirt to match the white shoes cause I wouldn't wear them with anything else. Now that Im thinking I could get some capris, but its hard buying capris when you are 5'2. They all look cropped. Anyhoo...
Im on a tangent. Its almost Friday, Im about to get paid, so I ain't doing shit for the rest of the week.

Why do you have the shoes in the living room when you have 2 extra bedrooms..or maybe one extra if you use one as an office?

Sheletha said... amy winehouse...

Knockout Zed said...

It's the boredom that makes us shop. And we gotta accessorize, right?

I suck at organization,that's why the shoes are in the living room.

Amy's the woman. I was a doubter at first, but this burned CD has made me a believer.


Anonymous said...

....your shoes are the same reason I was in Gap on Tuesday...
would your shoes be by all the books that are the lined up against the wall...or did you get a bookcase finally?

umm, hello! I could have blown up and no nothing? Arg, thanks alot Charlie Brown.

Knockout Zed said...

@U know...
We are all bored and need to spend money. That sucks.

Yes, I have a bookshelf now. My books are in my office.

I didn't find out about your city's "problem" until this morning. I slept yesterday from 6 pm until 7 am this morning. I might be depressed.


Sheletha said...

thats not organization thats just lazy. I aint mad atcha tho

1969 said...

Women have known that shoes solve problems for years....the men are now catching on.

Ellese sneakers? Very nice Zeddie.

I say downsize and put $100 in the bank and spend the other $100 on shoes.

onefromphilly said...

A lot of shoes are a good thing. Just like a lot of money and a lot of sex. But not in that order!

But you have to store your sneakers in their box in the closets. Take a polaroid picture of each, stick it on the outside of the boxes and then you'll know which pair of sneaks are in which box. :-)

Knockout Zed said...


You got a point. I'm catching on quickly.

I'm filling out apartment apps right now.

That's a damn good idea. Damn good!


Little Brown Girl said...

Ooooooooh I have some Ellesse's too. I got them last year at this little Retro Sneaker shop in ATL. I love them so much that I never wear them. Just pull them out the box on occasion and *sigh with pride* Them use to be my shyt's back in the day. That and Diadora's...who remembers those? Probably not many people. I am and will always be a sneaker fanatic...sneakers, handbags, shoes, suits, coats (I love coats), sweaters, slacks, sheets (I'm obsessed with sheets even though I have one set I use all the time), oh and Zip Lock Bags LOL! *don't ask*

Those sneakers are HOTT Zeddie! I see you over there stylin'

BTW: Amy urks me...she looks like she stinks LOL!! No but really she does. Her music is ok I guess but I can't get past the way she looks *shrug*

Miz JJ said...

I was surprised I liked Amy. She sucks donkey's ball lives, but her album is good.

Oh and if buying a lot of shoes is wrong then I do not want to be right.

Knockout Zed said...

This is my second pair of Ellesse's. I bought a pair last year that I hardly wear too.

We agree that it looks like her pussy's putrid. But the understated vocals coupled with Mark Ronson's production is a freakin' winner!

I'd refused to listen to her at first based on her crackheadedry. But now I'm hooked.

Does she really suck live? That's a shame.

I need a shoe room. For real. I gotta stop soon.


A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

Amy Winehouse is the truth, her lyrics are soo real it hurts.

2 favorite lines by Winehouse

"I'll some next man's other woman soon."

" he left no time for regret, kept his dick wet with his same old safe bet"

I think you're gonna make me buy some new shoes!!

EqualOpportunityCrush said...

sounds like you should make on of your bedrooms into a shoe room.. are you sure you want to downsize? i thought you were trying to get up on out of the A.nus.

Honest said...

Cool shoes man.

Angel said...

that song "valerie" sounds really good live...but am i the only one who thinks she could be sarah silverman's cracked-out sister???