Friday, October 13, 2006


Before the date
Meli: What are you not gonna talk about?
KZ: Bitches and guns!
Meli: Zed?
KZ: What?
Meli: Don't talk about religion.
Meli: Don't talk about marriage or love.
KZ: Gotcha.
Meli: Don't talk about your credit, books, your ex-wife or shit you hate in general.
KZ: Uh-hunh.
Meli: And don't talk about Three.
KZ: Yep.
Meli: This is how you fuck stuff up! Don't fuck stuff up! You don't realize how weird you seem to people who don't know you!

So I'm on this date with Grilled Cheese, after I played myself and called AGAIN. Actually we cleared some shit up and it finally clicked. Anyway, I'm on this date. I followed Meli's advice to the best of my ability.

My gotdamn taste is impeccable. She's fuckin' hot! The conversation is flowing non-stop. We're at my second favorite restaurant in town, this Black owned place that reminds me of this place called East Franklin (I think it's Magnolia now) in Detroit. We've had to send the waiter away three times because we couldn't stop talking long enough to look at the menu. GC has got some interesting ideas I guess, but that wasn't it. I was just relaxed. I really didn't care, so I was able to be a charming muthafucka.

I'm a caffeine addict and she just likes coffee, so afterwards we went to the bookstore/coffee shop I spend half my fuckin' life in. So now I'm the nerd that took her to a bookstore instead of trying to fuck her in the back of the Tahoe. We drank coffee, we talked about books, she bought a book of poetry. I'm banned from buying books until I finish reading the ones I have.

It was a cool little outing. It had a calming effect and gave me a sense of normalcy. I needed a dose of that.



onefromphilly said...

Now THAT's what we all have been trying to tell your stubborn azz!!! Now you got your mojo working.

And just like you said , when you relax and let it flow you are one charming muthafucka. And I mean that!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Finally, a good time in the Anus. Marinate in that calm for a minute...

1969 said...

Well alright. Sounds like a nice evening in the Anus. There is hope for that place. Good food, coffee, books. Sounds like a very nice evening indeed.

Miz JJ said...

Look at you having fun in the Anus. Err, you know what I mean. Glad the date went well. What books do you currently have on your 'to-read' list.

Knockout Zed said...

Making that call back had me swallowing my pride. She actually had a good explanation for the grilled cheese thing. And after we got off the phone, she realized how it must have sounded and was too embarassed to call me back.

I was about as comfortable as I've ever been on a date here.

I'm tryin' to marinate on it. For a little while.

I actually felt like I was in civilization for a minute.

@Miz JJ
The next book I'm reading is A History Of God followed by The Naked Ape


Rashan Jamal said...

Good shit, KZ! Those are the best dates when the conversation is flowing and you don't have to struggle to come up with something to say.

sunshine said...

Glad to see you had a good time:)

Disco said...

I am BEYOND thrilled that GC didn't end up in the annals of the anus' WORST date yet.


Knockout Zed said...

@T Cas
Really, how often does that happen? The last time I went out on a date here, the chick was a chain smoker with a nervous laughter issue. I needed this man!

I was on some cool shit last night.

I've had some horrible dates here. It would be hard to surpass them.

Remember when DAH got mad at East Franklin and threw that cornbread across the room?


Blah Blah Blah said...

I don't care what anybody say...grilled cheese and rootbeer floats...them shits is gooder than a muthafucka!

Anonymous said...

I'm sensing (and maybe you made this clear, somewhere, I'm not sure) from the entry before this one, and others, that you are suffering from some unrequited love ... so I'm sure it was nice to go on a GOOD date and feel connected to someone. I hope you and Grilled Cheese (umm, maybe we can changer her name - even Coffee Shop would be better, LOL) can go out again soon.

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

i'm glad things are looking up for you!

i like liquor and tv said...

wait, it's ok not to put out on a first date? man all this time I've been giving it up too quickly. And guys like it when you talk about books? I'm going to have to shut down, revamp and start over.

Knockout Zed said...

OK, you get credit. You got the props.

@Monica C.
Nah, no unrequited love. I don't do "unrequited". I try to "requit" the broads that "requit" me.

@Miss Ahmad
I tried to call you!!!

@L and TV
No, it's not OK!!! I just let it slide this time.


Angel said... got yourself some "tingles" huh? that's great! i just hope that you left your poor attitude at home! or at least let it fall in that damn coffee your ass was drinking! ;-P

Mr.Slish said...

AH HAAAAAA!!!! Ya see. Hold ON!!!! Sure you not making this up!!

aquababie said...

that sounds like a great date! i need one of those :) i love bookstores for afterdate activity...only of no sex os involved.

Phoenix said...

bout time. it's not always bout the fuckin......

Disco said...

First of all, I had to stop LAUGHING MY ASS OFF to type this and YES I remember when he threw the PORKCHOP (yes, it was meat) across the plate after he bit it as me and his friend and his girl walked out of the restaurant. (Maybe that's why my mother never liked him...... fits of anger??? who knows, she didn't ever even SEE that side of him....she just hated his guts because she said he was "arrogant".....)

Or remember the time he came to my birthday party and we had BEEN "techincally" broken up? Wait. Were you there that night???

O.k. but back to the lecture! DAMN!!! I had sooooooo forgotten about that shit!!! You just gave me a good ass laugh and took my black ass BACK!!!


(I was so frickin embarrassed at the time, but now....HAAAAAAAA HAAAAAAAAAAA that shit is fool-arious!!)

The Brown Blogger said...

Ay yo Zed,

These honeydrippers are still frontin on ya...

Show em' that you can do this, cause' you always knew this...

Ha ha...

Yeeeeah Boooyeeeeeee!!!

Knockout Zed said...

I was just waiting for a normal seeming situation, no matter how banal. Not to say the date was wack, it was a normal assed date.

Would I make something up that didn't have me knockin' boots?

Again with the no sex stuff. Women!

It is always, always about the fuckin'. For men it's if we do it, for women if it's y'all don't.

It was a porkchop? I thought it was cornbread. It was still pretty darn funny.

He's a little arrogant, but that's all good.

Classic Flav!