Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Belated Weekend Update

Did my Fou.rth F.riday thing. Apparently, chicks I don't know want a taste of this big hunk of butta. Sad, but true.

The next day I drove to the "D" for the "Boys Night Out" signifying Three's last weekend as a Detroiter.

Dropped my stuff off with TAD as she prepped for her "Girls Night In". She's prettier than I remember. I think that everytime I see her.

Bought a dresser from Ikea.

I had my boys meet me at the Mic.higan State Black Alumni picnic. Nice turnout. Everybody's fat, including me. We did a gray hair comparison. I win. Drank a lot of free brew and ate turkey hot dogs. Saw my sands. Got dissed for dissin' them.

Played horseshoes. I suck at it.

Hung out and parking lot pimped a Mic.hael Fr.anks concert. Felt like I was 16 again. This is probably the last time I'll ever be 8 cats deep standing by our cars looking bored. Unless I join the NASCAR circuit.

Went bowling. My first throw of my first frame did this:And I still won the game.

Came back to TAD's crib in pain. Played it cool.

The next day, went and got splinted. I'm waiting for the swelling to subside before I get a cast on Monday.

Played kissy-face until I had to come home.

Now, I'm at work. Bored.

That's It.



1969 said...


Sorry you're injured but I am sure being with TAD made it much better.

Parking lot pimping....yeah...that used to be fun. LOL

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

sorry you're a gimp!

glad you got a pretty lady to make you smile...

Sheletha said...


Nexgrl said...

1 1/2 hands, huh. I am so sorry. But, you did say that you won.

onefromphilly said...

Hey that sounds like a pretty good weekend to me! well except for part where you broke yourself.

I luv Michael Franks, haven't seen him in concert in a decade or so...

Little Brown Girl said...

Dude you stick your finger in the hole and push the ball forward...I know you how to use your fingers LOL!!

Kissy Face...Oh I miss those moments *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Your left handed, right? So you a'ight. Suck it up chief!

TAD hasn't given you a drawer yet...you have to go and get a dresser? LOL

Aaah, my man Three...I miss him already. He had some bomb ass wisdom...a little polluted but bomb ass all the same.

ChezNiki said...

Did yall play the 'nurse and horny patient' game for the remainder of the weekend?

I always loved that game, even if no one was sick...

Knockout Zed said...

She made it better. But hell, it's my wrist!

I suppose.


I kicked ass with one hand!

I've seen him 9 times. The parking lot was fine.

I was rolling the ball, I slipped, tried to catch myself with my left hand, wrist broke. That's the story.

I miss kissy face already.

@Know U
In fact, that's my left wrist and I'm LEFT-HANDED. I can't write, scratch my balls or comb my hair.

But I can still beat one off.

That damn Three lost at bowling to a man with a broken wrist.


Knockout Zed said...

I was supposed to be the patient, right? Damn, women's lib!


Anonymous said...

But you told me you were ambidextrous... so WHAT?!
Ummm...left hand....genius?

Three is dreamy.

The Brown Blogger said...

Hell bruh, better than my weekend.

I just don't have the nerve to pimp the lot at a damn Michael Franks concert though.

You should have been bored at that one.

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

i just thought of something...
You're gonna be coming Westward to visit your friend one of these days are you?

humm...i think i'm happy now!

Angel said...

mmmmm...kissy face....

[silently swooning for some kissy face of my own]

Miz JJ said...

Take care of your wrist. Damn that looks painful.

Besides that it sounds like you had a great weekend.

aquababie said...

i think you're the first person i know who broke something bowling. i hope you heal quick.

at least tad was there to make it all better :)

Phoenix said...


twin said...

it was good seeing you at the cookout, and yes you have more gray than me and remember what I told you get out of satan anus