Monday, October 10, 2005

Ass Scratchin'

Hey y'all, what gives? As the title implies, I'm not doing a damn thing worth mentioning. I am however observing a situation that bears noting. The staff here is overwhelmingly white, which I've mentioned before. There are about 7 black employees here (not counting myself) out of 56 total in the department. And there is a feeling by the black employees that they are not given as much leeway when SNAFUs or FUBARs happen. So they sulk and piss and moan.

This little town is a liberal island in the midst of conservative thought. They've had a history of racial flare ups that they've sought to solve as opposed to bludgeoning black folks into submission. So I gotta give these hicks a little credit with that. What they don't see from the management end is that I see these cats bending over backwards to diffuse shit black folks have started. Shit that would be fireable offenses every where else I've ever worked. They exercise zero tolerance for white people, wide assed berths for black people. At least that's what I've seen in the little time I've been here.

The union guy that represents the staff level employees comes to me. He's black. He tells me I gotta do a better job in looking out for black people that work for me. I listen to this nigga, right? Let him finish his spiel. Then I lay into this muthafucka. "If it was up to me the rules would be laid out equitably for everyone. No one is above rules agreed upon by the union and management. If we were to follow those rules, we probably wouldn't have any black employees. You need to stress professionalism to all of your members across the board."

This cat was livid. Accused me of being every type of sellout in the book. What this idiot failed to realize is that (1) I'm definitely going to look out for black people every chance I get. It's in my makeup, no matter how much shit I talk to the contrary. (2) What the fuck do I look like givin' this nigga ammunition to throw up in my face when he's got a union ax to grind and he's talking to white folks in administration? "Zed told me he'd look out for us." That ol' nigga!

Bottom line is most of these cats do be (I said "do be") fuckin' up. From coming in late as fuck, to extending their lunch hour and going home to get dick and/or pussy (and coming back smelling like it!), to wearing low cut shit cut down to their navels, to re-selling city provided perks (parking passes, etc.). These muthafuckas try it all and we accommodate them.

I'm a pretty conservative thinking nigga (I said "conservative" NOT "Republican"). If it was up to me these cats would be, at the extreme, fired, or at the least, made to go to professionalism training or something. But they will understand, if it's between my job and your job, nigga, it's your job!

Ease Back,


Anonymous said...

New to the blog...and gotta go with you on that! Union Boy would happily serve you up to the white folks if it was you or him, and make it sound like it was all your idea. Isn't it hard when the folks you want to cuss out and smack upside the head are your own?

Chubby Chocolate said...

Woooooo, Horsey! You handled that better than me. I think it's time to create a think tank for negros...We can call it...NIGGA,I KNOOWS HA TA READ..." Are you in?!

toneec42 said...

You got me with this one, Zed. I'm all for sticking up for black folks, but niggas'll make you wanna join the Klan. And because they asses (yeah, I said they asses) ain't being professional that makes the rest of us have to work that much harder. Fe-fi-fo I hate a nigga...

~ Eclectic Soul ~ said...


Disco said...

ay, ay, know I am sensitive about that coming in late thing! LOL

This was a good one Zed.And yes,I agree with you. I would have HAD to say the EXACT SAME SHIT, because this guy would've sold YOU out quicker than you can take your very next breath!