Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Finishing Last As A Way Of Life

Most of you know me as an over opinionated asshole. I embrace that, I'm cool with it. It suits me. I most definitely THINK like an asshole. But of the select few that actually know me out there, you know that's not really the case. I'm a pretty easy going cat with a distaste for bombast and flamboyance. Though I discuss on the blog a lot of assholish opinions when describing various situations I get into, I'd probably not even broach the situation like that outside of my head. People that know me get it. The rest of you probably don't.

I say all of this to say I'm destined to finish last, because basically, I'm a nice guy. Sure, I've embraced my inner asshole as a guy called "Knockout Zed", but I'm highly sensitive to people's feelings. That's the shit that is my downfall.

If you shit on me, I'll surely shit on you, but not a second before. The cat that's running roughshod over a broad's feelings is the African that can fuck her tonight. That chivalrous bastard, opening doors, pulling out chairs, all that shit? He's at home pulling his pud.

I've watched it happen and been on the receiving end of it. I've even stepped outside of myself to enjoy the benefits of being an ass. Assholes live the Life of Riley. I've been extremely monsterous and been apologized to and coddled. Being an asshole has great short term benefits. The problem for me was two-fold: I couldn't maintain it and I felt guilty about how I was treating women.

Women won't readily admit it, but it's easier for a nice muthafucka to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for him to be allowed to put the smack down on quality pussy. My path in life has always to take the underdog approach. Though my way is never the easiest, it's the one most satisfying to me. I'm raging against the machine. I'm getting the broads I want on my terms, without being an asshole. I'll leave y'all to these little sick mental abuse games. Imma be the man I was raised to be.



NegroPino™ said...

I hope u find love Zeddie .......

aquababie said...

well add me to the category too. i'm the exact same way (i'm sure my ex would disagree, but he's crazy). i basically a nice and dependable woman. there's nothing wrong with having principles. that's part of what's wrong with the world today. folk could give a damn about morals, ethics and doing what's right. keep on your path :)

onefromphilly said...

Continue to be the man you were raised to be, from what I've seen that's a good look.. All praise to Mom and Dad Zed. Raising a black man in America ain't no easy task, I'm all in middle of it now with a 16 year old. I'm gonna win at this or die trying!

Maybe I'm just a little nieve or just don't believe what I'm told, but I never believed that women really want a roughneck. I've always thought that men were just bitchin. But I keep hearing this, here on the blogs and in conversations! Damn, maybe I'm just been out of the game for a long time. But I sure hope this is just a misconception. I know a few women looking for a damn good man.

Anonymous said...

Question: How do yu define a quality woman?

Knockout Zed said...

I hope so too. Thanks.

People don't appreciate the concept of peace. I'm serious. We're all drama kings and queens. I'mma just call us "Drama Royalty".

Women out here want a complete ass. A fuckup. A vegetable that NEEDS them to keep up to speed.

I'm too self sufficient. I don't need help, so I'm s.o.l.

Ah, I'm still trying to define quality. Look at my blog entry called "Chautauqua 2007" and you'll see.


A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

i think what women want in a man is based on how they were raised and what their own values are....i mean perhaps if you were raised with and around thugs that feels comfortable.

none of my close friends want thugs or anything that even remotely resembles a thug, but then again we're not thuggish either.

I know some women whose men I could call asses but then again I don't know the crux of their relationship and whether or not he makes up for it in other areas.

From what I know Detroit women like thugs...perhaps try a new region:-)

Knockout Zed said...

@Miss Ahmad
Maaaannnn, don't get me started on Detroit women. It wouldn't be a pretty diatribe. The great majority of them are beautiful train wrecks.

It's not about where or not a dude has an edge. Shit, I got an edge. It's about buffoonish louts, "talkin' loud and sayin' nothing" ass dudes, flakes, phonies, and plain mean dudes. They're not even what I'd consider THUGS, just inconsiderate and pushy.


Anonymous said...

Key phrase: short term benefits. Anyone can enjoy quality pussy for the short term ... after a while you have to ask yourself is the tradeoff worth it?

Be the nice guy. I love the nice guy. I have a nice guy and admittedly it was a shock to the system but I got used to it and he'll tell you himself that I ain't nothing but QUALITY.

BZ said...

Fan-fucking-tastick post! Love it! Seriously, it's like you were speaking from my brain. Because, I know exactly all of the little gripes, pissing and moaning that transpire in one's brain, all while being a generally good kid. We know what the f*ck the deal really is, yet we maintain. From this post, I feel like I know you - because I know me. And I just read me.

Now get on beta!

SynSational said...

I appreciate a man who respects me, opens doors for me, and all of that. I love it. I've had guys in my life who were the nice ones and needless to say, they were the love of my life and were the longest relationships I had. I've had thugs in my life, and I got rid of them. I grew up around thugs, but I wasn't one to embrace, I need a hood boy. I love to see a man who can go from wearing a throwback and J's, to being dressed up looking good as hell. If I can diversify myself like that, I need my man to be able to do the same, BUT still know respect and show me respect I deserve.

I'm trying my best to raise my sons right....cause yeah, chivalry is dead, cause a lot of parents aren't teaching it to their sons. Sad, but true.

SynSational said...

Don't change a damn thing about yourself, Zed....

Anonymous said...

Be you...the you that your mother raised you to be. He is way too special to change.

Knockout Zed said...

Nice guys really do get shitted on. The love of most women's lives is that bottom feeding asshole.

Yeah, I'll bitch up a storm online, but I'll let shit slide in real life. This is my venting mechanism.

I'll die on "old" blogger. I'll resist beta forever! I told ya I was for the underdog.

It's important to teach those boys the right way so they can know how NOT to treat a woman. That is, if they want an educated, sophisticated woman. They all want fuckin' knuckleheads.

I can't change now. I am who I am.

I can't be anything else at this point. I'm all soft and considerate and shit.

I'm "differently abled" special, not actually special.


Miz JJ said...

I know women that you are talking about, but why describe them as quality pussy? They are clearly fucked up if they are only giving it up to assholes and thugs. Just my two cents. Gotta co-sign with negropino though.

Robert L. Mack said...

Damn man I swear you stole this from my head man.......Women like that Bullshit because it gives them something to talk about to their friends....if dude is doing things fine, there aint nothing to trip about. This chick kept playing me , wouldn't lemme get the ass and one day she called me and I flat out told her I was with another chick, she was like "oh its like that?" I was like yeah....later that night I called her and she came thru...and yeah I handled it.......

Knockout Zed said...

That's my inner asshole talking.

I don't know if they even realize what they got on their hands. Women are drawn to confidence. Sometimes it's actually being goal oriented and ambitious. Other times, ol' dude is an out and out asshole. It's all perspective.

That's what I'm talkin' about! You didn't have the pull until you dissed her. Nice work!


The Brown Blogger said...

I see the balance down the road.

The Stiltwalker said...

So you're an asshole and I'm an asshole (by popular vote)... So what would that mean if we were to, let's say, perhaps um, procreate?

Angel said...

we all should strive to be the women/men we were raised to be. and you're right, there is a certain "law of life" that declares that if you're an asshole, it's almost guaranteed that people will love you even MORE! all i can say is that, sooner or later, the asshole shows itself for what it truly is--a stinky place to be. unfortunately, it's not until then that any of us will stop fooling with that person...

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

you're not bitter are you?

Anonymous said...

Nice guys stand up!!!

I am glad to see that someone is admitting to being a nice guy. We are out there but it seems as if we are kinda on the undercover. Nice guys get igored kind of.

1969 said...

Continue to be the person you were raised to be. Don't ever be an assh*le by choice.

Dee said...

listen, nice girls finish last too. And worse than an asshole is a nice guy who is too nice to tell a nice girl he's not interested. At least the asshole treats her bad and when she comes to her senses she can kick herself. With the so-called nice guy, she is forever saying, "what didn't I do right?"

Anonymous said...

Ditto on what "GC (God's Child)" said. I'm a nice girl who actually can pick out AND does develop interest in the nice guy. And consistently they are the ones who aren't interested. You nice guys want the prob or "drama." For “expediency's sake.”