Friday, January 20, 2006

Cover Your Face

Hey Africans! What it is? I officially have too much time on my hands (and not enough ass on them). I've been pondering the Golden Age of Facial Hair. What happened when all of our Black heroes had big assed cookie dusters?

Some old cats still sport 'em, like my old man, but for the most part, a brotha won't really embrace a big fucking 'stache anymore.

I'm telling you it's a form of assimilation. It's apparent the chicks dug 'em. Brothas like Thalamus Rasalala always had work in the Golden Age. Now look. You never see brothas like this on the screen anymore.

These men came from diverse backgrounds. Some worked in the salvage industry , others worked on the high seas ,
some were policemen , why some were even athletes .

We need to reassert ourselves and take back our upper lips! Bring back the big, unwieldy 'stache!!! Men, let's do this. Women, talk to your men. Take back our masculine upper lips!

Usually a movement like this I'd be the first to volunteer, but I can't for two reasons. The first is my damn facial hair is extremely gray. Don't wanna advertise that shit. The second is I CAN'T GROW A 'STACHE THAT BIG!!! My damn mustache stops growing at a certain point.

Brothas, I may not get there with you, but I'm there in spirit. Don't let Steve Harvey carry the whole load. Grow ya shit out!

Power to the People,


Supa said...

uhh...sorry Zed, I'm firmly in the goatee zone when it comes to tha brothas. All that facial hair was cool to rock in the 70's, but it's the '06!!!

And Steve's stache reminds me of a dusty ass unkempt broom.

BTW - City of God is hands down my fave movie of all time. Wasn't our boy's name Knockout Ned? Did you put your own spin on it, just askin. :)

Supa said...

Oh and I see I'm the west coast munkee!! LMAO. I see how u do! :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, A MAN should have facial hair, or he looks like CHESTER.. I hate when men cut their stache off tryna look young. NO, you look like Chester.

Knockout Zed said...

Exactly! You must be the only other Black blogger that's seen the movie. City of God is my flick. That's why I'm Knockout Zed from Knockout Ned.

I only keep the shadow of my 'stache so my face doesn't look crazy. Too much gray. But if I could, I'd represent! A big, funky ass mustache.


Supa said...

really? man, me and my writing crew went CRAZY after we saw that flic!! I mean we sat up smoking weed, deep building n' shit, talking about the Tender Trio, Buscape/Rocket, Lil Ze', Carrot, the Runts, their character arcs, all the stories, the back stories, making up alternate endings, planning our trip to Rio, etc! That movie is so beautiful and prolific and sad on so many levels.

And Knockout Ned was the man!!

Supa said...
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Disco said...

loookie here....back when I was single, a big,furry, stankin-retro-throwback stache would say to my eyes

"thou shalt not eat mine puss-ay"

That shit would give my ass a damn rug burn!!!!

IGNORE ZED, lest he fuck ya'lls relationships up!

Supa said...

i second that, Robyn!!

brooklyn babe said...

ur are soooo right!
You have too much time on your hands... go get urself some ASS!
I'ma buy the lotion for you!!!!
(just fuggin' with U... enjoy Ur weekend!)

Butterfly Jones said...

A moustache I can take, but not that out of control handlebar shit. My ex let his facial hair grow and he looks like The Ayatollah! It is not sexy, and I was not impressed, his new girl is welcome to his hairy ass.

City of God is heavy. My brazilian homie Ulisses gave me the heads up about it and I saw it at the London Film Festival. I'm big on independent movies, give me some subtitles and a box of popcorn and I'm happy. Fuck Hollywood. The Constant Gardener is directed by City of God's director. Track down a copy of brazilian film Carandiru and korean film Old Boy - Zed this movie will fuck you up! Props to Supa Sister for making the connection.

Insaneblackwoman said...

Boy... grow that 'stache out and keep just enough of it trimmed back off the front upper lip?... shiiittt!!! That's what I'm talking 'bout! And dab just a scoshe of aftershave lotion through it, so that when I kiss his lips, I get to smell how good he smells on his face?... Ba-by.LOL

blackcaesar said...

we all should grow some facial hair... power to the people!!!

Cutie Cola said...

I must say that I'm not a big fan of big 'staches. I like a little sumpthin' sumpthin' but not that big 'upside-down U' shit. I also hate big beards. It's the most annoying thing to me to feel all that prickly hair when trying to kiss!

TRUTHZ said...

lol at but some sistas...i know some who could grow a stache for you...

Anonymous said...

You are too funny. How did you manage to gather all those pictures?

My father sported one of those thick 'staches and he was SUPER FINE back in the day. I think you have a point ...

Genesis said...

i dont like when men have hair on their face....a a little mustache and a goatee is alright i guess.

all in all i dont like it.

i espcially dont like it when the lower part of their face is darker than the upper half...damn those ingrown hairs. ugh.