Friday, November 18, 2005


What's up kid, the Ab is speaking from the Moon/Thanks for your support/Ay yo, I'll be home soon. -Q Tip "Keep It Rollin'"

Ay yo, what's up? What's the best romantic relationship you've ever had? O.K., stop touching yourself. What's the worst? Can you remember it? The pain it caused, the hurt and then the healing? I'll bet you wouldn't trade the memories of that best relationship for anything in the world. But what about the worst one?

I just saw (yeah, I'm late) Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind with Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet. For those that may not have seen this flick Kate and Jim are dating and shit goes sour. Kate goes to a place that allows her to erase all her memories of their relationship. Jim finds out about it and goes to the same place to erase his memories as well. While in the midst of the process, Jim has a change of heart and decides to fight to keep the memories.

The movie raised a lot of questions for me. If you could erase the memories of a bad relationship, would you? Would you make the same mistake in selecting a partner again? How would you be able to see the signs of trouble if you've erased all memory of it? What about the new things you learned during the relationship? I know, it's just a movie and shit, but it made me think about these things.

I pretty much reached the conclusion that the couple came to in the movie. You should see it if you haven't. It's weird in places, hard to follow in others, but it's beautifully photographed and emotionally moving. Niggas, I hate Hollywood and the zeitgeist it claims to represent. The movie industry puts out predictable trash, but I recommend this movie wholeheartedly.

Think about those questions I raised and tell me what you think.

Head Munkee In Charge,


Melle Mel said...

Zed, I saw this movie the other night (Comcast On Demand) and straight cried - and I don't cry.

I too thought the same thing about relationships... and how many times we say, "I wish I had never met him/her." After seeing that movie, I really questioned that statement and have vowed never to say it again.

brooklyn babe said...

UUUggh, how can you take me to two extremes like that, without leaving any money on the!

Jokes aside,
Two relationships come to mind that rate at the best, but if I had to pick one it would be with
"Coney Island" talk about love sneaking in on sista, and nose, ears, mouth wiiide open. Oh yeah I was there, we were there together.

Worst. Would be this last one, that I was in for 10 months (dayum)
No romance, no compassion, just mad methodical, and Ugggggghhh!!!

nikki said...

i've been in some crappy relationships, but ultimately, all of them provided some good and bad memories and taught me alot about myself.

the thing is, if i don't remember the bad things about those relationships, how to even gauge the good, or better yet, figure out what it is that i want in a relationship? i can savor and appreciate my favorite ice cream cuz i've tasted dirt in the past.

i can get philosophical about it now that all that shit is over. when i was in it, it sucked.

Disco said...

But the only thing i ask when i return from my task
Is a whole bunch of beats and a glass full of ass

yeah baby!

Blah Blah Blah said...

haven't seen it...but will make it a point to check it out...since it comes HIGHLY recommended*wink

ignorance is bliss (well sometimes) i'd erase all the pain....i'mma punk like that!

The_Practitioner said...

I'm straight Carl Thomas in some cases {singing} "And I wish I neva met her at all..."

But if I hadn't, ya'll wouldn't have anything to read on my blog.

That's where I house those memories - the good, the bad and ugly. ;o)

Pimps Up; Hoes Down

Chubby Chocolate said...

Ok. This is why I love you, Head Munkee (pun intended.

After watching it, I too had the same conversation with myself. The sour relationships hurt (and sometimes continue to hurt), but when (not if, because we all overcome)you've removed yourself from the bad and/or struggling relationships, you're that much wiser and more in tuned with your wants/needs and future expectations.

My last sour relationship made me realize two big difference:
Being alone -vs- lonely
Being alone -vs- unhappy.

TRUTHZ said...

maybe Faith Even saw it too, LOL. but i am going to have to check it out even though you gave everything but the ending away...arrgh

but i am feeling cc because the reality of it is that the hurt and pain make us better people, sometimes we gotta go through things to appreciate what we will get in the end

TRUTHZ said...

oh yeah, which is more thought provoking this movie or CRASH?

Butterfly Jones said...

Me and my daughter were only talking about this film today. She said it was too long (always falls asleep during films). I loved it (what was the question again?). I don't have a best relationship, but one with my daughter's father came closest. It was truly a shame when it didn't work out. Worst - six years loving someone who was not ready to commit - I would erase those memories in a heartbeat if it would get me that time back.