Monday, October 22, 2007


Hey y'all, what's new?

I just got back from Detroit this morning. It's always an adventure to get off the road and right into work. When I drive in 2 hours, I get to work on time. When I'm 15 minutes away, I'm late. What the fuck is that?

Needless to say I had a good weekend. I was there from Thursday to Monday, so you can tell I didn't wanna leave. I had a opportunity to eat lunch with TAD on Friday, which is a treat. If I still worked in Downtown Detroit, that would be a common activity, now it's extra special. I spent some time walking around looking at shit I helped to build. I always have a sense of pride about that when I'm in Detroit. I was telling TAD I feel no attachment to anything I helped build in Satan's Anus.

While looking at the city, I was actually able to walk into Henry The Hatter (where pimps, players and prophets have bought hats since 1893) and buy a hat off the shelf. I'd been trying to buy a hat in Satan's Anus for 2 years and they kept talking about special ordering shit because I have an ENORMOUS head. I walk into this store, and I told the lady behind the counter, "I have a problem, more like a situation...." She said, "I know your problem. I'm looking at it. Your head is big." God bless her.

I picked the color I wanted and jetted. It took about 10 minutes. Fuckin' Satan's Anus.

We exchanged gifts. We gave each other a price limit, which means I had to use my imagination. TAD knocked it out the park. My gift sucked. I really thought I had some shit too!

Saturday we tried to recreate the first date somewhat. Muthafuckas ruined it. The restaurant rented out their space to a private party, complete with wack DJ. It was similar to the first date, except I got lucky. REAL lucky. LOL.

On Sunday we almost got into a horrible accident. I was driving in the left lane going about 40. The other car was in the right lane next to me, a little ahead of me, and decided to make a u-turn without looking to see if anyone was driving in the left lane. I skidded on the brakes and came within a hair of killing that idiot. He had the nerve to look at me as if I initiated that shit. He drove off without even making the turn. Fuckhead.

We kept driving as I tried to calm my nerves and I got a chance to show TAD where I grew up and saw where her mother grew up. Me and Momma TAD both came up from the streets. We on that hard knock shit!

No rabbits were harmed in the making of this weekend.



Blah Blah Blah said...

...budda rabbits are gonna be puching daisies in the future right... I mean...some little Zed's are a comin' at some point right?

So, I got this good deal on some princess cuts...what size is her finger? *as I open up my trench and flash you my stolen loot*

Little Brown Girl said...

Oh Shit!

1969 said...


I bet your azz was smiling when you typed it too. Do it TAD!

onefromphilly said...

Why don't you consider moving back to the D? I heard it's like all other major Cities...on the come-up. Especially in the downtown areas. It seems like you would be so much happier. Give it two years, if you hate it you can always pick up your wife and kid and move somewhere else?

Knockout Zed said...

Ring? Me?

Oh shit is right!

Don't give TAD no props! It's hard enough dealing with her as it is.

I've considered it, but the economy in the state of Michigan is horrendous. I gotta leave to get what I need.


A.u.n.t. Jackie said...

smug and in love is a good look for you, even though i can't really see you with southern california being on fire and all...

but still you get the point!

Anonymous said...

are enormous hats from the hattery called magnums?

proacTiff said...

*Damn, Chele* Took the thought right out'a my HEAD...

It's a hardknock life for a head hunter.

Gemini Girl aka GG said...

u cheesing!!! dannnggggggg!!!
where's the pic big head! LMAO HAHAHA! I crack myself up...

Mr.Slish said...

@ Roycee..Whats with the OH Shit!!!! Oh shit he in love? Bout damn time!! WaitWaitWait!! Think I'm gonna vomit again!!!

Beana said...

lol at chele.

I wish I had guns in the headlights for moments like you described in the car.

aquababie said...

i love it! you're so sweet :) you know it takes about a month for that rabbit to punch out...

Knockout Zed said...

Smug? Naw, never that.

I'm sorry about San Diego. It'll be kinda hard to rebuild a place as soulless and vapid as SD, but it'll be fun trying.

Magnum XLs.

Everytime I look in the mirror I wanna thank my mother for pushing this noggin out.

I'll let y'all see a pic of me in all my chapeau wearing glory.

We all have long memories, Slasher. We remember you once upon a time. LOL

I would have definitely fired away at that chump. I thought we were goners.

I'm always on rabbitwatch. LOL


Miz JJ said...

Look at you. All in love. I agree with AJ. It's a good look.