Sunday, November 20, 2005

Gush Puppy

Yo, I forgot to put y'all up on the lastest with my love life. Here's a taste:

She climbed on me as I lay prostrate, straddling my midsection. We were both naked and we looked at each one another with trepidation. The sun shone through the window, the tv muted as Judge Mablean broke down another relationship into dollars and cents. She reached beneath her and grabbed the base of the shaft as she lifted her lower half to accommodate it.

"We should stop doing this" she offered, sitting on the head, lowering herself slowly down on shaft. When it entered her she exhaled and grabbed my hair. "Why?" I asked. She was hitting me on the chest, punishing me for going in so deep even though she was on top, controlling how much she took. "Because if we don't, I'm going to fall in love with you." She started to bounce faster. I looked at the clock. We should only do this for another thirty minutes. We both had to get back to work. I looked her in the face hating her for the real world intrusion into the quickie. But she was right. We had to stop, but not because of my fear of falling in love. It was because I was truly appreciating the magnitude of what was happening. This is my only local source of pussy. That ain't good. I was getting too comfortable. The more reliant I was on her, the less control I had on the situation. I gotta go fuck some other broads, whether it be on campus or in another nearby city, I gotta do it.

When I snapped back it was because my lower torso was awash in an orgasmic excretion that had followed her high pitched emission. She came, but I didn't have time to. "Let's go take a shower" Batshit said. I followed, sure of my next step.
I'll be back in town next Saturday, fasting and meditating. No solid foods, no fucking. 30 days. We'll see how this goes. Of course you'll be the first to know if I fuck up.

The latest and greatest,


Butterfly Jones said...

Oh man! What are you trying to do to me? I am a woman with no source of dick, I can't read this shit okay! *Going to bed with legs crossed*. GOODNIGHT!

nikki said...

damn, but that was HAWT. i'm not sure whether i should masturbate or write, but i've gotta do something cuz that left me a lil agitated.

as for the situation itself, what's wrong with being nose open? if she's cool (which she gotta be cuz i know you don't pick idiots to be intimate with) then what do you have to lose?

twin said...

nigga please you can't go 30 minutes without pussy I have known you for toooooooooooo long

TRUTHZ said...

i am w/ bj please put a warning when you trying to get a sista all riled, that used to be my fav position when i was out there doing my thang....and i would've let you explode...even if we ran out of time

Insaneblackwoman said...

Yo Knockout:
The first part of that post made me horny, but, I must resist the urge to self medicate. On the serious otherhand, meditation and fasting are good for the soul. Just remember that mental will is stronger than sexual will. Take care.

Melle Mel said...

Whoa Zed, I felt like I was reading a novel - good shit!

Oh and it's too late - Batshit's already in love. You betta watch out!

brooklyn babe said...

Ahhh the comforts (and discomforts) of "home court booty"
hear's hoping your heart string play a nice melody for you!

Blah Blah Blah said...

It was inevitable.

*like that descriptive wording...set the picture and the mood

Chubby Chocolate said...

Thanks for getting me all hot & bothered...while I'm at work!

When's my next break?! ;-)

Hope you're staying afloat in the abyss of family, unwanted comments and Florida!

The_Practitioner said...

I salute You Zedster.

Ah "Nooners" the stuff that dreams are made of. ;o)

You have succeeded in making me want a to make use of my hour lunch break. Hmmmm. I only live 5 minutes away from work.

~ Eclectic Soul ~ said...

*not sayin a word*

My-Conscience said...

**shaking head** you are just toooooo much for your ownself... LOL

Superstar Nic said...

Damn, I agree that that was quite titillating. If were not for the fact that I got me a dose of that medicine already today, I might be tempted to play under the covers myself! LOL

Anonymous said...

OH, now I see what it do Zed. Its too early for me to be this horny. This sounds like one of my episodes. But I feel her completely, sex translates into emotions and love for women, if we keep dong it.

So did she scare you when she said she would fall in love with you?

Knockout Zed said...


Hell yes! That's it! I'm deathly afraid of her BELIEVING she's in love with me. That shit made me wanna run!