Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Last Stages of Sanity

That Chris Rock shit got y'all niggas gassed/I'm that smarty art nigga that'll whoop yo ass. - J-Live "The Sidewalk"

Hey peoples, I just wanted to document my madness. I don't have anything to say except celebrate Thanksgiving by doing something extremely nice for a Native American. Just like crackas are benefitting from shit their ancestors did to ours, so are we living well (some what) off the foul and evil shit done to Native Americans. Your good deed may have to be largely symbolic because crackas did their foulness so well, there are hardly any Native peoples to do good deeds for. Luckily I know a Native American so I'll try to do something to show I don't appreciate the shit that was done to their people.
Please let them know that we are not celebrating anything more than a couple of days off work. In the meantime, enjoy your family. There's nobody else like them.



Pamalicious said...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING ZEDDDDDD!! and who you telling Giving much shout outs and props to the Indians. Only put out stuff related to indians on my table, lol lol.

Might even smoke a peace pipe or two in their honor ;)

Chubby Chocolate said...

Happy extended weekend. ;-)

nikki said...

say it again, zed!

Insaneblackwoman said...

Yo Zeddy Zed:
Preach, brother, and let the Choir say "amen"! I bet every last one of us black people on the face of this earth have at least some kind of Native American flava in their blood. I know I do. Actually, my great-great, great, and grand parents were all "raven-haired, blue-eyed" Native Americans coming straight out of Louisiana, a part of one of the Cherokee tribes. My mom has three authentic, antique Peace pipes that were handed down to her from her great grandfather and grandmother. Those pipes are flawless and priceless. So, I would be remiss if I didn't thank my Native American ancestors for the bounty they were denied by the early peckerwoods.

Blah Blah Blah said...

I am half native american....
whatcha gonna do nice for me? *wink*