Friday, January 06, 2006

Shit Sandwiches

Hey Africans! What it do, baby? I'm in a weird position today. Naw, this is not pussy related, it's work related. My boss fired Poppins yesterday. I knew this was coming down the pike for awhile, mainly because of the type of shit I talked about here. She wasn't kosher on a lot of fronts, but the truth is I wouldn't have met a single woman in this town if it wasn't for her.

My big issue is that being Deputy Director of my department, I had to normalize relations with her knowing that she was about to be fired. That shit is not cool. In fact, it's the most uncool shit in the world. This broad is coming by my office asking me advice on how she should proceed with this project. I'm giving her advice, knowing full well that she'll be chillin' at the crib when that project is being finished. She's talking to me about going to lunch next week and I'm discussing these plans like the shit is going to happen.

That's some fake shit and I hate it. I liked it better when I was just one of the muthafuckas who got surprised by some news instead of being in the room when the shit is decided. I felt like telling her to just go home yesterday. "Run hoe, before they can your ass!" Acting normal, smiling and joking with someone, while the whole time knowing they're about to be fired is fucked up. It's like eating a shit sandwich.

But that's the way I'm beginning to see this whole gig. A series of shit sandwiches. It's a shit sandwich buffet. (Aren't you sick of me saying "shit sandwiches"?) I have a great distaste for what I see being done here, which is I'm a shiny new token African. Poppins was a shiny new token African, too. They hired us around the same time, boosted their numbers in African American managers (with Poppins gone, I am now one half of all AA managers in the city), and patted themselves on the back. They were able to prove one of us "incompetent" and push her the fuck out. Truth is, I don't know if collectively all the shit she did is fireable. I've seen people do much worse and survive at every job I've ever worked. But that's life under the microscope.

Shit Happens,


Blah Blah Blah said...

Riddle me this batman (play on words because of the whole batshit thing you got going..LOL)...had she been white would it matter about her being fired?

I ask because it seems like you said some things about her that were "fireable" offenses.."her ego wouldn't let her acquiesce. She had to get her way." ... "She told me that my boss signed off on the idea. Luckily I put that shit on the backburner, because he hadn't signed off on it."

I am not saying that it's good she got fired..hell, I don't know the chick...but seems like she set HERSELF up for failure.

Shit sammiches come with the territory of being HNIC....

sidenote: what real shit is going on in the wilderness of Michigan, KZ?

Knockout Zed said...

@ Alli
You know what Alli, I don't know if I would have felt the same. I thought she was foul, not necessarily "lose your gig in a bad economy" foul.


P.S. Come see what's going on in the wilderness of Michigan.

Anonymous said...

LMAO @ "Run hoe, before they can your ass!"

That comes with the job ZED, gotta do what you gotta she at least eligible for unemployment for the time being until she is gainfully employed?

Knockout Zed said...

She was given the option to resign or be terminated. She has until 4:00 pm today to make up her mind. She'll get unemployment either way. The City is not going to contest it if she applies for it.


brooklyn babe said...

Dog eat Dog world out there, no one is above a good canning. AA or not,
Sup African. Enjoy ur weekend. And keep your "head" in your turtlekneck.
Peace Bk

My-Conscience said...

I can fully relate to this situation. 2 jobs ago this was the reason why I left. Black woman with a little power and knew my friends who I worked with for 3 years were going to be canned.

In the end, I said to myself "thou shalt Not use Me" lol and I left with them being surprised. I refused to let them think that I was a wounded bird under their wings and that they had the power to pay me against my own people.

Stick in there until you can't take it anymore.

Disco said...

ah yes..... welcome to my world...I work in HR so THAT'S. ALL.I.DO. is know about people about to get fired and all the backdoor back-alley shit that is unfair but justified! This I think is the MAIN reason that I am extremely disenchanted with #1. white-corporate america aqd 2. why I am not giving a fuck about HR either.

As my girl Xquizzyt (who also works in HR) said...."It's like pulling back the curtain and seeing the REAL wizard in the Wizard of Oz and realizing he's a fucking fake.....kills everything"

It is fucking horrible and depressing. Welcome to the world of management dawg!

Superstar Nic said...

Damn Zed...that IS fucked up! I know that was a VERY uncomfortable situation, being around her and talking to her knowing she was about to get the boot!

I hate for people to loose their job because these days they are so hard to come by and unemployment don't pay ya shyt!

TRUTHZ said...

it's funny though, even when people deserve to lose their job, it is still sad because everyone needs a job...
well majority of the Africans i know need their job cuz they ain't got no trust fund waiting for them.
i'm w/ A-B, you gotta cover your own behind or be prepared to get kicked in it

Insaneblackwoman said...

Sometimes people can see the End coming for they ass. I mean, if you are tuned with the world and whats really going on atcho job, then you should be able to sense when something is fixing to happen to your ass. She probably didn't commit what you thought were fireable offenses, but while she was running 'round running her mouth off, she should have been checking her shit to make sure she was tight and right. Don't be surprised if yo ass is suddenly fired, if you know you been operating on a lower level job-duty wise. And I hate it when people force me to be fake. But I prolly would have pulled her ass to the side and gave her the heads up or something. Ya know, let a sister know whats up, if I happen to know about it before she does.

brooklyn babe said...

sup african!! enjoy ur weekend, get out. and check out some sky or sumptin!

LadyLee said...

Shoot man, you were doing your job... but it is messed up, and tap dances on your concscience... I'm dealing with some similar BS...It's all a part of being in management, and that's why I ain't a manager!

I can't stand job angst!!

Thanks for stopping through my place!

Na$$ty Girl said...

I think a person can pretty much tell when their ass is about to be canned... terminated...fired...let go. Homegirl should have been paying more attention to shit going on.

twin said...

hey dog you have to do what you have to do. If the tables were turned she would not have told your ass so hey. You have to live for self and do what you have to do.

Chubby Chocolate said...

You better make sure you keep your i's dotted...If eating shit sandwiches means you're still employed, then OPEN WIDE, AFRICAN!

nikki said...

unfortunately black folk gotta have their shit tighter than four fat hoes in a yugo. that's the way of the world right now. if it was a totallly unreasonable firing, she would be suing their asses. as it is, she gave them all they needed to get rid of her.

The_Practitioner said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of management nigga. But just coulda been much worse. Case in point say you're boning a staffer and you have to be in on her firing. Man was that a rough day.

Blah Blah Blah said...

..*raised eyebrow*...

I see you have really started something with this whole "african" thing...trailblazing...niiice.

Wilderness is taking calls now? Persuade me KZ.