Monday, February 05, 2007

Ride The Maverick

So you sit there, and the jeans are pretty tight. I don't believe I've ever seen ass in a seat that didn't look good sittin' down. But I know it's more than an illusion with you. I've seen that ass in all its glory, while you're walking in front of me. I'm mesmerized by the hip to waist ratio. I mean, what is that? Like 2:1? That's crazy!

But I'm watching you sitting there in those jeans and I'm plotting. How can I, even by slight of hand, touch that ass? Maybe you'll stand and I can find myself brushing against you, offering a low-spoken apology. "Sorry, I ended up with a palmful of pulchritude. Oops." I gotta touch that ass somehow.

I'm respectful, but damn, how can you come up in my place with that ass attached to your body thinkin' I'm not going to want to touch it?

When you stand and look out the window, I take my chance, wrapping my arms around your waist. Dick nuzzled between ass cheeks, mouth on neck, holding on for dear life.

I've never been, but I think this is Heaven.



A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

i'll take that as an admission of love...

thanks buddy you made my day!

Knockout Zed said...

@Miss Ahmad
You really think that's love? Really?



Miz JJ said...

I thought it was more an admission of lust.

On the by and by we wear those jeans because we know it makes your mind foggy.

Knockout Zed said...

@Miz JJ
It was about writing.

Really? Y'all know, hunh?


A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

yup i'm gonna call that quote my mom. with all this war and shit going on, i think i'm just gonna celebrate everything!

have you watched the movie yet?

onefromphilly said...

OH It's LUST. I have a pair of jeans that get that very reaction.

But...yea I's about writing..

Knockout Zed said...

@Miss Ahmad
That's a helluva quote.

I haven't seen it yet. I'm sure there's sufficient PG13 levels of stuff to get me hemmed up at work, so I gotta remember to watch it at home.

I think I've seen those jeans! LOL!

Yeah, it's about writing and writing's phat ass.

aquababie said...

what brand are those again??? LOL

sj-the-infamous said...

You must be snowed in, huh?

A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

must you continue to insult my intelligence?

everything's about writing these days huh?

you owe me a bottle of valium cuz you're stressing me out!

Anonymous said...

Wish I coulda spent my SuperBowl weekend with a horny man plastered to my back...

...I had to settle for watching Prince play with his purple p*nis guitar during the half-time show.

You and Mr.Happy enjoy yourselves over there... and um, Congratulations on your... writing ((giggle giggle))

Knockout Zed said...

Ass brand? West African, I believe.

It's snowy and fuckin' cold. That's a horrible combo.

@Miss Ahmad
Writing is everything. Sorry about the stress!

I was really waiting for the FCC fines for that performance.

Mr. Happy? OK.


Gemini Girl aka GG said...

the nuzzling got me...and this is about writing ?? I'm cornfuzed?? put the pen and paper down and get some!! how big are you feet??

1969 said...

So let me get this straight...

Writing came over to your crib in some phat ass jeans and you had to touch it's ass?

Maybe my writing could come over to my house holding a pizza, some diet coke and do some laundry while wearing some boxer briefs and a pair of Timberlands?

Knockout Zed said...

If I could get some, I wouldn't be writing.

Size 14, baby!

Writing's not that kind of girl!


Dee said...

I'm respectful, but damn, how can you come up in my place with that ass attached to your body thinkin' I'm not going to want to touch it?

Um, it was probably exactly the opposite. She was probably saying to herself, when is he going to touch my ass already? Probably when she got up and looked out the window it was to re-assess the scenario and redouble her efforts.

Little Brown Girl said...

Fukin Ugh! I mean really, I did not come here for this shyt today!!!

And writing? Yeah right...what kinda eff'n fool do you take me for? I'm with 1969....if thats writing then I'm about to run home and get butt naked with mine right now cause you're not going to be the only one hav'n all the fun with writing!

SynSational said...

Writing, huh? M'kay.

I wonder when people look at my jeans that way if they're talking about writing, also? Doubt it, shyyytt, I hope not, but hey, maybe I'll ask next time they make a comment about my azz in my jeans.

Writing....getdafockouttahere. LOL

Beana said...

lol @ if i could get some i wouldnt be writing.

thats a shame.

then the undacova hoe in me jumped when i saw size 14 lol. I put her back in the closet tho :)

U be aight!