Thursday, September 15, 2005

Shot Calla

"Rap is like a grilled cheese sandwich/betta bring the butta or the bread'll get damaged" - MF Doom

Hey Young World, what's poppin'? Everyfuckingbody's crazy, that what's poppin' with me. Why is every woman I'm dealing with talking about babies? Why? Are they deliberately pushing me away? Bloggies, don't they know me? Hunh? Answer me, dammit!

I'm presumably a good catch, from the outside. I'm o.k. looking, I got a pretty good job, a couple of degrees, I'm kinda tall and I'm from a decent little gene pool. From the outside, it wouldn't be a bad thing to hook up with me. As the catchphase from American Beauty says "Look Closer".

    Bad Traits
1. I will cheat on you.
2. I will fuck a girl you know and trust.
3. I will come home smelling like gasoline to mask the smell of pussy.
4. I will hate your goofy family.
5. I am anti-social unless I'm chasing ass
6. I won't get jealous no matter what you do, because I don't care.
7. I am steadfast in my beliefs so compromise is nearly impossible.
8. I am a constant worrier especially about shit I can't change.
9. I am notoriously bad with money.
10. I'm immature (see items 1 - 9).

    Good Traits
1. I have really broad shoulders

And there you have it, me in a nutshell. But I keep getting in these discussions about procreation and when I wanna have kids. I think about it alot. Maybe some niggas just ain't meant to have kids. If the fucking government wants to regulate some shit, maybe it should be that. Every crackhead-pedophile-pervert-jackass has children and I decide to hold off. I'm pretty fucking bad, I suck, but I'm not crackhead bad!

If these women who know me and know me well think it would be a good idea to have children with me, then I know their judgment is fucked up in general. I'm asking women to please do more than investigate the package, check the muthafuckin' contents. 'Cuz if I have kids with a broad all I'm good for is a check at this stage in my life. Most of these cats ain't good for that, so choose wisely. The next thing I'd say is "know thyself". If you think you could bear being with a nigga with a horrifically flawed personality, knock ya self out. It just won't be this cat.

Be easy,


Disco said...

Oh, my little Zed.... you are sooo much more than that....but I'll let you keep up your facade for the masses :-) LOL screeeeeeech Wait a sec...hold up.....on second thought, can be that bad sometimes, but usually not all at the same time! :-)

NameLiar said...

I love MF Doom's ish and I.T. Immortal Technique's shit...I call them niggas sidewinders cause they be putting a spin on some shit. Plus they give you a good dose of hostility which I like...sorry saw the lyrics and got caught up.

Knockout Zed said...

I have never heard of I.T. but I'll check him out. I've screwed up 'cuz I still haven't copped "The Hear After" by J-Live. I love the underground.

Anonymous said...

Love blogging!

Pamalicious said...

Hmmm - quite interesting let me do some more reading - thanks for stopping by my spot - come back nah yah hear? LOL

toneec42 said...

Well, at least you're honest. That's all you can do, be honest with them and make sure you do your part not to make any babies. Play on, play on...

Melle Mel said...

Zed, you're the greatest!

Chubby Chocolate said...

Well, I say!
I think it takes a lot to be honest with yourself. It also helps when you have a blog for shield. I like to think I've mastered the whole "know me" thing in my 29 years, but damn, compared to you,I see I got some more introspection to do. Hey, that rhymed...

Hev said...

I don't see an email address posted so I'll say this here. The reason some of those women still bring up the subject of children is because as you can provide a check. I know a lot of women who boldly say, "all he do is spend time with em, but he can't finacially provide for em (the kids)" If you can provide the check they know they can find somebody else for the emotional part later.

Then you have those women who are optomistic and think, "He'll change once the baby is here" cause the truth of the matter is a lot of men do. Especially if they have a girl....I swear fo God you can't tell a man shit about his daughter. Anyway....I don't care if it's a facade you put up or not....when people tell me who they are I BELIEVE THEM.

I have enough drama in my life than to go around havin kids by somebody who don't want them by me. Oh wait....I don't want kids right now anyway.

Thanks for checkin out my blog