Friday, April 11, 2008

The Good Kind

The President of the Fo.rmula racing association is in a bit of hot water lately. Mo.sely, it appears, gets his rocks off participating in orgies where everyone is dressed in Na.zi regalia. The international racing world is aghast and up in arms about this fetish and is vehemently denouncing Mo.sely. Is dressing up in N.azi regalia a contemptible act in and of itself because of their atrocities? Or is it that he might identify with being a N.azi in some way that might make him reprehensible in polite circles? Or is it the overall weirdness of his fetish?

Everybody's asking him to step down and he refuses. I agree with him.

I've seen "mainstream" pornography that shows not only this fetish being acted out, but muthafuckas in Klan uniforms in interracial sex acts. These aren't new films, but at least 20 years old. These fetishes are no more rare than a S&M fetish. Both use a person's mind as the main sexual organ. The thing that keeps sex fresh is the idea of doing something that's forbidden. Regular sex is great, but if you wear a damn swa.stika armband while plowing your old lady, now you're a bad ass doing something naughty. It's all just sex. These critics are trying to play mind police. If he was heading up a Na.zi rally or espousing racially intolerant views, or harming someone because they lacked "pure Aryan blood", that's one thing. But getting one's rocks off is quite another.

If a black woman gets into a relationship with a white man and they decide they'd like to play a "Massa-Slave" game to get off, no matter how distasteful I think it is or how disrespectful I think it is to the memory of those who had to endure that terrible institution, it's none of my fucking business. Two people who have the same fetish have found each other and they have wonderful sex because of it. Congratulations you crazy kids!

People need to stay the fuck out other people's business. Your "sanctioned sex" isn't the only good kind.



proacTiff said...

Here. Here. I'm thinking of having the mister stand in front of a homemade World map with "stick" in hand, doing his best meteorologist impression, while I "make it rain" unseasonably heavy. Definitely would see some "highs" around our neck of the woods.

Knockout Zed said...

Why did you do that to me? My woman lives on the other side of the state.


Monie said...

Huh. Didn't think I'd agree but I totally agree. Crazy...

Bananas said...

On point again Zed!

Okay�white guy�have sex with black women. So fuckin shoot me. Buffy just don�t do anything for me.

But I have never done the �Master-Slave� thing and never will. That�s just to evil for me to even think about. But hey, you can tie me up, dress me in a clown suit, swing from the ceiling, play racket ball in bed, call me everything but a child of God , order me around and tell me what to do. (as long as I get some commands in there too.) and can light some candles and read nasty poetry�I don�t care. I�m down. But some things are best left alone � by me anyway.

As long as everybody�s happy and nobody�s getting hurt, (unless they want to be), it ain�t no one�s business. So the man likes to dress up like the Third Reich and get his groove on. So what. He gets up in the morning and does his job, why does anyone care that he likes fuckin� with a Lugar by his side?

Hell, a few short years back, I would have been arrested in a few states, not just the ones in the South either, for the �sexual deviance� I�ve committed. (For the slow folks, it used to be against the law for White Men to have sex & marry Black Women i.e. Loving vs. The Commonwealth of Virginia).

Like the man said, �It�s your thing�do what�cha wanna do...�.

In my best �guy boy� voice; �Leave Max alone!�

1969 said...

Pro's response>your post


Knockout Zed said...

I just think it's something we should all think about. Your sex life should ostensibly be between you and whomever you fuck. NOBODY else should know what makes you get off.

Imagine if you knew if your mom liked it doggy style and loved to swallow. Or if your aunt liked it in the shitter. Or your cousin could suck two dicks at the same time. It would be fucked up to know because YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO. Just like I'm not supposed to know that this cat dresses up like a Nazi to get his rocks off. It's embarrassing when something private becomes public. There's no way in hell his job should hang in the balance.

I'm not pro master-slave play either, I'd lose my fucking mind if I were dating outside my race and that shit was suggested. But there are websites devoted to BM/WW, BW/WM who want to play those games. Anything goes. "Nigger" is thrown around liberally. And the next day everybody goes to work and deals with society the best way they know how. If thats what gets you off, I don't like it, but I'm NOT SUPPOSED TO KNOW. That's the thing.

It's hard being isolated.


onefromphilly said...

Well now...I agree!

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

as someone who is rather imaginative and not getting any any time soon for that matter...

I say what ever floats your boats. orgies, role play, costumes, if it's between two consenting adults what difference does it make.

Besides the fact that Formula 1 racing is extremely sexy and he's probably getting some hotties to play along with him, someone is probably just jealous that they can't cum to the party!

Blah Blah Blah said...

I don't know anything abotu fetishes.