Monday, September 12, 2005

Rat Nipples

What's up, Fam? Just getting over my kickoff weekend hangover. It's always a good weekend when the Lions win and the Wolverines lose. This work shit is generally a breeze, but it's the little things that get me. The devil is definitely in the nitpickiousity of crackas. I've been getting assigned Executive Level Busywork. If you don't know what that is, it's the stuff that gets done, everyone knows it gets done, but it doesn't matter if it gets done or not because it doesn't affect 99.9% of the lower level staff. "Did you make sure we have enough polish for our gold encrusted Palm Pilots?" You know, shit like that.

We have a minor issue bubbling up to the surface here. One of the managers, a black woman, is getting the flux from her staff. She's the only other black person in management here aside from me. Anyway, she's got a Mary Poppins type of bubbly assed personality. Like 50 and dem said you either hate it or love it. She's cool with me since she was the one who introduced me to "Batshit" and if you get me laid in this here 'burg, I'm forever in your debt. So "Poppins" got a staff that's hating on her. And since she reports to me, it becomes my problem. These white broads are clowning on her personality, her gear, her alleged pomposity, all types of shit via EMAIL!!! That's right, via email. I didn't know about this. Another manager, a white chick, got an email blind copied to her from a staff person that got it. She went to my boss with the goods. My boss just talked to me about it saying "Let's pull their emails for the last 6 months. If there is a tinge of racial edge to any of the emails, they're gone."

Just like that. I've got to talk to I.T. to retrieve the emails and if I find that shit rubs me the wrong way, I gotta run 'em. In general I hate I.T. people, 'cuz I know they're snooping around reading everything I write and monitoring everything I do. But it's good to know they're there in case some shit goes wrong. That email retrieval hookup is even more scary. More shit I don't like to think about, like rat nipples. I know they exist, I just don't like to think of anyone utilizing them.

So I guess today I'm ridin' for Poppins and other "sunny-side up" sistas. Don't let 'em steal your shine.

Milk This,


Chubby Chocolate said...

Light the FIYAH underneath them! I know I would, especially if they're trying to gossip via work e-mail?

Big Brotha sees all-That's what they'll be saying after you're though with them. :-)

You're definitely right about our adventures though.I guess this is payback from ripping in to you about batshit...Go ahead, laugh if you want!

twin said...

get them dog, payback is good sometime

My-Conscience said...

My saying, never let anyone steal your shine and if they try to hard, leave their ass in the dark!

brooklyn babe said...

Ok I saw this title and was curious, but as I have to log off right about now, I'll be back... peace